Monthly Ritual With the Pup!

Every month, my pup Bear and I have a little ritual we do. Actually, it's more of a necessity than a ritual.  Since the little guy is a Maltese, he's cursed with ever-growing fur.  I suppose I could let it grow all the way down to the floor so I would never have to sweep again, but I just can't deal with the thought of my little man sporting 80's metal hair. So every month, he gets his little haircut.

I used to put this in the hands of a dog groomer, and had a fabulous one when I lived in Toronto. I am super picky with how he should look though (and have mistakenly put him in the hands of inexperienced "groomers" in the past), and when my dear old groomer moved away I was forced to look for alternatives.

I purchased a professional style clipper set and snapped on a nice blade.  I had a friend who did dog grooming on the side, so she led me on the right path to which tools I should use.  Not only does this save me $50+ a month, but we have a good time while doing it!!!

The latest styling session happened last week. This is what my poor little pooch looked like before:

He looks so depressed in his shaggy coat doesn't he?

First I give him a nice bath in the bathtub. He HATES baths. As soon as I plop him in, he can't wait to get out!  Usually after a bath I will blowdry him, but I wasn't in a rush to do his cut so I let him air dry this time. Here he is hating life:

 He has to be absolutely dry and totally clean before I can cut him so I don't ruin the blade.  So in the meantime, he likes to dry himself off by running around in circles, throwing himself on his side and digging at the floor, and rubbing his face all over the carpet. It's quite a sight...

When he's all dry, I can start clipping his fur! I run the clippers all over his body, and leave his head, feet, and tail for the scissors. I've always liked to keep him kinda fluffy... and definitely not totally shaved.  He's my little Bear, he needs to live up to his fluffy name! The blade I have keeps his fur at about a half inch, maybe more.  You can use whatever blade you want depending on how long you want the fur to be.   I HIGHLY suggest that if you're going to cut your own dog's fur, invest in some good clippers and a blade (not the crappy ones that come with it with those awful plastic attachments). A choppy scissor-cut just doesn't look that great haha.

And just like that, he's back to his normal cutie pie little self. Ok, not "just like that"... this actually takes me a total of about 2-3 hours.

Kitty was jealous I was taking all these photos of Bear and literally stuck his face in the camera lens during one shot...

Love him <3

Do you cut your own pet's fur? Have you ever had any bad experiences with groomers?


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  1. I have short haired dogs so they don't need to be cut, but you did SUCH a great job!! I totally laughed out loud at your dog wool comment. EWWW!! ; )

  2. A few years ago I took my dogs to a 'chain' of dog groomers for a trim. She is a Bichon cross, very tiny but very hairy. She did however only need a trim. When I fetched her I was horrified as they had shaved her completely! You couldn't even grab a little fur as it was so closely cut. On her face included. There response to my reaction. Don't you like it? It was so bad, it was funny. Even the dog was embarrassed! However, your pooch looks fab! Sue x

  3. This is too funny because I JUST got done trimming my yorkies hair. I take her to the groomers from time to time but her hair grows so fast + she sits on my vanity and lets me do it. It's the only time she sits still, I think she secretly likes it. :) PS - cute animals!


  4. @The Krafty Cupcake

    oh no! haha... I had a similar experience at a different place. they let one of their trainees work on him and honestly when they brought him out, i didn't even recognize him. i had to do a triple-take before i realized it was mine!! it was so uneven and it was like they made his body all fluffy but made his head/face SO short. never went back there again.

  5. first- cutest animals ever! second- I used to have a maltese named pixie! We loved her so much but she got old. :( third- no way. I hated the few times I had to bath her because we couldn't get her into the groomer. She hated it and became a nervous wreck. haha!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    your pup is so cute i have never thought to shave my own dog. however i just got a new little mutt and she's got fur much like your and she loves to be in the mud. i think i should learn how to shave her. :-/
    your etsy shop is SO cute1

  7. Good tips! I will have to try this.

    Your newest follower,
    (come check it out?)

  8. Bear is precious. Our lab/pit mix has short hair, so we don't have that problem, but if I had a long haired dog I don't know if I'd be as brave as you are. I'd probably mess everything up, and then my pup was be even more depressed than before. Ha!

    Love that picture of your kitty. Our's does the same thing too!!


  9. Your pets are so adorable. I have a beautiful cat too and I will have to post pics of him soon.

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  10. Your pets are sooo adorable :)

  11. Your pets are sooo adorable :)

  12. He looks adorable! I love his hair, it looks soo soft and fluffy!! He is so cute

  13. I absoultely love how dogs go crazy when their hair is drying!! I'm living with an older dog at the moment and she is so quiet and calm but when she is drying off, she just runs and runs around the house. It cracks me up!!

    I work as a trainee vet nurse and we often have cats coming in to be groomed under sedation. It is SO stressful because it's really not part of the job description so there's no training whatsoever, you're just given the clippers and off you go!! We spend far too long trying to make sure that the cat doesn't look stupid with it's new hair cut because I always think how I would feel if I was owner coming back to pick up my cat and it looks terrible!

  14. You are awesome! I wish I could cut my dogs hair but I'd be afraid of killing him haha


  15. haha my puggle does the same this! we have to maker sure all of the bedroom doors are closed or else he will dry off on our pillows! Your pets are soo cute!

  16. that kitty is frickin adorable!

  17. my dog HATES the groomer. too loud i think. she has short hair, so she only goes occasionally for a bath and nail trim. your dog is ADORABLE!! that is the kind that i want to get. i think my dog would love a cute little brother or sister :)



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