DIY Printed Paper Pine Tree – Anthropologie Inspired

By Dana Fox

Happy Monday friends!  I have an awesome tutorial to share with you, but first I wanted to wish my amazing fiance the best birthday ever today!!!  Also, we finally bought a new car!  It was fate I tell you!  I’d been looking for a Jeep this entire time, but every time I’d come across one that I loved, all I would hear was “It’s JUST been sold”.  I swear I kept missing these things by mere hours.  I was getting pretty fed up and about to just choose a car that I wasn’t too keen on, until Dustin mentioned that a new Jeep had just come in as a trade-in…. but when he checked into it he was told it had already been sold!  Not again!  He just so happened to ask about it the next day and was told that it in fact wasn’t sold and that the person who told him that was thinking of a different one. Bingo! We drove over there, and after a short test drive I claimed it as mine. I get it Wednesday-ish after they clean it all up. Best part… Dustin gets the sale since I bought it from him at his new job :)


During my daily internet browsing, I came across this super cute paper tree over at Anthropologie. The $48 price tag turned my stomach a little bit, and I immediately thought “Hey, I could make that!”. So I did. And now I’m going to share it with you!  This is a super easy project, it just takes some time to do… but when it’s finished you’ll be taken aback by how charming this Christmas decor piece is! Here’s how it turned out!

You will need:
Small wood garden stake
Piece of scrap wood for base
Music book or similar printed paper
Scalloped scissors or paper cutter
Cardboard (an old box will do)
Hole punch
Tree topper ball

Start by attaching your garden stake to a piece of flat scrap wood for the base.  All I did was stick a nail through the bottom of the scrap board and hammered the garden stake onto it. You could also use a  glue gun.

Grab an old music book and start cutting! I used the scalloped edge option on my handy little paper cutter.  I started with squares about 8″ in size, and just kept making them smaller as I went along.  You will need a whole bunch of these! I made about 10-20 squares of each size.


Next, cut some small 1″ cardboard squares.  These will be the spacers for your paper tree.  You will need a whole bunch of them!  Hole punch them all so they can slide easily down the stake. The hole doesn’t have to be perfectly centered.

Now all you have to do is start stacking your paper pieces (starting with the largest to the smallest) and placing spacers in between each sheet. I placed TWO cardboard spacers between each sheet of paper because it looked better. I used the tip of a pencil to punch a hole in the center of each paper piece before sticking it on the stake.

Just keep stacking! Keep your papers rotated randomly for that cone effect!

When you reach the top, all you will need to do is stick an ornament on the top! I used a tiny ball ornament and glue guned it upside down onto my stake!

That’s all there is to it!  Easy project!!  The most tedious part is cutting all of the paper, but the end result is worth it!

Oh, and that wreath? It’s just a little something I threw together using the awesome Debbie Travis decorations 😉

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