How To Make Your Own Scratch Off Cards! DIY TIME!

By Dana Fox

Scratch-off cards can be used for tons of promotional ideas, and if you’ve ever wondered how to make your own, I’m going to show you how easy it is! I made these Secret Savings cards for a past venture and included them with my orders for a limited time.

Now, I’m going to show you how to make them! It’s the easiest thing ever, all you need is this stuff:


  • Liquid dish soap
  • Silver acrylic paint (the dollar store!)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Paint brush

You will first need to make your little cards or whatever you want to contain the scratch off.  I printed my little savings cards on thick cardstock.

Then you’ll need to grab your tape. Cut it to fit your scratch off area. In my case, the yellowish box that holds the secret savings code.  Apply the tape to this area only.

Now, mix up your scratch off solution!  Just get a little container and mix 1 part dish soap to 2 parts silver paint.

Paint over the tape you applied with the paint solution.  The first layer doesn’t look like much, but it will soon.

You’ll need to let this layer dry completely before applying another layer.  In total, my cards took 4 layers to completely hide the text underneath. This is why it’s best to do a bunch at once!

That’s pretty much it! When it’s completely dry, you’re good to go! Test one out (I promise, it’s lots of fun!). The paint will scratch right off and reveal your secret!

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Dana Fox
Dana Fox
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I am a country loving Canadian with a mind that never sleeps. When I'm not running the Wonder Forest blog ship, you can find me creating artwork for phone cases and home decor, whilst managing the daily tasks of Dana Fox Creative. Visit me at the links below if you wanna be friends!


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    what a great idea. i love how simple you make this seem. adore!
    xo TJ

  • Miss Amy

    Genius! Love this idea….Not sure how I'd use it, but I love it. Maybe a fun twist on a Christmas present label…. 😉

  • Kelsea

    Coolest idea ever!! You have the best tutorials. =)

  • Alex and Arthur

    I don't even need scratch cards but I want to make some! They look so fun.

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    you are seriously amazing. i love it.

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    Karen from

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    Um this is AWESOME! I so want to do this now! BRILLIANT idea!

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    i don't have an etsy store, but I could make this for fun!

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    Very cool idea! I could see a lot of possibilities for something like this.

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    This is truly genius. I have actually been wondering forever how to do something like this. Love it!

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    Can't wait to do this, going to use this as the "Door Prize" contest at a baby shower….the cost of the "ticket" will be one baby item; ex.:bib, bottle, travel size items, etc….so excited to do this!!

  • Eva Ewen

    What size did you make the card?

    • dana @ wonder forest

      Sorry girl, I don't know. They were made last year. You can make the card any size you want.

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    Such an incredible tutorial! Been looking for this for so long… Thank you, Dana. xo

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    This is such a great idea and a really helpful tutorial! I'm actually looking into making a scratch-off map of the US, and I had a couple questions. I was planning on buying just any map I like, then laminating it, and going from there; do you think that laminating would serve the same purpose as the clear tape? Would it be a problem that the whole thing would be covered rather than just the part that would be scratch-off?

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I think you should be able to accomplish this with the laminate. You'd just have to test it out to make sure the paint applies ok to it.

    • CD

      Thanks! I'll give it a try.

  • save viola

    thank you very very much from Italy, now I know how to make a birthday-present to my girlfriend :)

  • Ale

    I was thinking of doing the same thing, did it work for you??

    Thanks! Xx

  • Rebecca Chapman

    I’m about to make my own gender reveal cards using this idea and it might be cheapest to have Zazzle print them as postcards. Do you think I can just stick them in the mail or will they get too scratched? Thanks for the tutorial and response!

  • Punkroku

    cool thx

  • ML

    Printed out my own “fake” lottery ticket to give to my nephew because he wanted money for his birthday. Now I’m selling my own scratch-off gift cards online: