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I finished up this blog design for Jessica N Designs today! I love the soft vintage feel of it!

I also wanted to let you know that I changed my design services page slightly.  The Blog Design information now includes additional information and optional features.  I actually had to bump my pricing up a tad for blog design as well, and here's why....

I had originally started offering blog design on Wonder Forest at a cheap introductory rate, but the response has been so great (a bit overwhelming at times) that it was time to change a few things.  I wanted to offer this service to the blogging community because I love it. That's it, simply put.  This is my favourite type of design style to do, and I am comfortable with it.  I wanted to share the love!  On top of this, I am also still running my design company... though the work over there has been slower, I am still doing some regular jobs. 

Which brings me to my next topic... pricing.  I was thinking about this earlier today and then I just happened to land upon Gina's post today about pricing.  Being in the handmade biz, a lot of shop owners seem to think that they need to price their stuff competitively... which is totally fine if you're concerned about your competition, but it's not ok when you undercut yourself. Basically, she said everything I wanted to say in her post, so read it! 

Why am I talking about this? Because design services are kind of the same thing. I received an email from someone blasting some of my prices recently and wanted to mention it.  A lot of people have issues paying for something that they can find cheaper elsewhere.  Sure, you can get a website made cheaper, but you're also sacrificing quality and knowledge.  I know what you'll get from the other guys, and I know what you'll get from me.  This isn't to say that I charge ridiculous amounts of money for my work, in fact I try to stay pretty fair and in-line with other designers doing the same thing, and actually I would consider my current prices on this blog incredibly cheap.  I just don't want to find that I'm doing way more than I should be doing for the cost of the work.  If I was doing this design stuff through my actual company, I can guarantee you that the cost would be much, much greater... and the funny thing is, I spend the same amount of time on both!

Do you guys know WagJag? It's one of those sites like Groupon where local businesses can share deals.  I had been speaking with a rep over there about offering some of my web design services to the community. She sent me information back, along with an example of another web design firm that recently did a deal on their site.  This web design firm was charging only $99 for a 5 page website plus a year of free hosting.  "Could you offer something like that?" she asked.  Umm, are you serious lady?  I would be a broke joke!  Web hosting for a year alone costs about $80.  I tried to explain to her how there are large web design firms that spin out websites all day long, using standard pre-made templates and simply switching up the title/name.  Then there are people like me, who actually care about what they do and work for hours.. even days... straight customizing a design to your exact needs.  $99?  It's an insult to designers everywhere.

I just wanted to get this out the before I start taking on too much to handle.  My blog design clients thus far have been amazing and I couldn't have asked for better people to work with, seriously!

If you're interested in checking out my services, go here!

Curious to know, what do you consider "too expensive"?

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  1. I find myself going through the pricing game right now as well. My products(http://cargoh.com/store/dmae-clothing) are hand painted NOT screen printed, and each design is done one time unless requested......everyone thinks it's ok to pay $50 for Ed Hardy( and they print what 100 or more of each bedazzzled tradgedy?) And think my prices too much for something that's one of a kind? Why is that? Quality is hard to come by these dyas. Folks just seem to want something instant without appreciating the thought/work that goes into it all.

  2. i'm not sure about web design pricing..but i just wanted you to know i adore you blog. you clearly know what you are doing :)


  3. Love it all. Please take some time to check out

  4. Great post - and you are right, you can find super cheap design services...which is what I had before I found you :). And my blog has never looked better and more professional.

  5. good for you, raising your prices up to what you deserve!

    right now, they're a little too expensive for me, as a broke college student, but it is something that i'm saving up for and doing my research on to find a good quality, reasonably priced service that doesn't make me have to eat ramen till my next paycheck. keep doing your thing, girl :)

  6. First of all I LOVED working with you...you were amazing. You gave me exactly what I was picturing in my head after only 1 revision (which was my fault, because I chose the wrong colors the first time)

    My blog looks PROFESSIONAL and I LOVE looking at it! I am proud to have it! I want everyone to see it!

    I do not think your price was too high. I have had cheaper services when I first started out (and that was fine for then, but now that I am growing, I want to and can afford a better designer and look) But when I first started out I would not have been able to pay that. THAT DOES NOT say it is too expensive, your price is very fair for the quality work you do!

    I have seen some bigger blogs use people who are charging thousands and I have to say, I would NEVER pay that and it is NOT any better than yours. In fact, I like mine better!! :)

    Thanks a million!

  7. Wildchild pretty much said what I was thinking. I love your design aesthetic and haven't seen it anywhere else, so if I were in a position to pay for a blog design right now, I would totally go with you! It does seem a tad high, but we're kind of cheapskates where I live. ;) Ya know, I also think $20 is too expensive for a shirt, but that hasn't stopped me from buying several shirts more expensive than that because I love them & knew I wouldn't find anything like that anywhere else. :)

  8. You all look younger than me,so I will share something I've learned after having my own adv/marketing/pr firm for 17+ years.......don't undervalue yourself, your talent or your time. only you know what you should charge for your work and what makes up that equation. you're not in business to break even. never apologize for the price you charge. as you said, if someone is unhappy with your prices there are plenty of other places they can go.

  9. You all look younger than me,so I will share something I've learned after having my own adv/marketing/pr firm for 17+ years.......don't undervalue yourself, your talent or your time. only you know what you should charge for your work and what makes up that equation. you're not in business to break even. never apologize for the price you charge. as you said, if someone is unhappy with your prices there are plenty of other places they can go.

  10. Oh dear. Whenever I hear of people complaining about pricing, it drives me crazy! For the record, I looked at your design pricing chart and thought it was extremely reasonable - definitely lower than I expected considering your experience/background. As for the pricing hate... it just doesn't make any sense to me. I just want to tell everyone who complains: if a vendor is out of your budget, simply don't buy from them or at least not until you can afford it (to Jessica's point above). There's no need to make rude comments or complain. No one is forcing you to buy anything! It's so silly. And you are absolutely right - you will get what you pay for. If someone wants a cheaper service they are out there, but a cheaper product is exactly what they will get.

    Anyway, I'm frustrated on behalf of everyone who gets these complaints (which is anyone who has been in business for long enough), so I just had to say something!

    I hope you don't let the annoying comments bring you down too much!

  11. i love your web designs and i dont think they are expensive at all your good at what you do:) i will defiently save money to get my blog designed by you(:

  12. Your web design are really appreciating and looking dynamic. Thanks

  13. I've been going through the same thing. I love working with bloggers and I want to build beautiful sites for them, but I also need to pay my bills. I've been trying to find a middle ground for the past year. That's why I started doing premade templates as well, so people can get my designs for a little cheaper if they don't have the funds for custom work. And, for the quality of work you produce I definitely thing you should be charging more. Anyone who is complaining has no idea how much time and care is put into a design.

    xo Sarah

  14. I absolutely ADORE your blog designs! Seriously, every blog i've seen with your designs is just amazing. I've been wanting to get my blog designed by you, but i'm a poor college student who works once in a blue moon, therefore not making nearly enough money to have a custom made blog design!

  15. I'm with ya on this. I just started doing blog design so i'm starting with a lower price, and everytime I go to set up my regular prices I feel like they're too high. I keep telling myself though--you get what you pay for. There are a lot of design services I see around that charge a way lower rate but it's in line with their quality of work. People who don't do design don't understand how much time goes into it...my father thinks I should be making one website a day! Your prices definitely seem right with the work you do..if anything it should be more.


  16. My previous job was in web design and actually a while back I looked at your design page and thought your pricing was really low but your designs were great. So I am glad you raised your prices - designers I know charge anywhere from $25-50 (US) per hour with most in the 50 per hour range. With web design you are making a huge impact on someones business, and in my opinion if you are not willing to pay a fair price for that then its not worth having you as a client. <3

  17. I greatly appreciate your passion for making products with worth, and for standing up for their value. I've been working with photography and find that people who know me or are friends try to get free work from me or an extremely low price. Sure, I'm not professional, but I put a LOT of time into editing and getting them exactly what they want! I feel like I deserve money for my time! If you don't like the price, go somewhere else! Unfortunately, I have a very hard time in those kinds of awkward situations. I'm so thankful for people like you who stand up for your work. I feel inspired to not let people walk over me when I read your blog posts! Thanks so much for the support you give small business owners- even just by encouraging us!


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