Unicorns are back...

They're baaaaaack!  I only have a limited number of these little darlings left, and these particular unicorns will not be made again once they're gone!  Check them out in my shop now!

I wanted to mention this as well since some customers may think that I have a bunch of stock of each of my items.  I only usually make one of each plush, unless it's a special occasion (i.e. Christmas ornaments) or a made-to-order item. So what you see in my shop is what I have available! Occasionally I will remake a particular style, but if you see something you like you should grab it because I can't guarantee that there will be more than one!  That goes for pillows and camera strap covers too. These limited edition unicorns were made for a retail shop in a batch quantity and I have only a handful left. Making a batch quantity is a rare occurrence. So I hope that clarifies some things for those that wondered!

Also keeping with the unicorn theme... a second version of my unicorn print is now available. I thought that the original one that read "I like you more than unicorns" only really qualified as a cute gift for someone special... but this one's for everybody!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? It's only a month away!!!

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  1. The unicorns are so cute! But I think I kinda want at least one of everything in your shop. ;]

  2. gonna check out those camera straps!!!


  3. Lovely little unicorn. So precious.


  4. oh my oh my oh my goodness. i love unicorns!!!! this is precious beyond precious.

  5. Your unicorns are absolutely adorable and magical! Love.



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