Sofa Makeover

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day.  I received my custom slipcovers from Bemz which were going to make my old, worn, ginormous couch NEW again!

Back about 5 years ago, I purchased this Ikea corner sofa which has always fit perfectly into any place I've lived in.  I love this couch... the size, how it fits 2938293 people, and surprisingly, how the structure of it all has held up over the years (you know, being Ikea and all).  The only thing that had been driving me CRAZY was how worn the fabric had become, and even after washing it consistently there came a point where the wash was just not doing anything for it anymore.  Oh the joys of a white couch!

alright, so it doesn't look too bad from this far away...

See what I mean?  These edges just wouldn't come clean anymore...

 Oh, and of course there's the fact that my devil cat took a liking to the corner arm *mad*:

ok, this is just embarrassing now....

But WHERE was I going to find something to cover up this out-of-production super-hard-to-find Ikea sofa?  None of the other sofas I came across were this size, or they all had a price tag of a million dollars.

BEMZ TO THE RESCUE!!!  They make custom slipcovers for tons of Ikea model furniture.  I found out about Bemz a long long time ago, (and guess what, they were the ONLY place that sold slipcovers for my actual sofa style!) but I never had the courage to order because I was scared about all of those dreaded customs fees (slipcover would have ended up being double what I would pay... at that rate, why NOT just buy a new couch?).  THANKFULLY, they switched their shipping methods around a bit so that there would be NO CUSTOMS FEES! WOOWOO!  When I noticed this announcement on their website, I ordered right away. The hardest part was trying to decide on a colour.  Definitely couldn't put myself through the torture of keeping a white or light-coloured couch clean again!  After much pondering, I went with the Graphite Grey, for it's ability to pretty much go with any other colours, and boy am I glad I did!

the evil kitty returns... i've got my eye on you!

I don't think you understand how happy I am with this!!! It's like we have a brand new sofa, for a fraction of the cost!  Oh, don't mind the unfinished coffee table.... D made it, and it's getting some stain and paint today ;)

I LOOOOVE my new couch!  Everything fit perfectly, and I was surprised at how well made everything is!!!  Seriously, if you're in the market to dress up your Ikea furniture, even if you just want a little update, check out Bemz!!

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