DIY Fabric Rose Flower Bouquet

By Dana Fox

Hello friends! Welcome to your very first edition of our 14 Days of Love series!  Heather (from just.lovely.things) and I will be bringing you Valentine’s day projects over the course of the next couple of weeks which will alternate on our blogs! We have an assortment of projects and ideas planned for your home, your lover, your kids and friends, and also yourself (because who says you can’t spoil yourself sometimes?)  Be sure to stay tuned to her blog as well as this one for new projects!

Let’s get right too it, shall we?  This first project is for your home!  I’ll show you how to create this Valentine’s day inspired bouquet of fabric flowers!

It’s honestly soooo easy. All you require is a glue gun and these materials:

I used a wooden garden stick but you can also use a stick from outside for a rustic look!  The strip of fabric can be any length you want, depending on how “full” you want your flower. My strip in this example was about a yard long.

Start by hot gluing your strip of fabric to the stick. You’ll want to make sure you have about an inch of fabric sticking above the stick.  Then wrap the fabric around the stick and add a dab of glue to secure. Be very careful when gluing because it’s tricky not to burn your fingers! (trust me, I have blisters to prove it!)

Keep wrapping the fabric around the stick and gluing as you go. Instead of wrapping it tight though, pinch the bottom of the fabric a little before gluing to bunch it up. This is so that your flower’s layers spread out instead of being all stuck together tightly.

Keep wrapping and bunching… ever so slightly moving down the stick.

Pinch to bunch! Then glue… keep going!

When you get to the end, fold the top corner down to create a triangle and glue in place.

Grab your green felt and cut a strip about an inch and a half in height by about 2 inches long. The size will depend on the width of your stick. Cut some zig zags into the top.

Glue the felt around the bottom of your flower to finish it off and hold everything in place!

You can then paint your sticks! I just used a green acrylic paint.


Make a bunch of them and stick them in a vase and you’ve got a nice new Valentine’s day inspired bouquet! These make a great gift too and only take about 5-10 mins per flower!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial! Check back soon for Heather’s Valentines day post too!

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  • ShyScout

    What a great idea! I will have to do this to jazz up the apartment :]

  • Jenn

    wow, I really like how lovely this project looks when all put together!! I'd say it was probably worth getting a few blisters 😉

  • Amira

    These are beautiful! Just pinned it :-)


  • The Fashion Robot

    I have done something similar in the past with coffee paper but these look much better

  • Paislea Elyse

    oooh! i love these! they're so simple, and so cute!!

    allister bee blog

  • Mrs. Darcy

    These are adorable. I will have to try this!


  • Haylee

    Love it! I made a bunch of fabric flowers once to decorate my room, it looks so cute all year round, and I love your themed one! :)

  • Roberta

    i'm in love!! :)
    you want to follow each other?

  • Vero

    Really nice idea!! I love it!

  • Jocee

    lovely! i'm going to try this :))
    -jocee <3

  • Marrissa

    Definitely making myself some of these ~ I need cheering up and these are perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Meagan

    I definitely was ALL over pinning this :) really cute for Valentine's day, thank you for sharing it!

  • Lindsey L

    Gorgeous! I love making fabric flowers! I really like the polka dot one!

  • india

    I really want to make these flowers by my own , really very nice hand made flowers!

    send flower to cochin

  • A Mother and A Daughter

    Those are such pretty fabric roses! What a great idea! ~ Barbara

  • Sleeping with Skeletons

    My mom and I just made some of these! I used vintage fabric that I got when my Grandmother passed away. I knew I was saving it for something special! Super cute and fun!

  • Love Sparkle Pretty

    fun tutorial! one to definitely try :) thanks!

  • Pauline

    Pretty! I've already tried it before but I failed :)

  • crafter’s nest

    how lovely.. <3 I'm going to try it I just have the exact material, thank you for this tuto

  • zaza

    so simple centerpiece but nice.. really like it.. not much work to do to complete the bud of flower… good job.. hope more diy after this ya :-)

  • yolanda

    que bonitas han quedado…las tengo que hacer =)

  • yolanda

    que bonitas han quedado…las tengo que hacer =)

  • ilovemyddung

    I have to try this ^^

  • Pet Care Specialist

    Thank you!

  • Pet Care Specialist

    Thank you!

  • Anusha Sharma

    Wow… Really good.. Would love to try this out….