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Just some current things I'm lusting over. That watch needs to be mine asap. Also, I've had my eye on that Deer Head ring by Wildfox for a little while. I am kind of obsessed with anything Wildfox if you haven't caught on to that by now... and they just started making jewelry this season... not just any jewelry, jewelry that is right up my alley... and I rarely even wear accessories so that's saying a lot. (Is my fiance reading this? hint hint!).

I've also decided to start wearing more dresses this summer. I sometimes really hate that I live in a country that has to worry about season changes because more often than not I get incredibly jealous seeing fashion bloggers rocking skirts and tank tops at this time of year. That is just not possible here... but if you'd like to see pics of me in my parka and salt stained boots freezing my buns off in a pile of snow, I can make it happen, haha.

1. Lipsy Floral Detail Dress
2. Nixon Oversized Time Teller Watch
3. Wildfox I Left My Heart Roadtrip Sweater
4. Kate Spade - Call To Action Terry Bag
5. Wildfox Deer Head Ring
6. Yumi Ruffle Dress
7. Jeffrey Campbell France Wrap Strap Boots

Can I also add a new keyboard to this list? Mine has been slowly dying this past week and I'm pretty sure it hates me for blogging so much. 

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  1. I love that Kate Spade tote, I keep looking at it online and lusting for it!

  2. That ring is pretty amazing. And who doesn't love some Kate Spade?

  3. I love the tote :) If you coudl only pick one what would it be?

  4. Amen to wearing more dresses this summer. Sundresses are my jam

  5. I love the ruffle dress!
    You have such a pretty blog! :)

    Lnk up your Friday Favorites with me!

  6. I NEED that eat cake for breakfast bag :) so fun!

  7. @Messy

    ohhh probably that watch :) because i need one and love it haha.

  8. I have my eye on that tote too! Love it!

  9. I bought the Kate Spade tote for my birthday and I love it. Normally I will only buy more unique bags but there were 3 women in line at KS when I was buying it buying the same one!! It is too fun!!

  10. Those boots need to find their way to my feet, PRONTO.

    And that ring :)

    xo Sam

  11. Love those dresses, and I actually have a ring similar to the Wildfox one!

    Oh by the way, I included your teal retro plush deer in my Friday Favorites post today! I'd be thrilled if you stopped by to check it out.


  12. That tote is too cute. MUST. BUY.


  13. Gorgeous ring! im now so obsessed :)


  14. Love those boots! Happy Friday =).

  15. Great lust list ;> That sweater & boots are cool, love the dress and ring .. <3 Lovely!

    Indie by Heart

  16. The shirt is wonderful...no wonder you're lusting over all these awesome things!! :)

  17. I love your blog! Is very beautiful!!! I follow you! Kisses!


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