What made you smile this weekend?

for me:
going out with no worries
finding out some awesome news
starting to plan our wedding
all of the new people that founds my blog <3
jaw dropping savings at sales
prepping for the fawn & flora shop
thoughts of summer
 and this outtake picture:

Your turn, go!

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  1. craft shopping and sewing with my mum
    my toddler being a complete angel
    new handmade green knitted scarf
    gingerbread chocolate hearts
    snail mail from a friend


  2. oh i love your blog.
    crochetting...it relaxes me
    spending time with my boyfriend
    talking to my mother
    driving around looking at deer...they are just so pretty.

  3. laying around with the husband and kitties
    homecooked meals
    sound of rain on the roof

  4. such a beautiful blog! I spent the weekend enjoying family time, it does not get much better than that!

  5. my son's funniness
    family dinner, meeting my cousins new love
    fire blazing in the fireplace
    my blog recieving a little award
    new word, "stupid cool"

  6. snow days<3
    movie nights
    having the whole gang over
    making new friends

  7. I love this post! So happy :)

    not a lot made me smile this weekend, unfortunately. I had a crappy one :( But hey, there's always next weekend, right?

  8. a good distiguish in french and english by cambridge UNI.
    the about 10 new followers I got.
    my sales bought.
    my mum

  9. The Giants are playing in the Super Bowl... I don't think I will stop smiling this whole week! :D

  10. - Finally some snow!
    - Quiet breakfast with the hubby (homemade pecan pumpkin waffles - mmm yum!)
    - Made a "bowl" in the snow on the deck, filled it with bird seed & watched the birdies feast :)
    - Discovered a fabulous new restaurant!
    - Sledding (fun!)
    - Go Giants! Super Bowl bound!

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  12. I love your outtake picture!
    My awesome weekend contained:
    :: laughs with dad
    :: laughs at my dog
    :: anatomy & physiology (no, not with my husband..I was studying, dirty mind!)
    :: filet mignon and a subtle pinot grigio for my husbands 40th
    ~~ Check out my blog for Sunday pictures~~

  13. Love this! I smiled because:

    -My roommates and I made cookies
    -I got to see dinner with my man.
    -Experienced my last sorority initiation!

    Have a great week! xo

  14. making breakfast with my husband
    my puppy in the bathtub
    dinner with friends

    ♥ sécia

  15. Being snowed in with my baby brother and fiance :)

  16. A few new projects and a few new blog/twitter friends I made!

    Love the outtake photo :).

  17. *Getting 100% on my Mycology quiz today
    *talking to my love first thing this morning (not a fan of the hundreds of miles between us... miss that man too much)

    PS. Love that last picture doll!

  18. My husband made me smile this weekend... for a whole lot of reasons. :)

  19. You should have sore cheeks from all that smiling ;)
    The things that made me smile this weekend... I spoke to my two best friends for the first time in months, I started planning my son's 5th birthday party and we snuck in a nice relaxing swim/float at the beach!
    I adore the last photo in your post :) Have a fantastic week xx Riss

  20. that last image is so very beautiful and endearing girl! soft snowfall, lunch with girlfriends, art museums, and project runway reruns are making me happy today :)
    xo TJ

  21. Making a pretty sequin laptop case for myself, Spending all day with my cute boyfriend, and getting a free family ticket to a nearby museum!


  22. this post and YOU made me smile, friend. :)

  23. The biggest thing to make me smile was having my mom buy me a pair of kick-ass Dr. Marten boots and a new purse..because I have no winter boots(slipped and fell walking in the snow the other day, boo-urns), the purse I have been using for 2years broke last week (have been using a reusable grocery bag to carry my Diabetic supplies & personal items around), and I am dirt broke because my boyfriend and I are trying to move our asses to another city.

    Definitely is still making me smile.

  24. What's made me smile is having two extra days off this week (lunar new year) to spend sleeping in with the hubby and our furry babies :)

    I love that outtake pic. so sweet!...oh and reading this post also made me smile.

  25. That picture is hilarious!

    I am so excited for you as you start to plan your wedding!

  26. I love your blog, I'm so glad that I found it. :) Keep up the good work!

    Finding good deals, relaxing at home, talking with my boyfriend who's away, and watching the new Miyazaki film all made me smile this weekend.


  27. What made me smile...

    Discovering a new (to me) show in Netflix - The Walking Dead!

  28. ok, that banana photo is hilarious. boy, holding banana, kissing...yah...bahaha. Love it!


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