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When I posted that long essay on Friday, I have to admit I was nervous to push the "publish" button. I am so glad I did thought because your support and the comments/emails I received were super encouraging.  I also didn't realize that so many of you also suffer from the same thing.  It's sort of great to know that we are not alone in this, and hopefully those of you that are going through it as well had a chance to read some of the comments left by others too.  Thank you for your honesty and for giving me the motivation I need to kick this thing.

Now I wanted to post this quick update video (my first mini-vlog!).  I just got this webcam and still need to tweak it a bit, so it's kind of super bright and yellowish haha. Just a little rundown of some things that are going to be happening.... and with that I say, have a fabulous Sunday night friends! And remember... we are all in this crazy blog world together!

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  1. Love! I wish I could vlog... I have no guts to do it. I look like a dork on video. PLus it's like I completely forget how to speak and sound like a babbling mess.

  2. Umm Jamie did you see me? Def no pro hahaha.

  3. You are so gorgeous! And I'm super excited about the Valentine's day thing! I just realized it's in like, a month and I haven't even thought of what I'm going to make my boy this year...oh no!

  4. You are precious!!!! I just want to squeeze you!!!!


  5. first ever vlog? wow, you did really, really well!!

    i hope to some day get brave enough to vlog too :)


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