who are you?

Since I've been noticing a lot of new readers around these parts lately, I thought it would be fun to get to know some of you!  I love interacting and hearing your comments so... let's talk!  Introduce yourself in a comment below and tell me some fun facts about yourself :)  Even if you're a long-time reader or just one who rarely comments, this post is for you!

For those that are fairly new, I'll start you out:

I'm Dana and I live in Canada with my American-turned-Canadian fiance named Dustin.
I am lately obsessed with smoothies and drink them numerous times a day.  Mr. Sub is my favourite fast food place even though I used to work at Subway.  My style is casual and comfy and I pretty much buy all of my clothes online.  I cannot hold my head under water and will punch you if you try to push me into a pool.  I dream of traveling to exotic places if only I wasn't frightened of planes. I have 3 devilish but oh-so-sweet kitties and a little marshmallow of a pup.  I love summer bonfires and garage sales.   Who are you??

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  1. I didn't know that you had that many kitties! That's so sweet (says the crazy cat lady). I used to LOVE swimming when I was younger. Actually, I still love to go swimming. However, since my teens, I've developed this irrational fear of being underwater. I'm not a fan of it, either, so I always get frustrated when the boyfriend is like, "Hey, let's roughhouse and shove each other around in the pool!" Um, no. :)

  2. My name is Tootsie (my husband gave me that nickname) I am married to the hunkiest man alive and hae 2 sweet little boys, Cash and Emmett.
    I love plum and purple and like to make things with my hands. I hate reading but i love reading blogs, HA! I love scoring at thrift stores (I act like a kid in a candy store.
    I hope to inspire other people with my creativity and example.
    Who is tootsie? www.thetootsiewootsie.com

    Loved reading about you. You are so fun to follow =)

  3. Hey there! I'm very glad to have found your blog a few days ago - I have been reading ever since! =)

    My name is Ivana and I am from Bulgaria. I live with my sweet boyfriend, our lab puppy, mixed kitty and a very shy cockatiel. I work as an office manager at a dermatology clinic, but enjoy making jewelry as a hobby and, hopefully, to sell soon. I enjoy life and hanging in traffic while listening to good music =)

    Nice to meet you! =)

  4. I'm Ruby! I love your blog, so fun and beautiful. I live in Ohio with my wonderful husband and 3 year old son. My husband is a over the road truck driver, which means hes not home much. I love to embroider, take pictures, and I have a small obsession with thrift stores. You can find me over and Barbies and Dolphins, where I blog when I think about it =) Its one of my goals this year to blog more =)

  5. Nice to meet you!!! I found your lovely blog from Jenni @ SOML and boy have I been missing out! I love it :) I am momma to a crazy furchild. I love Dr Pepper. I bake cupcakes. I am a FL girl. <3

  6. new here...found you through your lovely give away over at casey's blog!!! knew that if she adored you, i certainly would!!!

    my name is natalia & i am adopted from bogota colombia. grew up in northern minnesota. met a sexy man. graduated from college. got married. & we started our adventure in southern california. he is in grad school. i am working hard to put food on the table. nanny. part time athletic trainer. assistant at a sport clinic. personal beauty consultant & wife!!! i love to read. love to do arts & crafts, but mostly love to share my story & life with others through simply being intentional with those i meet! we have a bundle of love who comes in puppy form. oh & random fact. mmmm. i love hot pink lips. XO.

  7. I'm Jordann. I'm a pretty new follower of yours. I LOVE your shop. All the plushes are so cute (esp the pink fawn!). I'm married to a firefighter, going to school for nursing, and clausterphobic (especially around water). Oh and we have one dog. :)

  8. what a fun idea:)

    I am samara. HI!:):):) my name is also a type of flying seed {whoa! i know..}. i love dogs. i make pancakes too much. i am pretty new to blogging, but am having a blast reading other blogs! i make some some stuff (cards, recycled wood collages, mini books) and love to take photos (though i'm still a beginner at that too). my bf lives in NYC right now, and i want to pack up my little life in the midwest and move there next year! scary, but it feels so good!

    i just get so much joy from your blog, and super duper look forward to new posts, keep up the great work!!!

  9. It's so fun to find other girls who like similar things! I'm married to a sweet guy and have 2 teenagers, so just trying to keep sane! I enjoy eating, so I like finding good recipes. I'm a crafter, when I get inspired. My love is interior design, though I'm not trained in it...just know what I like and try to copy it...Ha! Antiquing is like a treasure hunt...love to find great deals on old stuff. I just started blogging about all of the above. Glad to have found you!

  10. Hi! I'm Kelly. I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago. I'm 23, been married for just over a year and our only baby is a kitten named Spricket. We own an independent garage called Christian Family Automotive in North Carolina. It's crazy and stressful and awesome. I am obsessed with makeup currently and love the recent tutorials you did. I sing at my church and my life is pretty much work, eat, sleep + church on weekends :)

  11. This is so fun!

    Hi!! I'm Lindsay. I blog at Originally Me and am the creator behind a jewelry shop by the same name. I'm in graduate school getting my masters in Architecture. I have a slight obsession with nail polish. I absolutely love being outside. I'm a bargain shopper and my fave meal by far is breakfast. Nice to meet you!

  12. hi dana :) i'm one of those newer followers that hasn't commented much, but i do visit your page on a daily basis since discovering it - it was moreso the name "wonder forest" that i fell smitten with! ahah.

    but my name is dorothy. as to not sound like a personal ad... i think i'm just like everyone else out there who has a blog - but in a different, similar, kinda way. ahah.

    i'm from smalltown, midwest us.of.a and love flea markets and garage sales - as well as thrift stores too. but don't be fooled, i enjoy splurging here and there on classic pieces too and have been dubbed "weird, but cool." i like to think i'm moreso esoteric than eclectic - but eh! don't we all?


    anyways, just wanted to say hi... and hopefully we can connect!



  13. I'm a new reader who found you through your 14 days of love series with Heather! I just wanted to tell you that I think your blog is seriously gorgeous. I'm slightly obsessed with it to be honest. I also wanted to let you know that I featured your blog in a post I did on my ten favorite reads each day!

    xo, Jen

  14. i'm barb. i live in michigan in a fairly small town, but i grew up in the burbs south of where i live now. i work as a contractor at a publishing company, and my commute is too long, so i dream of starting my own etsy shop with handmade stuff (frames, embellished t's, jewelry) all from stuff i've thrifted or saved from being thrown away. i hate to have waste! i am a girlfriend of 6.5 years to the best boyfriend a girl could ever want. i am a step-mama to be (one day i pray) to my stepdaughter is my whole heart. (no we're not married...yet. it's just easier to call her that for her sake). she is the most beautiful daughter a girl could ask for. of course i'm not biased or anything. ha! i love life, i love my faith, i love animals and peanut butter on a spoon. just a 30-something trying to finally be confident in myself and my gifts, and make sure each day is lived with no regrets. :) oh! and i want to live on a farm with my little family, and have animals, and turn it into a place for everyone to come and have fun, and mainly, to help kids.

  15. @Dawn

    I love swimming too but i just cannot stick my head under hahaha

    @The Tootsie Wootsie

    I really want to get into thrifting more! we have a couple thrift shops here but i have yet to check them all out!

    @Ivi Georgieva

    So glad you found my blog and have stuck around for a few days ;) i'll do my best to keep you haha.

    @Ruby Lynn

    Does your husband do crazy things like on Ice Road Truckers? that show scares me!!! haha. thanks for the compliments xo

    @Michelle (michabella)

    So glad you found me through Jenni! I love her :). I think I've had Dr. Pepper maybe one time ever haha! I LOOOOVE cupcakes though ;)


    sexy men are the best men! haha ;)
    nice to meet you!!!

    @Makin Memories Of Us

    Thank you <3<3!! I'm glad i'm not the only one with issues about water lol!!!


  16. http://www.agaphcia.blogspot.com/

  17. Hi! Found your blog a few weeks ago and have been following ever since!

    I'm Megan. Newly-married, newly-moved 20-something. Originally from IL now living in MN. I love a good meal (especially when it’s fondue or Chipotle), watching movies & (a little too much) TV, riding roller coasters, zombies, and the ocean (who doesn’t?!). I’m a reading fiend, master avoider of chores, and happily addicted to thrift stores,WWII, finding new music to love, and taking pictures.

    and I blog over at Mr.C & Me - mrcandme.blog.com :)

  18. Hi, I'm Rachel and I live in Ontario, Canada. I love design and hair and fashion and animals.
    I think you're gorgeous and I would love it if you checked out my blog!



  19. Hey Dana!
    I've been reading your blog for little over a month? And I love it. I'm addicted to reading blogs, and yours tops my list!

    I'm also a Canadian girl, who wishes I were more creative, and took more time for it... Instead of reading about everyone else doing it :) I ride horses, bake, pretend to be good at photography, and love writing.

    Nice to meet you!

  20. I am Erin from somewhere in Arkansas. I married another AR native and we recently bought our first home somewhere between his hometown and mine. We don't have children yet, but we have an over-sized furbaby named Lakota. She's our crazy, hyper girl. We haven't quite figured out our careers yet, but we're working on it. I majored in Journalism and he majored in Agri Business. Our goals are small - one step at a time - but our dreams are ginormous.

  21. I'm Caitlin :) A 28 year old from CT. I live with my honey-bunny husband and our sweet, little bunny friend, Truffles. I went to school for theater and instead ended up working in libraries for 10 years. Left that field to "entertain" in Disney World (fun, but super hot!). Now, I run my own small business creating/selling mobiles in several boutiques throughout the U.S. and online. I strongly dislike heat and humidity, but LOVE the chilly weather and snow. I'm a total book-aholic. Love to bake, hike, going to the movies and reading fun blogs. I'm a cheery, silly, snuggle-bug and that's about it in a nutshell :)


  22. @samara dane

    Hi Samara! lovely name! mmm pancakes are delicious! Good luck on the move if you decide to do that!! xo


    I wish I could cook! Well not that I can't, I just have no patience for it haha. Baking is a little different and more my thing because the treats last a while! I love browsing antique stores and finding awesome treasures too!

    @kelly summers

    Thanks for finding me!! i LOVE your kitty's name!


    Hi Lindsay! I love being outside too... well, only in the summer really haha. There's not much to do here in the winter if you despise the cold like me!!! Breakfast is also my absolute fav meal ;)

    @Dorothy Explor'r

    I'm glad you decided to comment here! i'm from a small town too :). You sound like me when it comes to loving deals but splurging sometimes ;) I think the deal part evens out how much I spend on the other stuff haha.

  23. Fun idea for a post! I'm Jen and I'm 26. I currently live in Orange County, CA and am planning a June 2012 wedding (exciting things!) I'm engaged to a deliciously handsome man from Spain (we met west coast swing dancing, romantic right?) and we hope to someday move to Europe and spend our weekends traveling around and seeing the world. And blog about it.. of course ;) Nice to meet you!

  24. @Jennifer Lake

    Aw thanks so much, I'm so glad you came and decided to stick around!


    My fiance is from Michigan! Good luck on the Etsy shop! I also eat peanut butter from the spoon ;) nice to meet you!

    @Meg @ mrcandme.blog.com

    Thanks for following!! Congrats on getting married! Dustin and I are movie lovers too... we watch a new one pretty much every day haha.


    Hi Rachel! I live in Ontario too :) We seem to like the same stuff too!!! xo


    Aw thank you! So glad you love my blog! I love meeting other Canadians :) great to meet you too!


    Love that name Lakota! congrats on buying your first home! I know how exciting that is ;)

    @Caitlin of Spare Bedroom Studio

    Love your bunny name!! I used to have a bunny named Muffy ;) That would be so fun working at Disney! xo

  25. Wow Dana, we have a few things in common :) I too am terrified of planes and can not (or will not) put my head underwater!
    Firstly, my name is Marrissa but I prefer Riss, Marrissa sounds like I'm in trouble haha! I have been with my husband for almost 8 years, married for two and together we have 3 sons. I love to draw and create. I'd do it all day, every day if I could. I live in Australia. I grew up in a small town of less than 800 people but moved away for a couple of years to the coast, then back to the small town, then to a small city, and now back to the same coastal town where we own our home and enjoy doing little reno's to it. I love my garden. I find weeding helps vent frustrations and there is no feeling like the one you get when you harvest your own veggies!
    I think I've rambled on enough haha! I love your blog and with every post I love getting to know you better:) Have a fantastic day x

  26. hey, I am Julia. Living in the States with my husband and also going through immigration process right now as I am German... I am a newly wed and started my blog for reals just in december. :)

  27. What an awesome idea!

    Well, Hi! My names Heather. I'm from Florida and I'm about to graduate from high school (finally!!) I love sunflowers & am completely obsessed with online shopping. I have a sweet black lab named Bear, and an amazing boyfriend of 3 years named Garrett (but I call him Bear too, haha) I just started blogging January 1st of this year! Aaaand I hope to open up my own dress boutique some day and move somewhere where it snows!


  28. This is fun! My name is Sécia and I'm a California transplant (originally from Denver). My husband and I both work in reality television and have a cute puppy. I love writing, baking and zombies. Like you, I'm a casual cozy girl. In fact, I'm lounging around with the pup sleeping next to me and cup of hot tea in my hand. It's a good day. :)

    ♥ sécia

  29. HI DANAAA(: I'm Elisha from "The {Official} Blog of Elisha!" :) i absoooolutely LOVE your blog!! :P :D its one of my FAVORITES!!! (= I looove floral, brownies, mit ice cream & ..... well just check out my recent post and youll see?? (: i love this idea!!

  30. I'm Ashley and I love reading your blog! I've been reading for a while now! I believe you follow me too! Yay =) A little about me: I'm from San Francisco, which to me is the best city in the world! =) I love coffee (blue bottle to be specific) I'm a bit of an addict and talking to me before my morning cup is probably not the best idea ha... i'm also an english and education major and hope to one day be a high school teacher just one semester left and I'm done woohoo!! I love to run, travel meet new people, I love being spontaneous and doing things on the whim! My favorite food is sushi i love girls nights and going to the movies! s'more pop-tarts are my guilty pleasure.. I love to shop, i love finding good deals and creating fun vibrant outfits, i love listening to french music and wishing i were in paris! Oooh and I think Disneyland is pretty much the most happiest place on earth!! <3 Love this! It was a lot of fun!! xoxo

  31. Hey, found your blog a few weeks ago. I found you on the side of someone else's blog. I can't remember which blog though.

    My name is Samantha. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have a son together, who is 2 years old. I'm 21 & my husband is 20. My husband is in the Army & I'm a stay at home wife & mom.

    I love to blog & take pictures, which I totally suck at but I'm trying to learn. I like trying out new recipes for dinner and I occasionally bake. Sometimes, I even do crafts. :)

  32. I started following you a couple months ago and I must say, I do adore your blog.

    Im kelly, I have my own blog over at kellyelizzabeth.blogspot.com

    I love my kitty and you will probably see me on an episode of animal hoarders one day. stay tuned!

    I'm addicted to candy, always have a box in my purse or backpack.

    I also am a clean-o-holic, i clean my room daily, even if it doesn't need it.

    I think I have the best conversations with myself. I'm such a good listener. :p

    <3 kelly

  33. Hey Dana! Nice to meet you :) My name is Jacki! I just got married this past summer, and definitely love married life! I dabble in photography and just recently decided to start taking it very seriously. I'm starting NYIP school soon to take my photography dreams to the next level! I also have a blog that I use to update my family and friends about the busy things going on in my life. It's my space to just have fun and talk about things I love. I love working part time so I can be home with my new hubby at night and do things like make him dinner ;)
    I aspire to start an online shop where I can sell some of my crafts and projects, and YOU have been my major inspiration! Thank you for being so transparent and so interactive. This blog is definitely my favorite to keep up with :)

  34. Hey Dana!

    I'm Felicity, and I've been following your blog for.. oh I don't know, a long time now. I want to purchase all of your little handmade forest friends but I'm waiting until I have kids so that my partner (Ben) won't shake his head at me, haha.

    I'm 22, turning 23 in May, and I'm about a year and a half away from becoming a Primary School Teacher. I starting blogging so that I would have something to keep me motivated while I was waiting to finish Uni. It's impossible to find a 'real' part time job these days, so blogging is all I've got. :P

    - Felicity. x

  35. Hey Dana!
    I'm Darby and I blog over at Underground Vintage. (You may remember me because you recently made me a shop header).

    I am a crafty gal married to my best friend and mamma to the sweetest girl on the planted. I am a self proclaimed flea market, thrift store junkie and I am just sure that I need to join pinterest-holics anonymous. (but who doesn't)

    I adore your sweet blog and so glad that to have "met" you!


  36. Hey Dana :) Im Kristen! Im an Army wife, new to military life and its been a crazy ride so far. We dont have any babies...yet...but we do have a puggle named Monster who we love more than anything. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Legos, which for some reason shocks most people. My dream is to live in a log cabin someday where my hubby and I can have a relaxing life. I love your blog!

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. My name is Karlie. I'm married to my BFF, we live in a teeny tiny house with a huge dog and our daughter, Frankie. I love to craft, mainly making things for her. You and I actually went to high school together. One day, I found your easy shop and started following your blog...it was months later that I made the high school connection. Your stuff is amazing! I love your blog too :)

  39. Hey! I have been reading for a few weeks now....loved your tutorial from awhile back on how to do curls with a flat iron...so good!

    My name is Brenda and I have been blogging for a few years now about my love for life, chocolate, and all things red and vintage. I got married in July and am loving life as a newlywed! I also love big mugs and coffee and good books.

    So happy to meet you and to check out some other new blogging friends who have posted here!

  40. Hiya Dana! I've been following your blog for a little while, it's definitely one of my favorites! You're always so inspirational!

    I'm Megan, and I'm an almost-adult living in the rural South. I have a kitty named Tigger who's a bit oversized, but that just means more to love, right? I love adventuring and thrifting with my sweet boyfriend. I spend my days early admitted to my local college, crocheting, drawing, and wearing strange clothing. And as soon as my mini pie maker arrives, I'm going to be a mini pie baking madwoman!

    xo, Megan

  41. This really is the coolest idea ever!
    I am Fallon, I have a shop that I neglect, and a blog I am falling more in love with everyday. I live in the same small town as a super famous blogger Heather, and its a cute little place. I have two little boys, and a big boy, aka Hubby. I am currently addicted to fabric and modge podge, and am antsy in my pantsy for yard sale season. I coupon, but not to hoarding status, and love a good deal. :)
    I love making new friends, so this was super fun! Thank you again!

  42. Hi there! I am currently a stay-at-home mom to a baby boy named Luke -- I am thankful for living in Canada and being able to have the option of one year off from work. I looove ice cream, salt n' vinegar chips, and am probably addicted to Coca-Cola -- but I will not admit it. I married my high school sweetheart in 2004, and have enjoyed all of my adventures with him...and without him. I love painting, drawing, and little DIY projects, and am really going to miss being at home once my year is up.

  43. @Jennifer

    Yay I hope you have a great wedding :) We still have to figure out what we're doing for ours.


    You sound a lot like me girl!!


    Good luck with the immigration! we finally just finished getting Dustin's permanent residency so i know what a hassle it is!!

    @Heather Belle

    My doggie's name is Bear too!! Good luck with your dress boutique goals!


    I didn't know you worked in reality tv, that's so cool!


    HellO!! Thank you so much I am so glad youlike it! I am a floral lover too for sure... and brownies too obviously!! xo


    You sound like a fun person for sure! I love sushi too... I miss it so much. I used to live right next to a sushi place when I lived in the city but this town I live in now doesn't even have a sushi place!! so I lust for it often :( lol!


    Photography takes a lot of practice for sure! I'm still learning as well but I love taking pics too!


    Thank you girl! I am such an animal lover too... I could totally see myself on animal hoarders one day like you hahaha.

    @Jacki Moore

    Congrats on getting married and pursuing your photography goals!xo


    I'm so glad you've stuck around! Good luck with the teaching career!!


    Of course I know you silly girl haha. I really need to get to some thrift stores, you girls are putting me in the mood to explore!

    @Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    I've known some friends with the military life and can see what a crazy ride it is! All the best with it. Your dream sounds fantastic!

    @with love, frankie b.

    Love your daughter's name :) We went to high school together!? that is insane haha. I need to go stalk you now!!!

    @The Funky Junkie

    So glad you liked my beach waves tutorial! it seriously is one of my fav ways to do my hair when i want a little volume!


    Hi Megan! That's so cute that your kitty is oversized haha. I have a maine coon who is adorabbbbleeeee but he's huge hahaha. nice to meet another artist too!


    i am kind of addicted to fabric too. I can't help myself when i see pretty cotton haha. I also went through an "extreme couponing" phase. I was so hardcore about it.. I had my little binder and everything. It just took way too much time... although I loved getting things for free haha.

  44. Hi my name is Kellie from Australia and I have only just started reading your blog! I am shocking at leaving comments as of late because I always have 101 windows open and then when I go to comment 1-2 hours has already past and the house work fairies are no where to be seen so someone has to :S I am a crafter, scrapbooker and you can find me if you like www.kelliewinnell.com.au I do warn of the ugly all over the shop look, I am getting a wee make over soon. I am married and been with my man for 12 years married for 4 and we have 3 girls together. I recently started making fabric embellishments for cards etc and am going to start selling them online...... mmmmmm think that is all about me for now :) I think what you make is absolutely ADORABLE and I tried really hard not to just buy one for me haha!

  45. thank you. yeah, we just started in december. I hate all this waiting and not knowing what's going on. But in the end it will be worth it. :)

  46. I'm Jenn. A soon to be single mom. I live in Texas & I love to blog. I was married for a few years and am having trouble with handling my divorce but I'm getting through it. I'm no fashionista but I love posting pictures regarding fashion. Bleh, that's all for now!

  47. Nice to meet you Dana!
    I'm also a bit of a kitty-lover and I love blazing campfires with s'mores. I also love french macarons and enjoy reading good blogs!

    You have a lovely blog, and I can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

  48. Hi! I'm Shellie and I just started following! I live in Philadelphia, PA in the US where I... walk dogs for a living!! It's the most fun. Obviously for work, I never look good (required to ride a bike 15 miles a day!) But after work I always look a little nerdy/casual/awesome. I spend lots of time with my boyfriend and my puppies and I plan to start a blog soon. :)

  49. Aloha Dana! My name is Jessica, new reader and new to blogging in general. I'm 25 years old, grew up in Hawaii and now living on another small island, Guam. I love to talk and meet new people from different places which is why I started a blog, though I haven't had much success in gaining readers thus far. I love fashion, makeup, crafts, cooking, singing, dancing, and reading your blog!

    If you or any other readers have any tips on blogging or would follow my blog it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    ♥ Duckie.

  50. you know me. hehe. and that i love you and think we'll look back at our stories and hug each other and say "see? it all turned out okay after all didn't it?" <3

  51. Hi Dana!

    This is such a great idea!

    I am a wife to my husband of almost 15 yrs, mother of 6 (3 adult kids and 3 little girls), grandmother of 3. I was born and raised in Hawaii and currently still live here. I am a stay at home mommy to my 3 little girls although we needed me to be working 6 years ago when I got laid off of a job I worked at for 11 yrs. I love getting to watch my girls grow up and love to just watch their expressions and the way they react to everything in life. I love iced coffee with specialty creamers only and diet coke. =)

    I love your blog, your design, all your tutorials, and your blog designs for others. Oh and your to die for wonder forest friends!!! LOVE THEM!

    xo Salena

  52. Hey there! I'm Shelby. I'm seventeen years old and I'm absolutely obsessed with golfing! I started my blog last May and I'm still loving every minute of it. I'm single and learning to appreciate it rather than be down on myself for it, and I love noticing the little things in life that make me happy. :)


  53. @ElleSee

    OMG I was so addicted to Coke (a-cola lol)for the longest time. I managed to wean myself off of it and it was a HUGE deal. i only drink it occasionally now.


    Hi Kellie! Good luck with your new shop venture! haha I know what you mean about commenting. I find it difficult to do the same some days!


    Oh it totally will be!! keep your head up!


    Hi Jenn! Just remember that everything happens for a reason. Even though you're having trouble now, it will all make sense in the future :) best wishes!

    @Modern Buttercup

    Yay another kitty lover! I have never had a macaroon so i can't vouch for that haha. xox!


    Hi Shellie! What fun job to have! I could never ride a bike for 15 miles! I envy that! xo

    @frikken DUCKIE

    Oh I would love to visit Hawaii. It's first on my list when I get over my flight fear! I am happy that you love reading my blog!! xo

    @ilene @ muchloveilly

    I looooove you!!! <3

    @Salena @ A Little Piece of Me

    Another Hawaii born lady! I am so jealous. It's seriously been my dream to go there. Thank you for the sweet words xo!


    Oh girl you have so many years to find a man haha. Seriously the best thing you can do is be single until you figure out what you want in life! You should never feel down about that ;) xo!

  54. Hi! Im Erin Faye and I also live in Canada. I am an Accountant by day and a photographer by night. I stubbled across your blog a few months ago and love it!


  55. oh Dana, i guess i fall in the long-ish time reader, adorer and one who rarely comments category. boo me! but, i love this idea and leave it to you to come up with something so sharing and validating for folks.

    well i'm living in Canada too, Vancouver and it's funny you mentioned working at Subway and still enjoy a good footlong. the boyf used to work there too and for the life of me i can't get him to walk through those doors again, i really like a good turkey on parmesan oregano but nope, he won't budge!

    i'm on a bit of a shopping embargo, i'm working now but before this job i had been laid off for almost a year and it really cut into my savings. i do have a once a month treat time and this past while i visited 2 blog friends shops, bride blu and something monumental to purchase a few of their cute wares.

    good gosh, i can't stand those meanies who take advantage of folks more timid around the water, i'd never push you lades, totally understand that fear. mine is of spiders cos a mean girl from elementary school locked me in her basement for hours in the dark and then let me out only to scoop up spiders on the end of twigs to chase me down the alleyway with. the whole while throwing sparklers at me as well, she should be voted off the island as far as i'm concerned! woah, rant time over, sorry.

    i love how you are such an animal person, me too. i really vibe with people i meet who also have this affinity. they're like real life plushies and i guess that's why the results of the things you create are so special, you really pour your passion into it.

    one thing i am through and through is an advocate for anyone facing a downturned time, i think it's cos of my Dad and how he always stood up for anyone that was wrongfully accused while he was a lawyer. i like being compared to my dad, that is probably one of the biggest compliments anyone's ever paid me.

    i love kids cake, baby talk and attempting to keep the temple (aka my mind and sometimes le physical body too) on a healthier track.

    i adore honesty and transparency which is why i am with you now :)

    thanks for opening up the comment section this way Dana, you are one heck of a special girl. xo ♥

  56. Hi Dana! Im Ophelia! Im a Florida native turned Californian. I went to fashion school in LA and now do merchandising for Banana Republic. I have a wiener dog named Fritz and a hunky man-child that I adore. Oh and chocolate is my biggest weakness, ever.

  57. hi i'm stephanie - weekly reader : ) i'm intentionally-not-married-but happily-cohabitating with my childhood sweetheart and we have a crazy-cool four year old daughter named marrin. i admire talented people and muster up some occasional creativity on my own. sometimes it even turns out ok. i love thrifting, target, on-line shopping, and reading blogs and checking pinterest for inspiration. and food. i love to eat. and drink wine : )

  58. Hi Dana! I'm Jessica and I live in a small town in Illinois. I'm currently between relationships. I am not currently obsessed with anything at the moment, although I have been craving a decent smoothie. I'm guessing that I need to break down and buy a blender. I've never eaten at Mr. Sub, is it just in Canada? I haven't worked at Subway before...but I have worked at Dairy Queen. My style is also casual and comfy, but I haven't bought anything online before. I mainly go to the Salvation Army, Consignment Stores, and Yard Sales. Sadly, I don't have any kitties but I do have a puppy. I own the domains - http://bemusedly.net and http://fallenheart.us, and I'm not a guest blogger anywhere. :)

  59. Hi I'm Kelsey. I am the one behind Poofy Cheeks - the blog and shop. I found you through Storenvy since I also sell there and I check in often through Facebook (only because my reader is so overwhelming I almost want to cry!) I am a wife and mother to two boys, 4 and 2 1/2. I am from a small town in the Midwest and now live in Florida, but I can not wait to move the heck outta' this heat! My favorite places to shop are Target, TJ Max, and Goodwill. I asked for a sander for Christmas (and got it) so that I can redo furniture because I love a good transformation. My house is filled with transformation furniture, handmade items, and antiques. If I had a choice of going out or staying in for the night - I would totally pick staying in! Nothing beats popcorn and a good movie on the cough... in my PJs!!

  60. Hi I'm Lauren and i'm a college sophomore who lives with 4 roommates (2 are amazing and 2 are crazy psychos!!) ive commented here and there on your blog but i really love it. esp when you talked about your isssues with anxiety, bc i can TOTALLY relate. :)
    i love anything chocolate or cupcakes but i try to balance that out with salads. i can't swim or whistle but i can take photos, do some really cool yoga poses, and ballroom dance. i'm only 5'2, and most of the guys i hang out with are over 6'0, which i love.
    back home i have 2 puppies and 3 kitties and i miss them like crazy. if only i could have a pet in my apartment (i have a betta named phillip, but he doesnt count)
    i blog over at www.onesweetfairytale.blogspot.com

  61. Hi there. My name is Nicole and I live in Missouri. I live with my husband and 3 kids and dog. I work full time from home. Some days are crazy busy, but I always take time to read blogs and write on mine. I love your blog. I just found it from the weiglands blog. I look forward to reading more. I live running and shopping online and spending time with the family.

  62. Really fun thing to do! You are so creative and inspirational it's nice for us to get to know you and for you to be down to earth enough to care!

    I blog at Contemplating Beauty, www.contemplatingbeauty.blogspot.com
    I started about 6 months ago, and I really am enjoying it!

    I have a teenage daughter, who is 17, most people think we are sisters.
    My husband works for Google and I am doing a Home Tour on Life Made Lovely Blog this Thursday!

  63. hello!

    i'm amelia and i am 29 (eek! i still feel 25!), living in beautiful austin, texas. i am married to the most amazing man, and together we have adopted a puppy and renovated our dream home.

    i am terrified to fly, but love love love to travel. i like to think i like to cook, but then i end up making the same 4 things over and over. my family has recorded 2 CDs (acoustic folk/country). i am a photographer and pediatric physical therapist.

    i've been reading for several months, haven't commented yet...

  64. Hi :) I'm Delaney or Laney. I have been a follower for a while and I really love your blog! And blog design. I am a christian and student. I am going to school to be a counselor for girls with eating disorders and personality disorders specifically. So my major is psychology. I am known for being smiley and happy most of the time. That's about it :)

  65. Hi, I am Bri! I am actually a super new reader, I only somehow stumbled upon your blog last night but I am already smitten with it! I am from Los Angeles, and will always be a california girl at heart but I currently live in Chandler, Arizona with my husband and 2 small pups. I am a new student of cosmetology and sometimes I call myself a blogger. When I am not too lazy. Nice to meet you!

  66. @Erin Faye

    Yay another Canadian! I love finding Canadian bloggers/blog readers! You should comment more haha!!

    @Lynn {hearted girl}

    Oh Lynn, you are always just the sweetest thing for real. I could publish a book with all of the amazing comments you leave me <3 If only we were on the same side of our country! xo


    Mmm I love chocolate too. But not dark chocolate, it makes me sneeze! Weird, right?! Your job sounds ah-mazing!! xo!

    @steph nelsen

    Hi Steph! You have a lot of the same hobbies as me :) I'm glad you are a reader!!


    When we got the Magic Bullet our lives were changed! Highly recommend one. Smoothies in 30 seconds, seriously! Yes Mr. Sub is a Canadian chain... it's delicious haha. I love sandwiches <3

    @Kelsey of Poofy Cheeks

    So cool that you found me through Storenvy. I really love that site. I love that you transform furniture too. That is something I wish I did more of!

    @Lauren Vaughan

    Aw thank you for relating to me on that one. There were more people than expected who could understand. You should comment more often! xo


    I love working from home too. I totally understand the crazy busy days though! I also love meeting fellow online shoppers!!


    I will check out your blog! And of course I care about my readers :). I love knowing who you ladies are so I don't feel like i'm talking to myself half the time haha.

    @amelia marie

    Why haven't you commented yet girl!?! You people are crazy haha. I love reading your comments! Also glad I'm not the only one afraid to fly!!!

    @Laney Ellen

    Thank you Laney! That is a great field to get into... I hope you bring happiness to many lives :)

    @bri kim

    Well I am glad you found me!! I am jealous of the warm weather you live in. And of course I love meeting new beauty/makeup loving people! xo!

  67. I'm a newcomer as well - checked you out when you finished "Story of My Life" and have come back here and there.

    I'm Jay, a Canadian living in Gabon, West Africa with my husband. I used to be a teacher but now spend my time hanging with the other expat housewives and trying to find ways to make myself busi(er). I love a good book and a good coffee (both of which are hard to come by here) and now I'm spending a lot of time on the net trying to keep connected with the rest of the world. I'm so glad that we jumped at the chance to move overseas even though it's been REALLY hard at times but love how much we're learning about life, each other and ourselves.

  68. i'm a momma. a walking miracle (i wasn't supposed to live past my 10th birthday). a dreamer. a writer. a redhead. a shoe addict. a lover.

    & i'm obsessed with lemon water and salt and vinegar chips. ;)


  69. Hi, I'm Emmy, from the UK. I just found your blog a few days ago as well. I like rainy days more than anything..something about the sound of it, the smell..just call me weird- you know, ha ha
    I also love traveling, cooking and making lists. At an obsessive level if I do say so myself. :))
    And I love reading; blogs as well as books. Historical fiction being my new obsession ;)
    And I'm 20 :)
    I don't leave many comments on blogs...but one of my new year resolutions is to leave more comments, not just 'creep' on people's blogs.
    I'm already rambling so I'll just add that I'm glad I found your blog..;)

  70. I'm Kim, 21, from England, I'm a full-time carer for my mother who suffers Multiple Sclerosis, and as such I'm unable to get a job or leave the house much. I have a boyfriend from the Netherlands who moved here for me a year and a half ago and really helps me cope with looking after her when things get tough. I love animals, I have had maaany different pets, I used to be a dog walker for about 50 different dogs and it's one of the greatest jobs on earth, and not at all as simple as anyone would think. My guilty pleasure is cake sprinkles, with or without cake, and I've just finished the first book to my fantasy trilogy, and now it's time to contact agents to get my dream on the road.

    Now you know me :D

  71. My name is Liz. Thats short for Elizabeth and I'm also called Lizzy, Lizard, and Tiz. I live in small town Nebraska. I'm about to graduate as a physical therapist assistant. I play piano, and teach piano lessons. I love the color gray. I love babies. I have blonde moments on a daily basis.

    I like your blog. :)

  72. Hello, I am Kristin. I live in the panhandle of Florida with my new[ish] husband and our two cats. I love the beach and can't wait for it to get a bit warmer so I can go everyday. I am new to blogging world, but I am in love with what I have seen so far!

  73. Hello! I am Jolene from a small little sunny island, Singapore! I have been reading your blog for about a month. Well, I have not really post a comment, so here goes! I have just started out blogging on Hopping In The Rain and its getting a bit addictive to share your life with the readers! I am just in my teens but I think I have the weirdest hobbies of a teen

    1. I love to knit ,crochet and baking. 2. Instead of going gaga over fashion and idols, I love to stay at home and bury my head in books. 3. I love Polaroid and film cameras, the really old kind. 4. I have a soft spot for chocolates but would avoid white chocolate at all costs, they are too sweet for me!!

    Now, you know me:)

  74. Hello! My name is Brandy. I live in WV with my husband and three children. I love visiting the beach and mountains. I love camping and boating. I just recently stopped biting my nails. ha ha I love sports and food. My favorite colors are gray, turquoise and yellow. I love to bake, but hate to cook.

    Nice meeting you. :)

  75. I'm Sara, a southerner (I've lived in North Carolina my entire life barring a year in Florida for college).
    I have a bunny named Cinnamon whom I adore.
    I love road trips, eating really really good food, listening to music, taking photographs (I'm a photographer - www.saravogtphotography.com), being with family and friends...Writing poetry....I will be traveling to Europe (Italy) for the first time in April so I'm very excited as well as nervous.

    I LOVE your blog and the amazing tips/tutorials you have.




  76. @intowestafrica

    so glad you found me through Jenni's blog! That is quite a change of pace from Canada but the learning experience would be so great!


    Wow that is a miracle! I'm curious as to why? xo


    I make tons of lists too! I hope you stick with that new years resolution ;) xo!

    @Kim Wedlock

    Another dog walker! That would be some amazing exercise I can imagine haha. Good luck on your book!!!

    @Liz Brown

    I have too many blonde moments daily as well haha. Adds character I guess?? ;)


    Hi Kristin! I recently moved to the beach and love it too! I can't wait for summer so I can spend tons of time there :)


    I too love really old polaroids :) there is something kind of magical about them.


    Good job on quitting biting your nails haha. I still do it sometimes... mostly when I'm in deep thought and then i look at my hand and realize what i've done! xo

    @[I am] The One With the Camera

    Aw Cinnamon! I'll check out your photography! That is so exciting that you'll be traveling Europe! thanks for the love! xo

  77. Hey Dana! I'm Melissa I'm 25 years old. I'm a wife, stay at home mom, and trying to work my way into the home renovation/ home decor business. I live in CT.

    I'm a fairly new reader and I am seriously breathless over your blog. It is one of those blogs I have spent free time just browsing and being amazed over. Quickly became one of my favorites. Though I guess I should show that more in the comments lol.

  78. What a fun idea! I'm Amy. I've been a follower for a while and comment some.
    I'm an Idaho potato transplanted in the cornfields of Nebraska.
    I collect apples and thimbles.
    I enjoy crocheting and doing counted cross-stitch.
    I like to play the piano, read books, cook, and bake.
    I'm a stay-at-home mom of 6 kids.

  79. Hi! I'm Kelsey. I have a blog over at http://harborcottage.blogspot.com
    Don't let the name fool you - it no longer applies. It's just a chronicling of things my husband and I do and my random thoughts. Photography etc.. It's a mishmash. I have dreams of being a "popular blog" but who knows.

    I'm 22 and married. My husband is my one and only and always has been - ever since we were 12 years old.

    I have a pug named Angie and a cat named Axel. They rock for real.

    Umm.. what else? I work full time and go to school full time and take care of my home and husband full time. Basically I stretch myself too thin - but I love it that way.

    I collect E.T. memorabilia and anything related to Abraham Lincoln.

    P.S. I'm a history major so sometimes you get too much info out of me.

    Been hanging around this Wonder Forest for only a short time, but so far I really enjoy reading!

  80. Hi Dana my name is Noor I am an American from Tennessee. I moved to Saudi Arabia (for my husbands work) about 4 years ago and we have been here since. We have one son who is 4.. Hmm I went to fashion school in Chicago and I spent a Summer in Toronto I LOVE the area you said you live in. Actually Toronto is one of my favorite places in the world I just love it <3

  81. i'm melanie - lover of: SUGAR, running, jesus, writing, blogging, friends, family, life... and much more!! i'm a college student in illinois. i also am a very big blogging nerd. YAY. and i adore your site!

  82. @melissa

    Hi Melissa! What an awesome business to get into :) good luck! Thank you for the sweet comments too :) I hope you comment more in the future! hehe


    You sound like a busy lady! i need to learn how to crochet!


    12 years old! Wow! I'm so glad you are a newer reader and i hope i can keep you around!


    That is awesome! Yeah toronto is fun to visit... I got a little too anxious being in the city all the time though! i miss the sushi most!


    mmm I love sugary things too. Blogging nerds are the best kind of nerds! xo!

  83. Hi Dana!

    My name is Fawn and I am a fellow Canadian, though I'm living out in the cold prairies (haha I really can't complain; this winter has been weirdly warm). I just started blogging in December as a way to remind myself of the millions of reasons I have to be happy (I guess I have a tendency to be negative . . . who knew?! I thought I was just being my loveable self!).

    Nice to meet you! :)



  84. Hi I'm Julia (:
    I live in Tennessee, but I haven't lived here for very long. My dad is in the military, so I was born in Kansas and I lived in South Korea for about 2 years a while back. I've been to places like Australia, and China. Also, I have the SWEETEST downsyndrom brother. I love him more than anything <3 I stumbled upon your website a couple days ago and so far I'm completely in love with your ideas and I really admire your style (:

  85. awwww i didnt know you have such a number of fur balls! x

    this idea is peculiar and interesting. me gusta :)

    hi dana, i'm your old follower and i have always adored your cute little plushies. i like toys and have about 30 of them, my fave is a toy tiger (though i determined it'd be a female) which my dad got for me back when he's working in the US.

    I'm Malaysian but im not Malay, im Chinese. im proud to be asian but most of the time i believe i should have been born in the UK or the Europe.

    i admire a band called Hurts and i think their first album is the best album ever, so far. they have came to Malaysia before but I missed it (i'm still very gutted).

    i'm more of a twitter person.

    my brother is annoying and i hate him. at the same time, i secretly hope that he will change his attitude as he grows.

    haha i guess that's enough! :P
    oh btw i LOVE your photographs. it'd make my life if you could do some photo editing tutorials! :)


    love, sydney

  86. Hi! My name is Lisa and I'm fairly new here, but I just love your blog! I'm a new SAHM of a little girl, who crafts, and takes about a million pictures a day. I blog over at lisafromscratch.com and I have crazy pink hair! :)

  87. @dana to elaborate on my introduction (ha!) i was born with a disease that affects about 1 in every 250,000 people and basically it damages every cell in my body.

  88. @f. nichol

    what an awesome name you have!! and you are canadian too, that is even better :)... hasn't the weather been SO WEIRD this year? nice to meet you!


    Aw that is so sweet. And thanks for the compliments :) I'd love to go to Australia!! xo

    @Sydney L.

    Glad i'm not the only toy lover haha. I've never heard of Hurts before, I'll have to check them out. xoxo


    Hi Lisa! Yay a crafter :) I'll check out your blog and awesome hair!

  89. Hello! I'm Jackie, I have been reading your site for a few weeks and I have to say that I love your stuff! Me and my sister are also in the process of creating our own blog but it is taking longer than we thought it would to get it just the way that we want. (Advice is always welcomed!) Normally I do not comment on things but I thought I would say hello since reading your post, because I found it ironic that you said you recently love smoothies because I work in a smoothie shop!

    Look forward to your future posts!

  90. Hi Dana! New follower to your blog. your blog is one of my faves! Thanks for all the inspiration, tips, and i absolutely love your shop. i'm a fan of all things cute, sweet, and whimsical.

    my name is Yumi, residing in Montreal with my darlin husband. newlyweds-ish. have a little puppy named Zooey. ex 9-5er, trying to find my creative niche. I spend my days drawing. and blogging every now and then. And I absolutely LOVE to dance.

    nice to meet you!

  91. Hey Dana,

    Funny story - I've known about you since Hidellized/Pusched/Sugardevil.

    Many years later (as in, today), I see someone post a Pinterest tutorial of yours, and I'm like, "That girl looks familiar..." *click the link* and here you are!

    Fun times! Nice blog. :-)

  92. @Jackie

    Hi Jackie! Thanks for reading my site! I'm glad you stopped to say hello :)


    Thank you so much! Drawing is something I used to do ALLL the time but I unfortunately don't have much time for it anymore :( Good luck with finding your niche!


    That's so crazy haha. Especially that you were able to recognize me from SO many years ago haha. I've had people I went to school with not even recognize me anymore ;p Glad you stopped by though!! xo

  93. Hi Dana, I am Carolin! I am a jersey girl who loves vintage fashion, makeup, arts & crafts, shopping, and anything fun! I am new to the blog world. I recently started my blog www.princesslyvintage.com (it's difficult to get a blog up and running) and I have to say your an inspiration because before I was just a blog reader (for 2 months exactly). But anyways, I have a wonderful bf and love spending time with him going out to eat (Red-lobster my favorite place here in New Jersey), movies, etc. I am from the Caribbean and am a computer technician (in training). Everyone finds it weird that I'm so girly and love messing around with computers. Well thank you very much for all your posts and inspiration. You and Heather from JustLove.ly are wonderful. Thanks again!

  94. Dana, i heart you! like really truly heart YOU. thanks for the note back. i believe we will one day meet. i really would like that to happen. ♥

    pea ess: oh and my blog backup just finished - check check!!!! and i'm not on facebook anymore otherwise i'd so be following you and supporting the brand you & Heather have built together. i did go see the beautiful about page photos to admire some more though and then read how the fawn and flora name came to be. love that it really reps each of you and how it also blends with your truest natural intentions. beautiful and blessed is what! xo

  95. Hey Dana,

    I'm a bostonian who is addicted to crafty/inspirational blogs. I randomly stumbled upon yours today, from Casey Wiegands blog, and I am obsessed. You are such a creative person and I admire that! Great work, beautiful blog. Bookmarked for sure!


  96. Hey ya'll! I'm Jenni...living just south of Atlanta, Georgia (thus the ya'll) By day, I teach ART to the most creative bunch of 400 kids in the universe. By night I am an artist. My medium, well when I grow up I'll let you know. Still dabbling in it all! I am married to a cutey, who happens to be a politician. We make for a fun dinner date right? We have 2 kids, little dog and 2 cats. Blogging is my lifeline to the world outside my 4 walls. Come by and sit a spell!


    Oh, and my favorite food group is cookies.

  97. Hey Dana!

    I'm Jess and I live in NEW Mexico! My husband Austin is in a rock band and we have one sweet baby girl, Kaitlyn. I am an aspiring photographer and just stareted my own little lifestyle/photography blog! I am a college student and will be graduating this May, hallelujah!

    I found you on pintrest through your plush animals.. my gosh, they are adorable! I am going to get a few for my daughter's birthday!

  98. @PrincesslyVintagely

    You love all the same things as me :). I am also a huge techy nerd and love messing with computers haha. good luck in your career!

    @Lynn {hearted girl}

    yay @ the blog backup! isn't is scary to think it could all just disappear? yikes! <3 you!

    @Tiff Blais

    I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog! xo

    @Jenni Horne

    That is amazing that you teach art. my childhood was filled with art classes and i always had the best times! I'll check out your blog!


    Awesome Jess! i love me some rock band boys too haha. congrats on the upcoming graduation!!

  99. Hi! I found myself on your blog somehow and have been creeping for hours! haha. So here goes my life story, well somewhat life story.

    I'm Alexis, I live in Arizona and I'm 16. Strawberry cupcakes are my weakness, I probably eat them more than I should. I am stick skinny and want to become a VS model, dream big right? ha. My favorite things to do are take pictures, smile and most importantly DANCE. I have mini dance seshhs in grocery stores, and well EVERYWHERE. I want to live in a small town, marry a country boy and go country dancing in the moonlight. I am a bit awward but a lot more sarcastic. I think I am hilarious and laugh at my own jokes. If you want, read my blog and I hope I don't disappoint :) haha
    Alexis Cierra

  100. Just found your blog a couple weeks ago through Casey Wiegand. You make the cutest little plush babies! I like your Self Portrait Saturday link up....gonna participate next Sat. Have a lovely Sunday :

    Lauren Rebecca

  101. Hi, my name is Theresa Shields and I blog over at This Little Life. I love DIY and crafting but I am possibly the biggest procrastinator in the world! I only just came across your blog and I already adore Wonder Forest and your sense of style. Can't wait to keep reading on! xx

  102. Hi Dana!
    I found your beautiful blog via "Footprints in the Sand" (another blog I follow). I'm originally from Brazil, but I've been in the US for the past 11 years. I'm a huge fan of makeup and artsy crafts. Of course, I'm now in love with your blog :) Can't wait to see your new posts.

  103. Hey Dana!
    I'm Katlyn from 'The Dreamy Meadow'. I have been a reader of your blog for a couple of months now and love it! I think it's awesome you're from Canada! I'm from Wisconsin, but live in Washington state due to having a husband in the Navy! I have a 13 month old son, a Chi-weenie, and 3 fish! I'm a stay at home mama, but am going back to school to become a Dental Assistant until my son is in school and I can go back for a longer time. I just turned 18, so there's really no rush. I hope you'll check out my blog! :) katlynlarson.blogspot.com! Thanks much!

  104. Heey! I'm Martyna but I prefer when people call me Marti, I'm only 13 but I love reading blogs like this one! I live in England but I come from Poland, I have only lived here for 2 and a half years, but I like it here and I love visiting my dad, grandmother and friends in Poland! I love dance and photography even though I might not be so good at it I still love it! I have a nearly 2-year cat and a 4-year old snake which we only just got, it's a python and lots of people are scared of it but I love playing with her! The thing that matters to me the most are my friends and family, I don't care about boyfriends and being popular like others I just want to be trusted and loved by the people I love! I found your blog on weheartit.com when I was looking at some hairstyles, I cut my hair middle-lenght in summer but now I'm growing them so I can make awesome hairstyles! I love strawberries and I am obsessed with monkeys! I will be looking at your blog as often as I can now because I find it really interesting and helpful! I might make a blog myself soon! Hope you read&reply to my comment but if you don't then ... oh well! Take care, much love, see you!<3

  105. Hi Dana! This is a great way to get to know other people :) I've been a reader for yours for awhile, but just now looking through your entire blog. I think you're so inspirational and the fact that you're a business woman (like I want to be) really inspires me. I also love that post about changing something if you're unhappy about it and fix it yourself instead of making excuses. I hope I can do that someday ha.

    Anyways about me: My name is Brooke, I am 20 and I have a 2.5 year old daughter and just got married in October. I was a single teen mom before getting married and went through an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship. I like to try and inspire others on my blog too and help out other teen moms. I also like to design blogs!


  106. @Alexis Bennett

    I'm glad you found me! You know, I don't think i've ever had a strawberry cupcake!!! Those sound like some awesome dreams! xo


    Thank you so much! i am glad you found my blog, I just love Casey!


    My fiance is probably an even bigger procrastinator haha. I swear when we have to go out, I'm stuck waiting by the door for 20 minutes haha.

    @Helen Harris

    I'm glad you came here then because I also love crafty things and makeup ;) as you can probably tell haha. xo

    @Katlyn Larson

    Awesome Katlyn! I've never been to either of those places you're from but have some friends in Washington. I'll check out your blog!


    Hey Marti! Wow 13! I had just recently discovered the internet at 13 haha. Keep practicing those things you love to do!! And I would totally be terrified of your snake... eek!!!! They creep me out :(


    Hi Brooke! Aw thanks for the kind words! I'm glad that you are out of that abusive relationship, that is no way to live! I'll check out your blog too :)

  107. Hi there, so sweet of you to ask us to introduce ourselves! I live in Portland, Oregon and have a blog about my sewing/DIY/decor/outfits. I had a lovely DIY wedding over the summer and am still coming down from the wedding high ;). I love your dreamy photos--would love to see a tutorial sometime for how you Photoshop them! I am trying to learn photo editing and better photography, working on it... I also love the cuties in your shop--contact me if you're ever interested in sponsoring or doing a giveaway on my blog!

  108. Hi there! My name is Ali. I just found your blog and I love it! Last weekend I followed your smokey eye tutorial as well as your chunky waves tutorial and I got so many compliments! So thank you very much :) I am a fellow Canadian, a new blogger, I'm trying to become a personal trainer, and two friends and I sell our handmade jewelry at farmers markets and other events. Looking forward to following you :)

  109. @Adventures in Dressmaking

    congrats on your wedding! we are still trying to decide what to do for ours :\. xo


    So glad my tutorials worked out for you!! I love hearing from a fellow Canadian! Good luck on your goals of becoming a personal trainer!!

  110. Hey Dana,

    I'm Sarah and I blog over at Keep on keeping on. I love water. Being near it, in it, around it just seriously makes my day. (But then we do get 45degree Celsius days) I live in Australia, in the outback. I don't really like cats (No offense) and I have a dog called Tessa. I have a massive fear of snakes and motorbikes (Irrational if you must say. I managed to burn my leg on the exhaust of one the other day) I have never been kissed and I'm nearly sixteen (Only two months off)

    I like your blog. And this is a fantastic idea!! <3

    Keep on keeping on,

  111. Hey Dana!

    My name is Lauren and I'm the owner and blogger of The Knotty Boutique Co. I fell in love with your little plushies a while back but I got a new laptop so I can FINALLY follow your blog! I'm from Arkansas so I'm a country girl so I looooove forest animals. My son's room is decorated with little fawns so I think I'll need one for his room :) I'm 23, married to a soldier and have 2 little dumplings Olivia and Chase. I'm still new at the whole blogging thing and try not to get discouraged when no one reads it haha! But I look forward to readin your blog and see what new stuff comes out in your shop!!


  112. I'm 27 and I live in California with my 11 month old son and my husband. I love crafting and sewing and if I had it my way that is all I would do. I also love shopping and my style is a mix of modern trendy and romantic modern vintage. Some how I've developed an obsession for shoes. In high school I was the outgoing nerd girl that kept to herself (strange mix). I long for the days of old when men were gentlemen and people danced like Fred and Ginger. Wearing skirts and dresses makes me feel like a lady. I hope to accomplish all my goals without sacrificing family time or a clean house!

  113. Hi just found your blog so cute! My name is Angela I live in UT, I love it I am originally from the East Coast in CT. I Love all things beauty, fashion and makeup. I have been trained by International Makeup Artist Robert Jones and I love teaching and training application of skin care and color. About two years ago I also lost about 65 lbs and on the journey to stay healthy and maintain :) I just started my blog www.angelaluvnlife.com and started my you tube channel and it has been a ton of fun. :)

  114. Hi, I'm Ashley. I'm 20 and from Ontario, though I'm currently living in Finland with my husband(who is Finnish) and our adorable Dalmatian, Ice. I would say I'm your typical creative soul. I love reading and writing, crafting, baking, designing... you name it. I love to try new things and experience as much as I can each day. I'm a bit of a fitness junkie and love to break a sweat. I am not a shopper but could spend countless hours in bookstores & thrift stores. I love seeing possibilities in every day things. I love to watch movies from the 50's, play music way too loud, sleep long, and drink tea all day long. Most of all, i just love to love.


  115. Hi there! Just discovered your lovely blog. I'm Katie and I run a professional music studio where I teach little kiddies to sing and play the piano:) I lived in Manchester for a year, and travelled to Prague, Ireland, and Paris while I was over there - amazing times. Also amazing is my best friend Josh who I married last summer. On the side, I keep up a sort of DIY/style/whatever blog at loverlyshe.com. Oh and I live in Ontario, near Toronto. Yay Canada:)

  116. Howdy! I am Kendall, an event planner in houston, tx. I am currently planning my wedding and excited about all the the adventures that comes along with it. I am marrying my best friend of 7 years and father to my fur baby. I blog at ltofme.blogspot.com about my random happenings of life.

  117. You are so cute. :)
    I'm dash. I'm an Austinite who transplanted to the Pacific NW. I have a personal styling business in Portland Oregon. My favorite is doing high-fashion looks for normal women on a budget. I keep a style blog - it looks hilarious right now, but one day I'll have time to fix it up.
    I married my sweetheart, my lobster, my best friend when I was 19 and he was 20. We are currently living happily ever after. We speak Italian and can't wait to get back to our beloved Italia.


  118. Hi! I call myself ekboxx on blogger. I am a 12 year old girl from Missouri. I love reading your blog!

  119. Wow I haven't replied in a little while! sorry guys!

    @Sarah Weickhardt

    I too fear snakes!! just seeing one makes my skin crawl :S. Pretty sure my first kiss was when I was 15 so don't even worry about that ;p xo dana

    @The Knotty Boutique Co.

    YAY so glad you can finally follow my blog hehe! We are both country girls, yippee! Glad you like my plushies too :)


    I wish men were gentlemen too... we got jipped in our lifetimes, that's for sure! haha. xo!


    Hi Angela! That is awesome, I would have loved to become a makeup artist if other things hadn't worked out! Great job on your healthy weight loss! xo


    YAY ONTARIO! I love this place. I wish I had as much motivation as you to break a sweat! so nice to meet you :)

    @~ Katie ~

    Your job sounds so awesome :) I'll check out your blog! I am about an hour and a half from toronto :)

    @life & times of me

    I'd love to see an event planners wedding! ummmm can you do mine? haha. i don't even know where to start.


    Your job sounds awesome too! that is so sweet, i'm glad you are living happily ever after!


    Hihi! Thanks so much, I'm glad you like my blog!!! xox!

  120. HI! My name is Eliya. I'm a beginner photographer and I also like making jewelry. I've been selling on etsy for a little while now. I like reading your blog for new ideas. I have 2 kitties that I love to very much.


  121. HEY! I just stumbled upon your blog this morning (while at work) and have been reading around for a couple of hours now. I actually just subscribed via email. Your tone reminds me a lot of my sister and Dustin reminds me of her fiance, very cool. You both seem very chill and laid back and very connected.

    I'm 28 and I live in Florida and just got married and had a baby in October. I'm just starting out blogging-I'm doing his baby book via a blog, so I'm really enjoying reading around.

    Nice to meet you!

  122. Hi! I just found your blog on Pinterest, I think I will be coming back often..
    I am also a blogger mine is no where near as detailed and beautiful as yours.

    I am 28 years old living in Seattle, WA. Currently at a job that I no longer love and looking for a new job. The beauty industry has recently become something I am interested in so I am looking into different make up lines, skin care lines.

    I look forward to seeing more!!!

    oh my blog is

  123. I found your blog through a link-up :)

    My name is Autumn. I'm 23, a newlywed, and a special ed teacher.

  124. I love this idea:) I am Nadine and I'm 23, married and from Australia. A fun fact about me is I pinned your Messy Beach Waves tutorial on my Pinterest account, and I think its been the most repinned thing I have! I am passionate about community develoment and social justice. I've lived as a community development worker in India and love writing. I'm just starting a blog called more than words where I hope to inspire and be inspired by ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Feel free to check it out...but its SUPER boring and in its beginning stages atm.
    love your blog.
    xo Nadine

  125. Geek is chic! I work in a comic book store in Norway. I have a passion for old dresses, nice hats, sewing and knitting

    I blog over at http://www.ywea.net

  126. Hi I'm Jess (: I'm 16 and I'm from Wales in the UK. I'm new to blogspot and new to make up, fashion and Beaty but slowly becoming obsessed which isn't healthy for my purse! But I have a huge love for acting and drama. I would love to be an actress on broadway but that won't happen in a million years! Haha. I want to study psychology at university and one day maybe move to America and travel the world. But like you, I'm also petrified of flying :S
    Jess xxx

  127. @Liy24

    best of luck to you with your photography!

    @Momma Easy

    thank you for subscribing :) we are definitely laid back that's for sure haha. congrats on the little baby!

    @Everyday Life and Fashion, a Curvy Woman

    hope you find a job you LOVE! it's so important!


    hello Autumn! pretty name! congrats on getting married!

    @More Than Words

    I'd love to go to Australia! Haha that hair tutorial certainly has made the rounds! that is so great that you are passionate about that. good luck with everything!


    Oh how fun! thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself :)


    I know how that can be on your purse haha. Never say your dreams can't happen! work for it girl and you'll be golden ;)


  128. hi, my name is lucy. i live in england. currently 21 yrs old and just completed my peadiatric nursing course awaiting final results before i set out in the wide world of nursing. which i hope will take me to australia to live my life in a few years.
    i am a keen traveller, filling any spare time going away even if its just london (which is an hour away from me) for the weekend.
    i absolutely LOVE green tea! and it will soon one day be the reason i loose weight (and when i cut out the eating).
    i love reading other peoples blogs! the inspiration they give me is what made me what to start one! and i have only had one for 2 days so mine isn't anything yet!

    wish me luck!



    1. congrats on completing your course! that sounds exciting :)
      good luck with the blogging too!

  129. Hi! My names Rachel. I know this is a little late, but I just now discovered your blog and I'm really into it!

    Lets see... I have an obsession with cats. I really like turquoise. I'm almost 21. A few months back I saw melting crayon art online and now I've sort of made a small business out of it. Thats how my blogging started. Now I've expanded to all sorts of DIY crafts and inspirations.

    I skateboard to class, I'm horrible at math. I really like brightly colored $5 fake vans.


    1. i too love cats haha. i'm probably gonna end up a crazy cat lady one day, but if I'm happy why not right?! haha. I've seen those crayon tutorials online, that is awesome that you made a business from it!

  130. Hi Dana, firstly I found your blog today through a blog you design..zoella.com and secondly, I absolutely love it!
    A little bit about me....I started blogging in Feb 2012 and after a brief stint on Wordpress, I moved to Blogger two weeks ago. After importing my wordpress posts (all fell into April) I am committed to writing one blog post per day! I'm addicted to online shopping and in particular vintage clothing. I live in Ireland so I love to buy items from all over the world. I love art and being creative so I make my own jewellery/jewelry, hair accessories and paint all of the time. I recently completed a dressmaking class but by no means an expert! I really want an iMac and my next goal is to become a pro on photoshop. I own a Canon EOS 1000D but I really want a toy camera like the Fujifilm instax to document my life through stickers!! Really love your blog and I will definitely be contacting you on a redesign for my wordpress site...it is still a work in progress.

    Blog: www.reservedforruby.net
    Up and coming shop: reservedforruby.com

    1. I'm so glad you love my blog :)
      Good luck with your blogging hobby! And Photoshop is definitely a great thing to learn. I couldn't live without mine!

  131. This is a great Idea, a great way to get people posting and commenting since everyone loves to talk about themselves most.. Myself included, so here I go..

    I'm a 23 year old wild child living in LA, When I quit trying to pursue acting I decided to just work a while and figure out what I wanted to do.. since I hate school, going back was not an option but I found every door slammed in my face with no degree. I needed a way to break into fashion my own way. So I started looking into blogging. I recently started my own blog: Fashion Addict and I'm very excited to get it going! Thanks for all the great stuff on your blog.

    consider me a new reader :)

    Xoxo, Kier

    Fashion Addict

    1. that is awesome, i'll check it out! that sucks about needing a degree :( that's a struggle sometimes.

  132. I'm Tash and I work in superdrug in the UK, I have just started up my blog and I LOVE fashion/beauty and D.I.Y, I don't underrstand the whole blogging thing yet but I know I only have one follower :") I love your blog!

    1. that is awesome Tash! good luck with it!

  133. Hi, I'm Frances! I should be doing revision for my Uni exams right now, but instead I'm blog-stalking. Again. Oh my God that is such a creepy way to introduce myself... Can I have a do-over?

    I'm 19, British, started my own blog a couple of months ago and still finding my feet but getting there (I think). The tips on here are so helpful and this idea is really great, I love it! I write a bit about fashion and beauty, a bit more about fitness, and every now and again I mention theatrical stuff that I enjoy, as I'm doing Drama & English for my degree. If you ever had time to check out my blog and give me some tips that would be fantastical, although obviously very unlikely. Hey, a girl can dream though can't she?

    Yours hoping-I-haven't-come-across-as-a-total-pyschopath-ly, Frances XX

  134. Hola!
    just entered the 20s age of life this week. :) I finished finals this week. I blog on fashion, faith and inspiration- I hope to touch peoples lives when I blog. :) btw- your layout is so delicate and pretty!

    I am new to your blog- Just started following on GFC- I would love if you would visit and do the same. Also, I would love any feedback on my blog from you because you have such a great blog!

  135. Hello,my name is Anastasia and I wanted to ask you some questions but i don't know where :P I have a blog too,and I need to ask you something about it. Pleas if you see this,reply!

  136. Hi Dana! I'm your newest follower & I'm -loving- your blog! I'm new to the blogging world (as of this past Tuesday) so I might contact you for a few tips. I'd love for you to check out my blog & give me some feedback & what you think! :) http://jadesierra.blogspot.com

    About Me: I'm a 23 year old born & raised in Arkansas. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education & am currently working toward finding a teaching job. I'm very sarcastic &
    -love- to laugh. I have two kitties named Ralph & Alice. (I love the fact that you mentioned that you have 3 kitties) I'm an absolute animal lover! I love to travel & am thinking about moving to a different state within the next few months. I'm totally random & love to have fun! I love fashion
    -but- comfort comes first! :)

    I look forward to getting to know you!

  137. Hey, my name is Suz and I'm a fellow follower from the States :) I love fashion and music, but I secretly want to be a physcotherapist when I grow up, to help kids like my brother who have mental struggles. I have 3 kitties; a shy one, a happy (fat) one, and a crazy barn cat who loves the outdoors. I also love taking pictures and playing guitar and piano!

  138. Hi I'm Ana Mana. I like things that are cute (probably how I found your site!) and eating healthy organic whole and sometimes even wild food. I have a small vegetable garden and depending how that goes (it's going pretty good so far!) I hope to expand it next season. I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend. We both work at home making websites. I also paint and draw and keep promising myself that I'll sit down at that sewing machine one day soon.

  139. Hello, my name is Rachael and I'm 21 years old. I'm British but have been living in France for the past 9 years. I'm currently a student in Cinema and Theater at University. I've loved fashion and beauty since I was little so I recently started my own blog to share what I love. I also adore music, I play piano and guitar ... but since I'm self taught I'm not very good. My boyfriend (who is French) and I would love to go to Canada one day. Hope you have a nice day xx

  140. Hi my name is Sarai (pronounced suh-rye) and I am 23 and live in the states with my wonderful husband, J-bone, 2 stepkids, Mr. Handsome and Tinky, and 4 dogs, Booga, Leroy Brown, Kamikaze and Kali. I love to DIY everything, fashion but have only a little sense of style, and anything that doesn't involve too much thinking. :)

  141. Hello!
    I am Brittany, creator of Little Green Guy (www.littlegreenguy.com)
    I am a stay at home mom to two of my own little monsters, I also have two pug mixes and a devilish kitty!
    I love creating and any and all things DIY... And am also a 24 year old who still sleeps with a plush monster :) I love stuffed animals more than my children, but love it even more when they help me to create them!

  142. I'm Jessa and I'm a fairly new blogger (1-2 months) over at http://jessaesque.blogspot.com/. I love anything beauty, fashion, style, and lifestyle related, and love finding and getting to know new people with similar interests. Oh, and did I mention that I am uber jealous of Dana/TheWonderForest 's blog design? It's absolutely lovely. <3

  143. Hi Dana! I've been a lurker on your blog for a few months now, can I say how gorgeous it is? Your creativity really shines through :)
    My name is Lindsay, 20 y.o from the States (the Northeast, so close-ish to Canada! haha). I recently started blogging, and you are definitely a source of inspiration! Keep blogging and doing what you love; I hope to grow a readership someday like you <3

    xx Linds

  144. Hi there! I found your blog a few weeks ago through 'sprinkle of glitter' blog(that you designed and looks fab by the way!)! I love your design and content. I live in Nottingham UK and teach 'Beauty Therapy' for a living. I've been blogging for just over a year now. I have so many interests and love to try new things- I blog about anything that I'm getting up to at moment.
    Take care xx

  145. ditto on the head-under-water thing!
    where are you in the canadian country? i am a photographer in the mountains of bc. i also curate kootenay wedding and love pretties like your blog! let me know if you'd like to do a blog-button exchange.

  146. Hiya! I'm Christine. I have 4 kids (ages 2 to 16) and I'm not fashionable, nor thin, nor crafty. I used to blog, but I get bored easily so I stopped. I like to take pictures, and I'm scared to sew. Well, mostly I'm afraid of failure. It's really stupid and it's something I'm working through. I'm relatively happy by nature, I'm goofy and cheesy and weird. I'm talkative. I'm the black sheep in every group of friends I've ever had. I learn something new about myself every day. I used to be relatively impatient, and I attribute that to being an only child and not having to deal with a lot of people around me growing up, lol! However, I have been working on that for many years and I'm finally starting to find some. ;) So there's my intro. Nice to meet you, Dana.

  147. Hiya! I'm Christine. I have 4 kids (ages 2 to 16) and I'm not fashionable, nor thin, nor crafty. I used to blog, but I get bored easily so I stopped. I like to take pictures, and I'm scared to sew. Well, mostly I'm afraid of failure. It's really stupid and it's something I'm working through. I'm relatively happy by nature, I'm goofy and cheesy and weird. I'm talkative. I'm the black sheep in every group of friends I've ever had. I learn something new about myself every day. I used to be relatively impatient, and I attribute that to being an only child and not having to deal with a lot of people around me growing up, lol! However, I have been working on that for many years and I'm finally starting to find some. ;) So there's my intro. Nice to meet you, Dana.

  148. I am a girl that loves violet since birth I think? I was always feel like heaven whenever I see things in this color, or food. I feel so bad that I just lose my appetite if I saw things in violet but can't afford to have it. I love fashion and food. ♥


  149. I'm Natasha and I'm a high school girl from Malaysia. I love music, photography and directing, as well as some simple graphic design. I love expressing myself in pictures rather than words, though I love writing as well. My dream is to be a director and although like most Asian, being someone 'professional' will not be real if you don't go to university. I don't think I buy it, so I'm planning to ditch school after my SPM exam and go straight into chasing my dream. On the other hand, I have been teaching violin for about two years now. Nice to meet you Dana!

  150. I'm Sophie :) 20 yrs old from Adelaide, Australia. I'm a makeup artist. I love op shopping, vintage anything! I love collecting skin care and makeup :)
    I haven't been blogging for long.. I'm still trying to figure it all out :s
    http://themanyfacesofeden.blogspot.com.au/ << this is my blog if you would like to check it out :) Thanks!

  151. Im Hannah:) i live in England and love your blog! and was wondering how is it possible to make such an amzing blog!? im new to the blogging world and was wondering if you could get me started and help me out i want to be well known on the blogging life. I know you will be able to help me with this thankyou xx

    1. Hey hannah! nice to meet you :)
      I am actually a web/graphic designer in real life. you can check out my design services page in my top navigation bar if you want!

  152. Hey, Dana,
    Wow, your blog is amazing!I just stumbled upon it because I was entering a giveaway on For Such A Time Designs, and I saw that you had decorated her blog :) I hope to get to know you better! :)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  153. Hi Im Omneia from Yemen . i came a cross your Blog & i loved all the details that you share ..

  154. Heeyy Dana!!
    First of all, your profile layout is great :D good job!!

    I am Georgia from Greece. My friends call me "Gwgw" ( 'w' pronounciated as 'o' ).
    I am 16 years old. Young.. I know :)
    When I grow up I wanna be a make up artist or a fashion designer.

    this is my blog: http://jcouturefashion.blogspot.gr/
    I made it today!

    Have a nice day! xoxo,

  155. hello :) just want to say love your blog :)
    I am Abby and i live in England north west :)
    originally from South Africa lived there for 15 years.
    studying photography at university :)
    loveee days out, animals, the gym, fashion, bargains, make up,beauty products, border collies, blogging about life in general, my puppy is called isabella she is a cute border collie :)



  156. Hi, I'm Esther from Texas, and I just stumbled on your blog (via craftgawker). I'm a graphic designer too (I work at an ad agency), and I love crafting. I blog over at whollyKao.com. Random facts: I've only ever had one pet in my life -- a chicken. I love to snack. I'm addicted to yoga.

    Am glad to have found your blog. Love the idea of a 'introduce yourself' section!

  157. Hello, Dana! I just wanted to drop by to thank you for stopping off at my blog! I really appreciate that and hope you visit again sometime.

    Your blog is lovely! :-)

  158. I'm Andrea, new to the blogging world. In really life I am a web designer and a graphic designer. Finishing up college, and working full time.
    But on the interwebs I am a blogger and a youtuber. I just started maybe 6 months ago, but I am so happy with where I am :)
    Love your blog! Especially your layout and photos!
    I need to get on making my own layout!

  159. Hi, I'm a new reader here on Wonder Forest! My name is Kaitlyn, I am happily going about my life with my high school sweetheart of 5 years and our gorgeous little Sphynx kitten. I love to find new blogs to read and keep up with, I blog quite often myself and am recently new to the blogosphere! I am genuinely friendly and naturally talkative, my favorite things are cuddling during rainy nights, blogging until my fingers hurt, and reading fashion and beauty blogs. It's nice to meet you all!

    If you have the time, it'd be great if you could swing by my blog! I love to post little musings, beauty tips, makeup looks, and fashion styles :-)


  160. Hi Dana!

    I happened to stumble on your blog and got "stuck" there for quite awhile reading your posts!! Love your vibe and the entire look of the blog, very cheery! Hope to read more interesting bits from you! xoxo


  161. Hello!
    I am Brittany and I have been newly introduced to the wonderful world of blogging. I just enjoy reading people's blogs. And I stumbled upon yours cause I discovered Zoella on Youtube about a month ago and noticed you designed her page (which is gorgeous!) and then came here to discover a fellow Canadian! haha
    I am still debating on whether or not I should try blogging, but I really don't have anything to share....
    but just thought I would say hey!

  162. Hey I'm Louise from the UK and I found you via Sprinkle of Glitter (I believe you designed her page?) I think you have an awesome blog and I am now following, yay :D

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff

    Louise x


  163. "little marshmallow of a pup" conjures up the most adorable mental image!

    Hi, I'm Anna. :)

  164. This is an amazing blog idea!! Especially given the latest post of yours that I've just read :D

    I'm Rhianna, or Rhi, from Perth, Australia. I'm in my second year of an arts degree at uni, doing a double major in politics and international relations, and Italian. I'm enjoying myself immensely and can't wait to study in Milan for exchange next year! :D At the moment though, I live with my 3 brothers, our parents and our 2 dogs. Asides from all that though, the things I'm passionate about are social justice, especially in India, creative writing, music and spending quality time with good friends, or going out and making new ones :)

    I'm excited to explore your space some more! Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  165. Hi I am Natascha.
    I wish I had something very cool to say about myself, but I don't. Haha. But I'll go with a few things. I am from Denmark, studying, and addicted to pinterest.
    And I love your blog. (:

  166. Hello I am Ellie :)
    I have one cat called Dolly and I love painting my nails x I bake all the time and I love collecting old fashioned tins. I play hockey and I love craft.
    I am new to blogging so please check out my blog :)

    You look lost, why don't you follow me...❤


  167. Hi, i was reccomended that i visit your blog by my beautiful bestie and am glad i did. I'm an Aussie married to a Canadian (living in Aus), mum of two beautiful boys: Owen and Finny, and a furry baby a terrier mix pup: Myf (with her it's 100% love or 100% fight, funny little thing). I'm struggling to figure out where i fit in life and i blog to find some clarity. I read blogs to find inspiration. I'm very crafty, very creative and very passionate. I'm new to blogging but i'm realy loving figuring it all out, finding my way around and stumbling upon gems like yours. This is me if you're ever wandering around the blogiverse and want to say hi.
    p.s. this is a wonderful idea.

  168. Im Rebecca, from Ireland and blogger of http://www.luckyrainbowdesigns.com - I'm a stationary and craft nerd and also an Art college graduate! I'm also due to finish up my MA in Art & Design in the next few weeks which I'm really excited about! Roll on graduation and the MA show!

  169. Hi Dana

    I'm Lauren, and I blog over at -Choosing Joy- . I've been blogging for almost a year, and have been reading your blog for a couple months.

    I'm engaged to my best friend and we are planning on getting married in June 2013. Photography is one of my biggest passions and I'm trying to get my business noticed, but it's difficult when you don't know a lot of people! I love to bake, photograph, blog, and explore new places with my fiance.

    Thanks for the chance to introduce myself!


  170. Hi my name is Georgina, I'm a 17 year old student form the UK and I blog at Short and Sweet.
    I'm really new to blogging, I started 2 weeks ago and I am amazed by how lovely everyone is. I have been welcomed into to blogging community and been given advice on web design and technicalities, and already made some friends. I started blogging because I love exploring blogs and so thought I'd start my own, and also I hope my blog will improve my confidence.
    There's nothing particularly interesting about me; I like to make my own clothes, and hope to study art/fashion in the future, even though it terrifies me. I'm a crazy cat person, I now have two cats and we have some interesting conversations between us. I'm pretty short and am a total dreamer, always with my head buried in a book.
    I love the layout of your blog, everything is easy to find and I really like the woodland theme.

    Here's my blog: http://shortand-sweet.blogspot.com/

  171. Hi Dana!

    I love this post - what a great way for you to "meet" your readers! I found you from Heather over at Just Lovely Things, and man have I been missing out on not reading your blog! I love everything about it =)

    I'm Torrie and I'm also from Canada (just outside Calgary)! I'm a young married gal and we're expecting our first bebe in just 2 months (hopefully sooner!). We also have a cat, Brie, that we really love. A lot. She's definitely our fur baby - she might feel differently when our baby shows up haha.

    Anyways, I'm so glad I stopped by and discovered your beautiful & interesting blog. What a treat for this weekend =)


  172. Hi Dana,

    It's lovely to 'meet' you. I am your newest follower and proud to be it. You have an amazing blog here, it's my newest crush. LOL

    Well about me, I'm Tami...I am from Trinidad. I am a teacher. I have no husband or kids yet. :) I love the sea, sand, surf...everything beach. I live on an island so the sea is a huge part of my life.

    Gonna go read some more of your posts.

    The Things We Find Inside

  173. I just found your blog, and I love it! :) So cute! I'm Eden, and I blog at Good Old Days (http://edenmarie44.blogspot.com/). I live in West Virginia with my husband who is going to grad school (he's a brainiac), and I love taking pictures of anything and everything. So happy to meet you. :)

    xo Eden

  174. Hi! I just recently followed your blog, but I have being reading it for a few months. One of my favorite ‘bookmarks’ and blogs to read. But now I have officially decided to join in and leave comments. My name is Cristi. Just a normal student from the U.S., who loves animals (I have four dogs) and does photography as a hobby. I love to dress up and I’m not very good at putting makeup on(that’s why I read a lot of makeup tutorials). That’s pretty much it. Nice to meet you, Dana! :)

  175. Hi, I am from Croatia, little town by the sea. Nature is my inspiration. My blog is full of crafty staff inspired by nature. I was thinking to call my blog Wonder Forest, because this was a name of some old croatian cartoon that is now happy memorie of my childhood. Then I discovered this wonder----ful blog :) :) My blog is Enter....LaLaLand - I hope you will stop by some time and become my friend follower :) :) I like to change color of my hair, like long walks, swimming....I have 2 little dogs that I just love looooove....I am 25 years old and still like all magic things....like faeries..... :) :)

  176. I'm Jade from sunny South Africa! I have been blogging since 2010 about fashion, beauty, products, life in general, the novel I am busy with. I write book reviews, movie reviews, I have plentiful recipes. Nom nom nom... If I travel, I share my experiences.
    Check it out:

  177. I'm Kirsty (Nick = Genny), a very new reader. I came accross this site today and I've fallen in love with it. After recently deciding to embark upon setting up my own design website, this have given me so much inspiration.

    Recently moved to England from Wales, a fresh start and time to motivate myself to make something of myself!

    Much love!

  178. I'm Katie from MN and I just found and started following your blog! I am new to this and have only just started blogging...so I am still feeling my way and loving it! I am a small town country girl living and working in the cities and enjoying life one adventure at a time!

  179. Hi!! I'm pretty new to blogging and following u..!!
    My name is Evelina! I'm half English and half Greek. I grew up and live in Greece but I speak both languages fluently!! (lucky me!!)I'm 18. My hair is naturally curly. I have a cat named Fiona. I love crafts, makeup, clothes and photography.. I'm studying to be a hairdresser, make-up artist and nail artist..!!!!(so excited,I start on the first of October!) I love cupcakes,I just can't have enough of them!!! And I love my boyfriend!!

    That's me!!!!

  180. Hey! I'm so so glad I found your blog! Great designs and lovely content. I'm relatively new to blogging. I've had my blog since last year but only seriously started blogging in the past month and a half.

    My name is Christina and my blog's name is EstelaChristina! I'm American with Filipino descent. Born and raised in California! I love photographer, food, and fashion; pretty much art in general. I'm studying Sociology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with hopefully maybe a minor in Film/Television studies!

    You have an awesome blog and I always look to successful bloggers for inspiration! Thank you for that :)

    Hope you can stop by my blog if you have time!


  181. Hey girl! I'm Jennifer and I'm fairly new to the blog world and also your newest follower :-)
    I live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and I'm a newlywed! Well actually I've been married a year. But anyway I love your cute blog and I can't wait to read more!


  182. Ello there. I go by Taylor Hart. I live in Austin, Texas with my bodacious husband and our little baby hair child Lucy. She is a min pin...so cute. I work for the city full time but run my own PT business Nothing but a Pigeon, which is also the name of my blog. I crochet vegan animal heads and sell them in boutiques and local craft bazaars. My blog touches on my business but is also about my fashion, gardening and my life. That's my life in a nut shell.


    nothing but a pigeon

  183. Ello there. I go by Taylor Hart. I live in Austin, Texas with my bodacious husband and our little baby hair child Lucy. She is a min pin...so cute. I work for the city full time but run my own PT business Nothing but a Pigeon, which is also the name of my blog. I crochet vegan animal heads and sell them in boutiques and local craft bazaars. My blog touches on my business but is also about my fashion, gardening and my life. That's my life in a nut shell.


    nothing but a pigeon

  184. "Quick what's my favorite Hospital Food?!" JELLO! (Hello)
    I'm Jesika and doesn't go by JEss, or JEssie.. . I have a twin named JEssie , I know the fun we went through was endless.
    Anyway I keep coming back to your blog, its beautiful!!! I just launched my blog and can't seem to have the patience to get to your level. I guess thats a little motivating.
    Anyway, I live in Lake Powell , Arizona with my 8 month old daughter Emma-Rae and my husband who is a photographer. Him being a photographer led me to create my blog. At the beginning I had too much time on my hand , now I feel like i don't have any time.
    I couldn't be happier with meeting so many new people and sharing / reading their stories!
    ... IT goes on! But thank you so much for sharing your blogging tips and ideas!

  185. Hi, I am Amber. I'm in my second year of college and just got started on this whole blogging world. It's very meditative to me and I enjoy it. I wish nothing more than to travel around the world and try new things. I also want to learn as much as possible and never stop evolving. I am obsessed with the British culture and their TV shows! I love antiqued things, and enjoy a good hut in an old shop. I think life is an adventure and every day should be a new exploration. :)

    P.S. I have just recently got turned on to your blog and I am loving it! :)

  186. Hi there...
    Just found your blog thru Passionfruit and love your style. I love designing jewelry with my handcrafted beads. Yes, I make my own beads by melting glass in a torch flame. It's a technique that requires patience and skill so it's very challenging. Looking forward to meeting other artists too so here's my blog. Thanks ~


  187. Hey! Just stumbled upon your blog from Story of My Life...LOVE your blog designs!
    My name's Mallory, I'm a blogger who's obsessed with taking pictures of any/everything. I have a dog named Dexter and two cats who are all very spoiled.
    Passion: Singing, Home: Kansas, Favorite Food: anything with pasta in it
    Glad to meetcha!

  188. Hello! My name is Adriana and I'm a college kid living in Sunny California.

    I also don't like going into pools and will panic if anyone drags me to the deep end. I cry. I've lived here in California most of my life but I love to travel - I've stayed in Colorado and DC for about 6 months each. My favorite color is turquoise and my favorite food is Italian.

    I love you blog and I'm happy to have stumbled upon it. :)

    xo, Adriana.

  189. Hi! I'm Melissa :) I just found you via Aunie Sauce & am kinda obsessed with your blog/shop. I just did some pinning of your stuff.

    Have a great weekend!

  190. Hello! :)
    My name is Eliza, and I am an Australian teenager obsessed with the winter. I dream of living in England and I love reading and drinking tea. Fashion and interior design are creative outlets for me, and I love makeup. I'm still refining my skills and hope to one day have a relatively successful blog documenting all of that! ^__^

  191. hey
    my name is kelsey, i live in the middle of england, surrounded by beautiful countryside, i work at a make-up counter and it is the best job in the world, i am only temporary but im hoping itll become permenant because i do love it soo much, i also run a beauty and make-up blog called Penelope's beauty obsessions, it was my nickname

  192. Hey my name is logan and I also live in Canada! yay! lol I am a new blogger and I am starting to really enjoy doing it! although I dont have any followers and I dont know why anyone would want to read my blog, I still enjoy doing it. I came across your blog through Zoella's blog and oh my god! your designs are amazing! You are amazing!
    If you get a chance (you probably wont even read this but...) it would be awesome if you could check out my blog! its www.loganmaack.blogspot.ca
    thanks! <3


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