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I'm pretty sure I could get lost for hours browsing Anthro's home section.  For a lazy Sunday post... here's what I'm currently LOVING!  Those knobs need to be on my cabinets asap.... (p.s.... surprisingly, my picks below aren't even that expensive... shocked!)

I love mixing bright vibrant colours with stark white. I'm pretty sure the next room I decorate will be completely white with bright pops of coloured accessories.  What do you think? Has the "all white" trend passed or is it a classic favourite?

By Dana Fox Updated at: 7:28 PM

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  1. ugh, Anthropologie is a dream. A DREAM, I tell you.

  2. totally loving those plates! so pretty!

  3. I love those sheets. They're perfect. I wish they weren't so expensive and I'd have them. xo, rv


  4. Those knobs are precious. I love Anthro's home goods.


  5. i love the measuring cups!


  6. I have no idea whether or not the trend has passed (honestly, I never knew it was a trend in the first place), but I love it!!


  7. cute, cute!

    love the blog girl, so happy to have stumbled upon it. :)

    love, rach.

  8. 1, 2, & 5 are fantastic! Especially 5! I'm in love with the all white trend. I think its simple and classy, and you can do so many different things with color and not have to worry about things matching! Love it :)


  9. Love their stuff! Especially their doorknobs. I want the sea foam blue knobs for my new bathroom :) Just gorgeous!

  10. I can't wait to own my own home. All of these finds are awesome. I love antropologie.

  11. Love that first plate and the teacup hanger...SO cute!!

    I'm a white and color splash supporter since years now. my walls and basically all my wooden furniture (dresser, bookshelf, table, etc) are white...everything else I like to have in color. I just like the lightness of white....and a combination with vibrant color just feels so..happy :)

  12. I LOVE everything you picked out, Anthro is such an unachieveable dream of mine.. You have amazing style in your products, your design and your home I would love to see a decor series from you!

  13. Dana, I have no.7 hanging on my kitchen wall as I type this. I love their home stuff...it is dangerous how much money I could spend in that store!!!


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