I was finally able to get outside without trekking through snow or wearing my parka. Such an awesome feeling that spring is just around the corner! Our winter this year really wasn't bad at all... actually surprisingly little snow. Still too cold for spring clothes, but the sunshine makes you want to stash away those winter ones. Tell me why we need four seasons again?

grandpa cardigan: by sweet romeo from hautelook 
floral blouse, grey skirt, knee high socks: forever 21
shiny rubber-look leggings: by silence & noise from urban outfitters
circle scarf: won it from deer little fawn!
boots: blowfish

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  1. LOVE your outfit!

    I'm a bit fan of layering, as I overheat fast, so I love being able to take off layers as needed..plus, if you do it right it looks adorable!

  2. I love the boot and socks combo! Very cute!

  3. Your outfit is amazing! You take great photos! I love the floral and the layers.

  4. We need 4 seasons because ... well, its lame I know, but we need the change. :D Yep. Lame. Sorry.

    At least dressing is fun in all seasons. I like seeing outfit posts with layers and stuff. It makes me feel cozy.

  5. you look fantastic! love everything about this outfit. more outfit pictures, pls. ;)

  6. You look so cute! I hope it warms up for you soon....spring is the best season :).

  7. You're so cute cozy... I just wanna hug you. :)

  8. Great layered look! Love the scarf and boots.


  9. really love those leggings! and i agree, why are four seasons necessary?!

  10. Love this outfit! That circle scarf is such an adorable color! xo

  11. umm love all the layering you've done here!! you are soo stinking cute!!

  12. Very cute! I love all the layers! I've got an outfit post coming later today where I mention how I WISH I could wear layers! Its been so hot in here though!


  13. Love the blouse and those leggings!

    After having fall weather (rainy and icky) from late summer, down to january...I finally realized how nice it is to have all four seasons. I was soooo ready for cold, freezing weather and snow when all of december went by far to warm and rainy.
    I love to see the changes in nature while the seasons change.

    But yes....I am sooooooo craving my summer clothes :) nice dresses with no coat ....and summer shoes! OH I can't wait!!!!!

  14. Arr I've got a grandpa cardigan! I've pretty much lived in it all winter! We've just had another batch of snow, but I'm afraid I love it so much I don't want it to go! Arr well, at least Spring will bring more bird song :)

  15. I *so* pinned this outfit. I love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! You look fabulous. And I know what you mean about Winter AND Spring. I think this Winter we got maybe two to three nights of snow, maybe a little more but I can count them on one hand. It's very Spring like lately! Ah! <3

  16. i LOVE your circle scarf!
    uch a lovely colour, i might have to check out the company that made it for you! :)

  17. Your blog is beautiful, as are your pictures! I love this outfit!

  18. Oooo absolutely love your top!
    I have such a bad habit for buying floral print clothing... I may just search for this top now hehe.

  19. definitely too cold here still for spring wear but you've brought out the best attempt with the pretty florals in your blouse. and you won that scarf? so lucky!!! the color is excellent. kickass shoot Dana, it's both nostalgic + new. one of the things that happens here with these terrific photo finishes you apply.

    um, excited to check out your sponsor shout outs too, what a roster of rad. xo ♥


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