my top beauty essentials

If HAD to pick only a handful of products I'd be lost without, these babies would definitely make the list. They are my most called-upon beauty essentials that get used every single day.

#1 Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara.  I talk about this in all of my makeup tutorial posts, so you might recognize it. I've seriously been wearing/using makeup for like 15 years and this is my absolute favourite mascara ever... and I've tried LOTS of mascaras. Many left my eyelashes either too hard/crunchy or I felt as though they were always wet and if I touched my eyelashes it would smear off. Not Glam Eyes! It is the perfect consistency and stays on neither wet nor dry. The brush is fabulous because it has two different lengths of bristles rotating around it which makes it easy to get it onto certain lashes. If they ever discontinued making this, I'd truly be lost.

#2 Eyelash Curler.  If you don't curl your lashes, you're missing out on their full potential. Period.

#3 Kabuki brush and stiff angled brush. If I HAD to pick two brushes, these would be them. I just washed my kabuki brush so it is a little wet looking in the photo. The kabuki brush is what I use with my #4 choice below. The stiff angled brush is what I use for my eyebrows, with a bit of brown shadow as a filler.

#4 Everyday Minerals Multitasking Concealer. I only use mineral foundations, no bottled up chemical junk. This is my fav one. It covers so well and doesn't cake. Since it's a powder concealer, you don't even need a foundation and then a powder top coat. It's like an all-in-one, and way better for your skin. It's cheap too!

#5 TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo.  Since I found this a few months ago, I've been obsessed. I use this before styling my hair.  I've never used it AS an actual 'shampoo' since I wash my hair every day anyways, but this stuff works wonders on thin, flat hair in terms of volume. It stinks and is probably super bad for your lungs but I can always count on it to give my hair a boost and make it less oily. It retails for about $6-$7 in drugstores but I can pretty much always find it on sale for about $3-$4.

#6 Got 2b 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray. I went through a phase of trying out about 20 different hairsprays because I was never happy with how they made my hair feel. Some just didn't last, some made it too greasy, some just didn't hold at all. I found this and have been using it now for years. It's a great all around hairspray and I'd be afraid to switch to anything else now!

So there you have it! If I am ever stuck on a desert island, I hope I'd ad least have these things handy! What is YOUR ultimate top beauty essential?

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  1. I just started curling my lashes (had been scared to try it before) and am amazed at the difference! Definitely an extra 'wow' effect for going out!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  2. curling the lashes is something I try about every two years because people always say it looks so good...it's so essetial ....etc etc. I hate it every time. I have reaaally long eyelashes but they aren't very thick and if I curl them.....lets just say it looks really weird ^^

    know the hairspray problem. I've tried so many hairsprays until I found a right one. Funny enough it's a really cheap one. It's the only one that holds perfect without giving it this hairspray shine...and it brushes out soo easy :) Love it.

    My all time essential is baby-cakes from Benefit. I've been using it for about 4 years now. They stopped selling it :( Now I'm living off of the last little bit ....it's so sad. *cry*

  3. Ooo I think i am going to try that mascara!

  4. I'm in serious need of new make up.

    I'm way too scared to try the lash curler even though I really want to. I'm so scared that I'm going to cut my eye lashes off or cut my eye lid. Is that irrational?

  5. I love make-up products and am currently obsessed. I actually just did a post myself on them. I love the mascara, I've been looking for a fun one to try and this one just made the list, thank you :)


  6. I really want to get a kabuki brush, I heard they work amazingly! Love this post.

    Alexandra xo


  7. I've never tried this mascara but the packaging always catches my eye. After reeading your review I'm probably going to pick it up once the mascara I'm using now runs out.. Thanks! Awesome post and blog!

  8. Oh mygosh that background in the first and last picture(s) look like the cover of my journal!

  9. I'm gonna buy that mascara! Thanks :)

  10. Loved this post. Totally going to start using the dry shampoo.

  11. I have a cute little eyelash curler, but I've always been terrified to use it! Does it even make that much of a difference?
    xo Heather

  12. We use so many of the same products! I love using dry shampoo on my flat, thin hair - it seriously does work wonders.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  13. @Heather Belle

    lol you girls are silly for being afraid of eyelash curlers. It's not like it's going to tear your eyelids off... you are the one controlling it hahaha. it's sooo easy and makes all the difference! Even if you want to skip the mascara, just curling your lashes opens your eyes up so much!
    xo dana

  14. I just ordered some samples plus made a donation of #4. Thanks so much!! <3

  15. I've been wondering about eyelash curlers for a while. I wondered if they made a big difference; i'm taking your word and taking the plunge!

  16. Loved this post! Defiantly gained me as a follower!

  17. I think I might have to give curling my lashes another try. I never noticed any difference when I use to do it years ago but maybe I need to invest in a better pair of curlers!

  18. i seriously love how cohesive your blog is.

  19. I'm a new reader and can i just start by saying how much I love your blog. It's so well laid out and pretty and your writing style is great! *end fawning*

    I love curling my lashes, they're long but stick straight out and not even the most curling mascaras can get them to look fluttery and pretty. Strangely the best one I ever tried came from Primark for about £1. Definitely something to check out :) xxx

  20. I've been using Everyday Minerals for almost 6yrs now! I love it too! And not just the product, but it doesn't cost and arm and a leg for high quality makeup! :D Loved this post!

  21. Where can you get the everyday minerals?? :)

  22. I've been thinking of what essentials brushes to buy since I don't want to stock up on them. This post really helped me. :D


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