my valentine to you

I wanted to pop on here and wish you all the best Valentine's day.  Even if you have no "special valentine" this year, don't forget about all of the other people in your life that love you. It's not about buying pretty merchandise and diamond bracelets, it's about recognizing all of the love in the world, and loving the world back in return.  Be appreciative for what you have today, and for all of those in your life that have a special place in your heart.

I have definitely been feeling the love around here lately, and I wanted to let you all know that I am so grateful. Just 8 short months ago I had this crazy idea to start sharing my life with you all on this blog and I couldn't have imagined how much it would grow in such a short amount of time. That's not to say it didn't come with hard work, but I am forever humbled by your comments and friendships.  Eight months ago I was just a girl admiring some of my own favourite bloggers and hoping that maybe I could get where they were one day.  I never would have guessed some of those very same ladies would become such great friends.  I never would have guessed that I would be the one receiving the type of love that they did, that I admired so much. So thank you, lovely readers. You have truly made my 8 months something special, and for that I wish you that same love in return today.

(Fawn & Flora is opening today, so I am a busy bee. I hope you'll check out the shop in a little bit and add our facebook page too!)

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  1. Happy valentines day!
    I'm so do happy for your successes so far. May they continue!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
    I'm in that place right now. Though I started blogging in September, and I've been featuring etsy sellers and doing tutorials and everything but I'm still having a hard time breaking out and being seen by anyone. I blog for my own amusement, but I also like to think that someone out there cares what I have to say.

    Simply put, it would be really nice to read a post about how you got where you are. Y'know, for small bloggers' sake. You probably didn't do anything monumental, but the frame of mind you had at the time that kept you pushing forward, how you became friends with your favourite bloggers - did you just suck it up and speak to them, or did you do what I do and say little but still hope they notice you?

    Well done on your massive success - I admire and envy you, deeply. Also, get your sewing kit out because in a few weeks I'll hopefully have the money I need to put to my Wonder Forest gift voucher to get my wonderful tall tan fawn! ♥ Have a wonderful day <3 I made brownies. I'd give you one but I don't think it'll fit through the USB socket :(

  3. Happy VAlentines day to you !! So happy for you! I def want to use you in the future!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! xo, rv


  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!
    Can't wait to see the new shop!


  6. Excellent point about how today is for spreading love! Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Dana! I am so excited for Fawn and Flora....my PayPal account is just burning a hole in my pocket :)

  8. I wish you a happy Valentine´s day!!! Kisses!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day!

    ♥ sécia

  10. I so adore your blog. Happy Valentine's Day!


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