self portrait saturday: winter.

Welcome to your third edition of Self Portrait Saturday! That sounds so official doesn't it?!  If you watched my little video I posted on Thursday, I mentioned wanting to start doing themes for these link-ups.  I had no idea what to start with, until I looked outside and noticed a blizzard. 

What gives, mother nature?  Thursday was beautiful and sunny... as you can see clearly from the outfit pics I took in the afternoon. Friday rolls around and it's winter all over again!  Though I wasn't happy about this, it made for the perfect theme of today's photos.  So, if you wanna participate this weekend, why not try out this first theme?  You don't have to, but it will be fun!  How can you give a sense of winter in your photos, or how can you represent winter where you're from?  I consider mine a farewell to the snow (hopefully) and a welcoming of spring! (hurry up already though please.).  I'll start posting themes for future weekend's linkups throughout the week so you have more time to prepare!

Here are my shots:

hat: forever 21 | gloves: bysweetmom | scarf: seams to be | jacket: juicy couture

Quite a change in weather from the other day, right?! 

It was snowing, so I made sure to cover my camera in a plastic bag before trekking outside.  I love how the trees in the background look like a foggy, mysterious place.  Now show me what you got!!

Things I learned:

- Always cover your camera if there will be any hint of wetness.

- If you'll be standing in the same spot and want some free hands, an easy way to get yourself into focus is to use a remote and set your camera to "auto" for the first shot. It will focus on you and snap a pic. Changing the focus to "manual" immediately afterwards, setting the timer, and returning to the same spot ensures your hands will be remote-free and you'll still be in focus. It helps to mark your spot on the ground... in my case, footprints in the snow worked well.

Now one of my favs from last week:

Ashley looks so serene in her desaturated photos! Love it!

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  1. wonderful pictures! you are a natural beauty!
    the hat is amazing.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. This is an awesome idea! I would love to learn more about photography through tripod/remote photos of myself, but I'm not quite confident enough in my skills! I feel like I would have to leave my Rebel on auto and then wouldn't have much control. I would love to hear some tips on settings and the blurry background and such!

  3. These are such great pics! Winter doesn't really exist in San Diego....but I will definitely try to incorporate future themes :)

  4. The blue in your hat really makes the blue of your eyes pop! So pretty :)

  5. thanks for the tips. these came out beautifully!!!

    My boyfriend, who is also a photographer and takes my outfit pics, is gonna be gone for the next two weeks. finally purchased a remote and need to figure out how to use it!!!

  6. As much as I would love to take winter themed photos... The high is 70 today. Yesterday it was in the 80s. Haha Thats Florida for you :)
    xo Heather

  7. Beautiful!


  8. so lovely :) thanks for everything in this post! i especially enjoyed it all!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  9. I love the snow photos! So pretty!!


  10. So pretty! I love the snow! (:

  11. Dana! You make the snood look adorable!

    Readers: There is more available where it came from : )
    Visit here:


  12. This makes me want to go practice with my camera. I don't have a remote for my Rebel. Do you know if they make one that's compatible?

    Gorgeous photos! That hat makes me smile.

  13. You look so gorgeous, miss! LOVE that hat and your gloves are THE most perfect color. <3 I'm playing along for the first time this week!

  14. You are ADORABLE in Winter clothes!
    love love love

  15. Oh my GOD! Your blog, Dana, is excelent! Where did you find this template? It's sooo cute! I'm following you :) xxxx

  16. i will join this fun super soon. every post inspires me too! i just need to get a remote so that i don't have to run back and forth - hehe.

  17. @Rita Unicornia

    Thanks Rita! And I made it, silly! Its what i do!

  18. I love your hat and gloves!! It almost makes winter look appealing...almost! http://prttylttlthngs.blogspot.com/

  19. oh gosh, you are seriously drop dead gorgeous girl! your eyes are just so striking. love this!
    xo TJ

  20. beautiful pictures!! I love your toque! So bummed I wasn't able to get any self portraits done today. Next weekend for sure!

  21. How beautiful pics! I love your hat. And the pictures looks so natural!!!
    I just fell in love with your blog, right now! Already following! No Wayyy!!!

    ;) If you want to, visit me at http://paletadefantasias.blogspot.com/ and if you like my place, you may join my "world" :)

    Kisses from Portugal!

  22. Seriously, you're gorgeous. You did a great job!

  23. I LOVE your beanie and gloves! I want them!!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  24. I can't wait until I'm all moved into the new place in our new city and I can start taking part in this! What a great idea! =)

  25. we got a random blizzard on Saturday too! So strange, especially because we've been having such summer-y weather.

    you look beautiful in those photos! Pictures in the snow are so so pretty.

  26. You are so pretty and pics are amazing!

  27. I broke the timer setting on my camera. :( Is this a good enough excuse to go get a new one? ;)

    I finally joined in, but only had the courage to do one photo. LOL

    I am having fun with this series, though, seeing your photos (Dana) and everyone else's. :D

  28. Your shots are beautiful <3 Love your hat, very cute! xx

  29. You're so cute. :) And I'm SO jealous of the snow!!

  30. These are absolutely gorgeous! And thanks for the tip about the remote focus. I've never been able to figure it out!

  31. You have such beautiful eyes! They make every photograph sparkle! Love your style as well :)


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