water always tries to kill me

In the introduction post I made the other day, (by the way I have LOVED reading/replying to your comments), I mentioned something about being afraid to stick my head under water.  I'm not entirely afraid of swimming... in fact I love floating around in the water... I just can not will not jump in, or stick my head under. I've been this way since I was little and I'll tell you why.


Reason #1.  When I was tiny, I took swimming lessons.  Back then, even the shallow end was too deep for my toes to reach the bottom. I hated it, it was so awkward and I felt like I had no control over where I'd end up. I couldn't quite figure out how to hold my breath properly. I never passed the first level because I refused to jump in.

Reason #2.  We had one of those above ground pools in my yard growing up. I had a blast in it until one day a styrofoam lifesaver tried to kill me.  I was floating around in it by myself while my dad was working nearby in the yard. I was sitting inside the lifesaver when I suddenly tipped backwards and got my leg caught. There I was, stuck swirling around with my head at the bottom of the pool and my foot caught on the surface above. It was probably the scariest moment. I remember trying to free myself with no luck.  Thankfully my dad looked over and saw me, reached in, grabbed my by my hair, and pulled me out.


Reason #3.  We had a devil of an older woman neighbor who was our babysitter during the summer and after school while my parents were at work. Sometimes she would sneak all of us (the kids she was babysitting) over to my house to use our pool.  We were all in it running around in a circle to make a whirlpool while she stood outside by the edge.  She KNEW that I hated sticking my head under water, but like I said she was a devil woman.  As I ran past her she grabbed the top of my head and dunked me under. She held me there for what I am pretty sure was about 30 seconds... which is a long freaking time if you're terrified and can't breathe. I'm not sure why I never told my parents at the time. Maybe I thought I did something wrong... no idea but thanks to her I was never the same again.

Reason #4.  I was swimming (aka floating) at a friends place when her super fat brother decided to do a cannonball two feet away from me. This resulted in me being pushed under the water and coming back up chocking to death on all of the water I had just taken into my lungs. Couldn't breathe. They just stood there staring at me like I was crazy or something. Needless to say, it wasn't a very fun moment.

These are all just the reasons pertaining to sticking my head under water. Do you want to talk about lakes? How about the time I saw a drunk guy fall overboard and get sliced up by the motor? Or the time when I was at a public lake and was warned that there was a giant snapping turtle on the loose. Of course I freak out and start swimming to shore when I put my foot down to see if I can reach the bottom and what do I feel on my leg? *bump bump* oh hello there turtle! Swimming as fast as I can (which isn't very fast) I can still feel this thing on my trail.  Or what about the time when I was out in the middle of a lake with my cousins and suddenly my uncle comes running to the shore shouting "get out of the water!!", grabs his gun, and tries to hurry us all up. I've never been so scared, and still don't know what he saw but I'm convinced it was something that wanted to eat me.

Needless to say, there are numerous other instances where water has tried to kill me, and I'm pretty sure that if I were to die, it would probably be because I drown or get eaten by a sea monster. So I like to try to take all necessary precautions when I'm around water because obviously it has something against me. Like I said in that other post... If you think you're funny and want to try to push me into a pool... you'd better be prepared for the backlash.  ;)

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  1. Oh my god! Im terrified of swimming! I haaaate it so much! >.< You have a lovely blog btw! I added your button to mine and Im following. :) My blog is very new but I'll leave a link anyway.

    Love, Kylene

  2. I don't like going into water where I can't have my feet flat on the bottom of something.

    I can't swim, at all and all those attempts at learning only caused severe panic attacks.

    I'll just stick to hanging around in a tube.

  3. OMG that is terrible! I'm sorry you've had bad luck with water.

  4. I was the same with swimming lessons in school. My friend and I never advanced past the first level for the exact same reasons. To this day I still can't swim which only adds to my fear of water. I'm also afraid of whales, because if there is a whale in the water, the water is deep, and if the water is deep, my feet won't touch the bottom with my head above water, and if I can't keep my head above water I'm pretty sure I'll panic and drown. Fun, isn't it? I just stay away from pools. I'm not super confident of my body anyway, so it's just another reason to keep me from swimming. And I'm happy this way, to be honest. I feel like my fear of water has led me to become far more interested in what lurks in the darkest depths. I know I'll never go there, so anything I see in documentaries hasn't spoilt anything for me ;P

    But you really seem to have had some serious bad luck with water! Though I must say I admire the courage you have had to actually go near water so many times, despite all of it. Well done!

  5. Wow! I too have had some crazy experience of water, not as bad as yours, yet I'm never scared of it.
    I was at the lake with my best friends when a girl water skiing in the distance got knocked off and a boat slammed into her head.. it was truly dreadful. Firetrucks on the sand, all that.

    There were really big waves at the lake once, each time these HUGE waves came, they knocked you down. Every time. What I found out was when your closer to the shore, the more awful its. I was walking back to where the towels were, still in the water towards the shore, and my cousin was screaming my name and I turned around and I saw the biggest wave EVER! I managed to plug my nose before it knocked me underwater, and I was spinning violently , and it was so powerful, the wave grabbed my hand from my nose and water rushed up my head :( Not a fun day.

  6. oh my gosh thats terrible!! i dont blame you ;P

  7. Wow! Those are all some very legitimate reasons to hate the water. I was dunked under the water and held there by some lame kid during swimming lessons when I was little. I didn't want to take lessons again, but then my class at school took lessons -- for some reason -- and I fell in love with it again. I actually went all the way to become a lifeguard.

  8. that's really terrible for that neighbor to do that! in high school they make us do swimming for a few weeks and they wanted us to tread water for 10 minutes one day! i had anxiety all month knowing this and i basically lasted only 30 seconds then struggled to the side of the pool and got out. the teacher said i would get an F if i didn't get back in. i said, 'then fail me.' i thought it was just cruel and traumatizing.

  9. I think you have a good reason to NEVER want to stick your head under water! If I had those experiences I would never want to go under water.

  10. oh gosh, i can't believe your neighbor did that to you. how terrible. swimming pools can be really scary. i remember seeing an are you afraid of the dark episode that had to do with a pool monster, and for the longest time i refused to go into a pool whenever i was by myself, or to even be the first one to go in.
    xo TJ

  11. @Alycia

    oh my gosh, same type of experience I had. it was mandatory for us to swim in high school for a week of gym class and i just would not do it. i just kept telling the teacher i left my suit at home hahaha. it is really cruel that they try to make you participate in that, just assuming everyone can swim!!

  12. I thought I was the only one with terrible water experiences! Apparently, not!

    Like the other commenters, I ran into issues in high school when we were forced to swim for at least a month each year! After having a panic attack in the water, my teacher forced me to keep participating.. needless to say, I've never been the same since that!

    I can't even stand to put my face in the water of the shower, something my boyfriend picks on me for!

    This post honestly made my day, it's so great to be able to relate to other people and their fears, I definitely feel less alone! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jen

  13. I had a similar experience to number 3.

    I was in high school and it was that time of year when we had to do swimming. I'm not a strong swimmer at all, I can float and tread, but that's about it.

    My school had two pools. One that was Olympic size and the other was about four feet deep. I was in the shallow pool

    I'm swimming around trying to swim across the pool without having to put my feet on the ground. This boy comes up behind me, grabs my neck and pushes me underwater. I was fighting to get away from him, he eventually let go and when I came up everyone was laughing.

    I can't get in a pool with other people now because I'm scared they are going to try to drown me.

    On another note I'm terrified of any sea vegetable. That's why I refuse to swim in lakes. I have this vision that the weeds will wrap around my leg and I can get loose. And don't get me started on the ocean.


  14. I love swimming and diving and have never had a problem putting my head under water. In fact, I love diving deep in a pool and I love water sports at the lake. Then again, I've never had ANY of the experiences you've had and I hope I never do. Yikes!

  15. I'm on the swim team at my school, so I can't really be too afraid of water!
    I'm terrified of swimming in lakes (the on behind my boyfriends house is filled with gators) and I'm terrified of the ocean! There are all kinds of sharks just off the coast where I live! I'm more afraid of scary sea monsters than I am the water itself!


  16. I am not afraid of sticking my head under, but I am not too fond of water. I don't like going in anything but a pool and I am terrified of all water sports....and water slides. Water parks just disgust me in general. I could go on and on.... :).

  17. I think you are still brave to get in water after all those moments... haha. I would be like, "NOPE, I'm done!" I'm afraid of the ocean, and I live fifteen minutes away from the ocean, haha.

    <3 Ashlynn.

  18. Omg! I can't imagine what you've been through. I myself have always had a great relationship with water (I could swim before I could walk), so I even enjoy getting pummeled in the surf now and again. I'm sorry you had to go through all of those horrible experiences. But I guess me being an island girl and growing up smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean made me love the water (though lakes are still very creepy to me). I hope that some day you are able to conquer your "sticking your head under water" fear so that you can go snorkeling or something someday.

    ♥ Duckie.

  19. see now I am a swimmer. I was on dive team when I was younger, so when i first started reading this post, i was like "what the heck is wrong with dana?!" But thank you for explaining, because I now believe that you have absolutely every right to be afraid of the water!!! How scary to have all those horrible things happen to you!!!

  20. I totally get your fear of being under water. I can't hold my breath, open my eyes under water, or swim very well. I have never dived or jumped into the water unless pushed..and then I too freak out. Haha.

    When I was 5 or 6, my big brother was watching me after his swimming lessons at the community pool. I didn't know how to swim (took my first lesson at age 10) but I ended up falling into the hottub. I went under the water and touched the floor (according to my brother, I only remember being under water). My brother and this other nearby kid jumped in after me. I blame that for my fear of being underwater! I even have a fear of being in a plane, having it crash into the water and drowning....

  21. I have faith that you will conquer this fear one day. Keep your head up girl! (literally) :)

  22. Wow! Those are all HORRIBLE experiences! I do not blame you one bit for being terrified. Usually people only have one story like this not several. :/

  23. Oh my god! My dad had to pull me out of the pool by my hair too! :O I was like 4 years old and I somehow got caught on the creepy crawly thing in my cousins pool and was stuck underwater.. I wasn't wearing floaties either so I got pulled into the deep end. I know I should remember feeling relieved that my Dad rescued me, but all I remember is feeling angry that he pulled me out by my ponytail haha. :P

    - Felicity. x

  24. Awwww. Those are pretty terrible ways. I hate water on my face as well, for the longest time I wouldn't take showers, only baths because of it. It's most likely because of my mom, pretending to put water on my face I'm like that. But even when I was a baby in swim class I didn't like water.

    What can I say, some people aren't water lovers. Unlike my boyfriend....


  25. Wow. This is my story almost verbatim. I too had less-than-helpful swimming lessons and then almost drowned when someone in the pool ran over me with her inner tube. No more splashing or head under the water for me! I've tried forcing myself, but it just gives me feelings of panic.

  26. I am terrified of the ocean or big bodies of water. It just FREAKS me out….

  27. It's crazy how our experiences shape us and the people that we become. I have had similar bad luck with dogs...go figure. I could give you a million stories of all the bizarre and awful things that happened to me as a kid regarding dogs. I could easily go a lifetime without needing to have a dog for a pet but, low and behold I married a dog lover and 3 years later we got a mini dachshund that I really adored. She helped soften me a little and I am thankful for that progress but, honestly..that's about as much progress as I want to make. I just don't like em that much. So, all that to say. I understand and I feel for yah!

  28. When I was around 4, while taking swimming lessons a girl of my class pulled me into the water and I got so scared for life, then at 5 while having a bath, my mom used to fill up the tub, so I could have fun with my dolls and enjoy my bath and at some time I couldn't stick my head underwater because I was afraid of whales! I know, that's stupid and insane, but my moves' noise underwater used to make me feel scared, because I thought it were whales! I'm 15 now and when I get underwater I have to close my eyes a lot and get distracted with some song or so, so I can swim... and still can't hold my breath for too long, I get scared of everything!


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