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On the weekend I worked on perfecting my fake cupcake recipe.
My smoothie was bright purple... though it doesn't look like it here. I don't know why this amused me but I've never had a bright purple smoothie before. Bananas + blackberries. I got this polaroid app for my phone and am kind of obsessed with it.
My adorable goofball. That's his favourite way to lay. Legs twisted to one side, arms on the other. Can't you just eat him up?! Gosh I have the cutest cat ever! haha.

Bear hanging out in his favourite day time seat.
I made some Medium Plushrooms. Very happy with how this one turned out! He is up in my shop now!
Fawn & Flora cards came just in time, and we were officially in business!
Dustin brought me home a super romantic Valentine's day dinner including flowers and McDonalds! haha.

The result of our first day of business! So excited!
A new plush donut that will be debuting in the Wonder Forest shop shortly.

Finished off some blog designs. For Captivated by Grace and Pieces of Luv

This adorable owl plush is from the Heart Felt Design shop!!  Seriously, it is so cute and squishy, you need to go there now!  I keep it sitting above my desk!! 
Until next time friends!

OH I will also be taking my Self Portrait Saturday photos today to post on here. I hope you'll join me and link up your own self portraits tomorrow!!

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  1. I neeeeeeddd money!! For a plushroom!!! :P

    oh, and great job on the blog designs!! :)

  2. I want the plushroom it is adorable. Oh and I wanna hug Bear he looks so cute just sitting there in that picture.

  3. oh dana, your new blog designs came out incredible!!!! i love the look!

  4. Awww the plushroom looks so cute!
    Your cat is so adorable, unfortunately my cat does not sleep in weird positions, maybe I will show her some pics of your sweetie and she might be inspired!

  5. fake cupcake! like really, a real fake cupcake? i totally need that! so i can just look at one and not eat it!

  6. Your kitty and puppy are so cute! And so is that plush donut; totally adorable! I can't wait to get my order, I'm so excited about it!

    xo, Megan

  7. I'm actually really getting psyched about self portrait Saturday! I haven't taken photographs of anything for so long, let alone myself! The one I submitted last week was the first for a long time, but I'm getting quite excited!

  8. Congrats on a successful start to Fawn and Flora!! xoxo

  9. Great blog designs!

    ♥ sécia

  10. I have the polaroid ap but have never tried it. Too addicted to Instagram.

  11. Awww your puppy is soo cute!

    Which polaroid app did you use?

  12. Aw you re-designed one of my favorite bloggers, Erin's blog! I absolutely love it!!!! Great job.

    The new business is awesome! I will be ordering soon- everything is so reasonably priced! :)

    Have a great weekend :)


  13. Cannpt wait to see more of that doughnut!

  14. In love with the plushroom!
    xo Heather

  15. Cute photos! Which app are you using?

  16. Nice post I like it.
    Check out my blog & follow me if you like it. :D


  17. Oh my gosh I love Bear! Is he/she a Maltese? I had one of those... She was the sweetest, happiest dog ever and seriously thought she was bigger than our German Shepherd. (But isn't that always how little dogs are, too big for their britches? ;) Anyway, she eventually passed at the ripe old age of 16. Even my hubby loved her, and he swears he hates little dogs. Funny thing though, he gets all gooey and lovey whenever he sees one. Silly man...

  18. woot woot to those new and darn cute biz cards!!!! um and my idea of a romantic dinner too ; )

    gosh how i love a great smoothie and i've been going nuts for blackberries recently, their price dropped in the grocery store so i've been buying them by the case. awesome! between the fur babies and plush toys i'm smitten with happily batting eyes.

    rad blog designs, you just have got to be the worlds best life, work balancer. teach me pleaseeeee! happy new week wishes. xo ♥

  19. I want that plushie doughnut so bad. He's a-dough-rable. =]

  20. These are great pictures! Your cat is simply ADORABLE! :)


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