a weekend in photos

This weekend sure was a busy one! I like busy weekends though, it makes me feel like I accomplished all of those little things that I wasn't able to do throughout the week.  If I have nothing to do on the weekend, I honestly feel useless. Dustin is the complete opposite, and he can vouch for me telling him how useless I feel if I have nothing to do pretty much every time.

On Saturday my mom came over and we made some crafts!  We spent the day in my "craft studio" trying out ideas for Fawn & Flora and figuring out how to make these pom poms:

I also gave Bear a much needed bath and haircut. He looks so handsome now!

More crafts....

I made a ton of smoothies over the weekend too. I am obsessed. My favourite consists of 2 bananas, crushed ice, pineapple juice, and a couple strawberries.

I had a bunch of orders to pack up and ship off too! I'm using this cute heart tissue paper for packaging this month ;)

Finally, I spent a good 3 hours making up another fox for an order. These little guys take SO long for some reason. He's off to a new home now though!

I also marveled at how long my hair is getting...

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. that little fox is the sweetest thing ever! and i love your hair. make me sad i chopped mine off!

  2. That fox is probably the coolest thing ever! It came out amazing!
    I love weekends that are packed, I don't like just sitting around when I'm free of school/work. You definitely had a packed weekend!

  3. what a fun weekend! i'm glad you got to hang with your mom and make projects and that fox is adorbs! you and bear both look good too lol

  4. i love love love that little fox! and your hair is really cute!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  5. That little fox! I heart it so much :) I feel the same way if my weekend isn't busy...completely useless.
    Oh and I love the tissue paper...very cute!

  6. Oooh I love craft time!! That sweet little fox is absolutely adorable. :)

    There are some weekends where I don't want to do anything and just lay around the house, then there are the other moments where I have to be doing something every minute to feel accomplished.

    Happy Monday, friend!

  7. Your little pup is so cute! He really does look freshly primmed and pressed! :D My dogs would never let me wash them, let alone other certain furry beasts that certainly need it!

    And I am just in love with those foxes! I got myself a gift certificate for Wonder Forest not too long ago, but for now, it seems it's destined to become a tall fawn :D ♥ But foxes are adorable. There was one that used to raom around the streets where I lived. He was so friendly and would lie in peoples front gardens to nap in the sun. But, I think he got a little too comfortable, because he died a few months ago :( must have been hit by a car, but whoever did it moved him onto the grass beneath the trees by the side of the road :( it was so sad...

  8. That fox is so darling. I can see how much work and love you put into it.


  9. Eek! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fox!



  10. Your puppy Bear makes me SO happy everytime I see him :)

  11. sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! The first photo is so beautiful.

  12. What a fun, relaxing weekend. I love that fox. I need to have one. And you're seriously gorgeous.

  13. @Kirtley. Snowdrift Designs

    aw you're sweet :)
    and relaxing it really wasn't haha. i was GO GO GO the whole time with so many tasks to complete! :)

  14. A craft studio? Envy.

    We were sick this weekend so we didn't do much. I also hate doing nothing on a weekend because I feel like I've wasted my short time away from work, but when I'm sick it's a different story. We needed some down time.

  15. Such beautiful images...loved my stay here at your blog and couldn't quit browsing through the older posts. New follower here, obviously! =)
    Kristina J.

  16. Aww Bear does look handsome! I looove that cute little fox! So adorable :)
    Also your hair looks lovely, I wish mine was that long!


  17. what a busy weekend! :) love your sweet new fox and I adore that picture of you! :) gorgeous!

  18. what a busy weekend! :) love your sweet new fox and I adore that picture of you! :) gorgeous!

  19. what a busy weekend! :) love your sweet new fox and I adore that picture of you! :) gorgeous!

  20. Lovely photos. Very sweet. You're hair is beautiful.

    ♥ sécia

  21. i love that fox! this was a very chill weekend:) did some Home Depot shopping and that's about it:)

  22. This little fox is the sweetest thing I ever seen!
    My weekend?
    At home,looking out the window at the snow drinking an hot chocolate with marshmallow and spending time with my family.I feel useless if I don't make something creative, but sometimes I need spend a day in pijamas! ;D

  23. pretty pictures! Looks like you had a pretty good weekend.

  24. so perfect!
    and giving dogs a bath and a little haircut is just the best :)
    xo TJ

  25. Lovely pics...you look so gorgeous...also you doggie is amazing!!!
    visit my blog on http://laviecestchic.blogspot.com
    xoxo Marika


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