The Hunger Games ...Opinions from a non-fan.

I saw The Hunger Games last night and wanted to give my honest thoughts without trying to spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet. I actually had no idea what this movie even was, and had never read the book.  I became curious after seeing so many fellow bloggers going nuts over the fact that this movie was being made, all the way up to its release.

Honestly, it was a decent movie. Was it great? In my opinion, it was nothing spectacular. I felt like it was very much made for those who had read the book and kind of left the rest of us out in the dark a bit.  It was all very fast paced, which I actually tend to like in a movie because that leaves little overly drawn out scenes. However, at times it did feel rushed. I understand that they had to fit a whole book into a 2.5 hour movie, but I wish there was some more emphasis on certain things.  For example, the deaths all happened so quickly. We're left to wonder what happened to half of the cast. I guess if you read the book you're supposed to already know what happened, but that's an easy example of leaving us non-Hunger Games fans out in the dark.

Secondly, the whole idea of "The Hunger Games" in general is obviously a weird and unrealistic concept, but in a way I guess it just seemed kind of flawed to me. Why were these communities of people simply going along with it all? How did the Capital come to power and have such an insane amount of control over the people? Why were they interfering with the game and essentially killing off people on their own when the whole point was to see how long the tributes could last on their own (that part just didn't seem fair to me, especially if people are supposedly bidding on each district)? This stuff I thought could have been explained a bit better. I'm sure it all made sense for people who had read the book, but for everyone else that hadn't, it seemed like we were just thrown into the story.

I think I just expected to see a lot more things that seemed to be missing from the story.... more story building I guess. The sponsors and bidding on the tributes was something that I thought was going to make it more interesting, but aside from a few instances, this didn't seem help build the story at all. I also found much of it very predictable, even having not read the book. Dustin and I were actually calling what would happen next throughout the film, and it would happen just as we envisioned. I like some element of surprise to my movies, and this one didn't really give me any of that.

One major thing I needed to point out was something that I am SO confused about after reading other fan's reviews of the movie.  They were so enamored with the whole relationship between Katniss and Peeta, and I honestly just don't understand it. I didnt feel the love between the two at ALL. I didn't even know that they were supposed to be in love until reading other fan reviews.

The history of the two was rushed, and from what I gathered they didn't even know each other well. Sure there were flashbacks of one scene from their past when They looked at each other after he did a nice deed for her but I felt absolutely no love from that... In fact I thought that she and the other dude from her district were more into each other than her and Peeta. It kind of surprised me when they suddenly had brief emotions for one another, but even then I didn't consider it a love thing, I just thought that they were sticking together because they were team mates.  I felt as though the whole "couple" thing, if anything, was forced so that the sponsors would fall for this "young love" story. Am I the only one who felt this way!?  Even near the end she was almost hesitant to show the world that they were a "couple".

Being that everything happened so quickly, at the end we were left thinking "oh, that's it? What was the fuss about?"

As I said though, it wasn't a terrible movie, it was still a pretty decent movie, I just don't really understand the obsessiveness with it, and it wouldn't be something that I'd watch again.

On a positive note, I thought the acting was great, the set design was awesome, and I was kind of excited to see my first musical love and past client Lenny Kravitz appear, with his glamorous gold eyeliner and all (lol).

I know my opinions probably greatly differ from those who were fans of the book which is totally understandable. I know how it feels to be completely in love with a story and see it translated to the big screen. When I was a kid my favourite book was Tuck Everlasting and when that was finally made into a movie I was stoked! Barely anybody had heard of it before but I was completely in awe with it. It brought back so many childhood memories just thinking about the short novel. The movie turned out to be exactly as I had pictured everything in my head, from the set design to the characters... Everything. So I can completely understand how something like this can excite the fans.

So there you have it. Now try not to hate me, Hunger Games friends..? ;)

Discuss your thoughts with us in the comments!

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  1. enjoyed your review as a non-fan. my husband hasn't read the books either but liked the movie too. he had questions, as you did, about certain things. all i can say is read the books!! some of the questions you brought up aren't even answered until the final book - so they were a mystery to the readers until then too. :)

  2. So wait... is there going to be another Hunger Games movie, or did the movie roll up all the books into one single 2 hour story?

  3. You really just need to read the book and it will answer all of your questions. :) I know a movie is supposed to do that for you, and you're honestly the only person that I know of who didn't enjoy it (whether they've read the books or not). So give the books a try! :)

  4. well, i don't hate you, even if i am a die-hard hunger games fan. i do suggest, though, that you read the first book, just so you can understand more of what was happening in the movie. :)
    -jocee <3

  5. I can't believe you find the premise unrealistic! My book club met to talk about the books this week and we all brought up how upon further examination it's not really far off from a lot of societies - think child soldiers. Perhaps for North Americans it seems hard to imagine but unfortunately, a lot of countries see much different realities.

  6. i would recommend reading the books. It is a good story and will answer all of the questions that you are curious about.

  7. I haven't seen the movie and I don't plan on doing so. All the "flaws" you talked about here are in the book too....and honestly that is exactly the reason why I didn't like the book. It's rushed, it's not thought through and the whole love story thing just does not make any sense at all to me. It was a decent book and all but I honestly can not understand all the hype about it. But I have books that I find fantastic that other people think are the worst....so...as usual...everybody has there own taste. Which is great.

    But it's nice to know I'm not the only not-lover of Hunger games out there ^^

  8. Haha, I liked your review as someone who didn't read the books. I read them and LOVED them, but I always leave disappointed when I see a movie based off a book because they leave so much out. I am always curious about what people would think if they hadn't read the book so I'm happy to know! I agree with a lot of the things you mentioned too, even as a reader.
    In the book it is more obvious that Katniss is just trying to win the sponsors over with their "love story" (for the most part). I was really disappointed with the lack of build up around their relationship, because it doesn't show what either of their true feelings were.
    You should definitely read the book. There is so much more going on in Katniss' head that was obviously really hard to portray properly with acting alone.

  9. @Gentri

    oh don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't enjoy it, i just didn't think it was as crazy amazing as everybody keeps making it out to be :\. as a movie in general, it was still decent. i just wouldn't call it one of my all time favs.

  10. @Meg @ Mr.C and Me

    yeah i'm confused too, is there going to be another movie??

  11. Yay! Major props for writing this! I thought I was the only person that just isn't into the Hunger Games hype. My friends just roll their eyes when I express that I have no interest in reading the books, and with a restless little one, don't have the time (nor confidence I'd stay awake) to spend 2.5 hrs watching something I'm not dying to see.
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. I've never read the books or seen the movie. It just doesn't look like something that interests me. I have people tell me all the time, give it a chance. Maybe I should? But still... It isn't that interesting to me.

    There's going to be a second movie that covers the second book.

    My hubby has read them and loves it. He thinks I will like it, but I don't know.

    Oh yeah, and I've read Tuck Everlasting. I loved that story when I was little.

  13. I think that is all very observant. I have had the books for a couple of years, but I haven't read them. my husband started HUNGER GAMES, but put it down. I just never got around to trying it out for myself.

    One thing about making a book into a movie is that I always feel like you shouldn't have to read the book to know the premise. Some people just aren't readers, and they prefer to see a movie. I don't think those aren't big readers should have to miss out. Even the little things, like the connection between characters you mentioned. That is all in how well the actors portray their roles. There won't be any chemistry present if there isn't any chemistry, you know?!

  14. I like your feedback, but like everyone else on here said You have to read the book. Also Katniss is not in love with Peeta in the begining. It is a "show" to save both their lives. She is more concerned about her sister and mother. I read the books and to the people of the capital it is a show and drama for them. Two people in love who have to fight till the death is more amusing. There were some aspects of the movie that disappointed me, but only because it is hard to fit a book into 2.5 hours. I do not look at this so much as a "love story".

  15. @Stephanie [Luxe Boulevard]

    i totally agree about how you shouldn't have to read a book to know the premise if it's been made into a movie. we shouldn't have to go out and get the book just to clear up our confusion about the movie.

    take for example Twilight. I had never read those books. I still enjoyed the movies. Again i didn't think they were AMAZING but i did enjoy them more than this one, because the story was easier to follow and the actual love connections WERE present. I feel like I know what Twilight is about just by viewing the movies, no books needed.

  16. I listened to the audiobook before I saw the movie. And I agree the movie felt rushed and they left a lot of things out that were essential in the book.

    I suggested reading the books, they are better than the movie was, but I did enjoy the movie.

    daydreams & destinies

  17. I haven't read the book (haven't had time for it) nor watched the movie but you made me want to watch it more and see it myself. Maybe I'll go on a movie date this weekend. :)


  18. I haven't seen the movie - so I won't give an opinion on that, but I will comment on your idea that the concept is unrealistic and thinking that all of these people would let the government have so much control and that it could never happen. In reality, it has already happened. Look at Germany, the Holocaust. How about present day North Korea. What's scary about this story, I think, is how close we really are to this scenario. Just my 2 cents.

  19. I just wrote a review almost 100% the same as yours on my blog last week and it seems I was the only one who felt that way people seemed really mad at me for not thinking it was all that LOL..

    Well about her and the guy they were not in love she played him to win the game although he did not know that as you see in the end.

    The rest I agree on but they say the books were much better.

  20. Good points Dana. I saw it without reading the books and felt very similar. It was definitely made for fans of the book.
    However, I think the strangeness of the hunger games was a good play on society.
    We gawk at media coverage of wars and sit back while people are murdered and do very little. The game that the media makes of tragedies in our world really reminded me of the fanfair and game they made of watching these young people kill each other un the fictional hunger games.

  21. I can totally understand why the movie would seem rushed.

    First, in the beginning of the movie, they mentioned that there was a past rebellion, and the Hunger Games are now a symbol of that and a reminder... which is why each district has to make a "sacrifice"
    So when it comes to the Capitol's "power", it's kind of all brain-washing, don't you think? And propaganda. Which could totally be related to even our own government.
    Also, the districts don't even communicate with each other... so if say, a rebellion against the Hunger Games were happening in one, the next district would have no idea... and then the Capitol would just come in and enforce law and order. (It's totally a dictatorshop)

    I think there are so many characters would go into the Hunger Games, and so many of them do die, that it would be pointless to get emotionally connected to them. They connect you to the characters that you are suppose to connect with. (Katniss, Peeta, Rue)

    The obsession with the love story between Katniss and Peeta is most likely coming from the second book. And will be hugely incorporated into the second movie (it's going to be a trilogy... the studio wouldn't stand for not capitolizing on this one)
    But there are subtle things you can take from it, like the note that Katniss got from Haymitch "You call that a kiss?"
    Her resistance is an important thing to pick up on, so I think you hit the nail on the head there.

    There's always more details explained in a book, because obviously a movie can't be 5 hours long... but I think they did the best they could with it.

    I really enjoyed the first book of the Hunger Games, and then my interest kind of trailed off from there, but all in all they are good stories. I'm curious to see what they make of the following movies.

    ... Also, my boyfriend had never read the books and was totally predicting the entire movie, and even well into the second book too. Predictability seems to be a trend with these types of stories. You kind of just have to take them for what they are.

  22. WOW. My apologies for the extreme length of that comment!!!

  23. @Seth's Mommy

    Hmm ok i somewhat agree with that if you're comparing it to the holocaust, etc., but as for virtual forests and obstacles and they way they executed everything in the movie, highly unrealistic.

  24. I am a fan of the book and I feel the same way about the movie as you do!

    1. It was a bit too rushed! Especially when it comes to the parts what should be more emotional.

    2. Katniss and Peeta's relationship isn't developed enough in the movie. If you haven't read the book you wouldn't get the whole story.

  25. I actually just wrote about this on my blog the other day and I'm actually a Hunger Games fan. Well when it comes to the books. You are 100% RIGHT about Katniss and Peeta's relationship. Even when I read the books I didn't understand why everyone "wanted that love". What it seemed like to you was the truth! He really is supposed to be in love with her but she is actually in love with Gale and after they win she really does have to "pretend" to still be in love with him since that's basically what made her win (and so she doesn't "defy" the capitol again). So I literally have never understood why everyone is so in love with their "love". It's not a love story! LOL!

    <3 Rae


  26. @Gina

    You girls commenting about the play on society bring up good points. I can see how it could be a like play on society, media, and even government, but in a really extreme sense.

  27. Ahhh, I've been looking for someone like you! I read the books years ago and was slightly obssessed. When my husband and I saw the movie, I kept saying "But I wonder what someone who had no knowledge about the premise of the story would think." For instance, Gale mentions in the movie that his name is in the drawing 42 times. What they don't explain well is that you get a bag of grain everytime you put your name in. So starving families are forced to put their children's names in the lotto multiple times in order not to starve. Katniss hunts, and slaves to ensure that Prim will never have to do that.

    Also, you said, "I felt as though the whole "couple" thing, if anything, was forced so that the sponsors would fall for this "young love" story." You are completely right. In the 1st book, she isn't in love with Peeta. She's putting on a show in order to survive. Her sister is the only thing she is thinking about. Unfortunately for Peeta, he doesn't realize she's doing all of those things for show. But more of that in Book 2 :-) To be honest, in the books she isn't sure how she feels about Gale either. She decided a long time ago that she would never have children, which means she would never be in love. She's kind of forced to think about those things as the series goes on. What I think guys enjoyed about this series is that her focus isn't really on the love story. Katniss has much more of a guys' mentality, and wants to focus on the games. Peeta on the otherhand has been in love with Katniss for some time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your opinion! As much as I loved the movie, I did worry that some things weren't going to across as well as they did in the books, in a couple of hours.

  28. i loved this review! i just saw the movie last night, and i liked it - but i felt it missed out on a lot of the book. there was very little character development and relationship development.

    also katnis does not love peeta - there relationship is forced at least on her part.

    the book is WAY better than the movie!



  29. Also, during the reaping scene, when Effie Trinket makes them watch that movie clip, it kinda gives the back history really quickly about the capitol. At one point the districts did revolt, but they lost, and the hunger games are a punishment for ever trying to revolt against the capitol in the first place. The people are absolutely terrified to try and revolt again, and are oppressed beyond belief.

  30. First of all, I am a huge fan of the books. I just wanted to point out that I find it funny that you didn't realize Katniss and Peeta are "supposed to be in love", because in the books their relationship is actually exactly as you described it.

    What I took away from the books was that Katniss and Peeta don't really fall in love with each other until book 3. In Katniss's mind, she's just going along with it for sponsorship. It becomes a bit more complicated than that when she does start to fall for him (in the other books) and she comes to find out that he's loved her all along.

    Anyway, I liked hearing your take on that. Ultimately I think the movie tried too hard to make fans of the books happy (and yeah, I really liked the movie) versus thinking about what people who haven't read the books would understand.

    Also, I loved the movie version of Tuck Everlasting. I thought they cast that perfectly.

  31. Oh, and this movie was definitely based on just the first book. I'm pretty sure there will be two more movies made to correspond with the two other books.

  32. @Amira

    Yeah that is another thing... that movie they played was SO QUICK. I honestly didn't even catch anything they said long enough for it to sink in. That was the only reference they made to why the world was like that, and I wish they would have expanded on it a bit more. It was almost as if they just threw that bit in so that we would understand :\

  33. I haven't read the books, not have I seen the movie, so it's interesting to read an objective opinion from a non-groupie ;) so to speak. I was wondering if the movie would stand alone on its own as a film, apart from the books -- looks like the answer is no! :)

  34. Interesting thoughts from a non-fan! :) You hit it head on about being confused unless you read the book because I would agree with that.

    I did read the books and loved the movie. Although, of course the movie didn't do the book justice, as in every book to movie case, but it was pretty good!

    You're also right about the relationship between Katniss and Peeta being forced for the sponsers because that is pretty much what happened. If you had read the book, you would have been able to read all of her thoughts and see what was going through her head during the whole kissing/taking care of Peeta scenes.

    Everything was downplayed so much, I would highly encourage you to not only read the first book, but all of them. I was in love!


  35. I've read the first book and just saw the movie yesterday. I was slightly disappointed. One - I hate who they chose to play peeta - his character in the book is much better than in the movie and I didn't picture him like his character in the movie at all. Two - You could see no growing love between peeta and katnis. In the book you watch it come to life. They did a poor job of showing the beginning - especially Gale scaring off that deer & her not hitting it the first time - that wouldn't have happened. I think they definitely should have gone into more detail in the beginning because for those who haven't read the book it would make a little more sense.

    I recommend reading the book - it's far better than the movie.

  36. I am not big on reading, and have not read the books. I did go with friends to watch the movie and I did have to have a lot explained to me also. I liked the movie, but the story line does leave me a little bit like "whaaatt?"

    The thought of a government controlling kids to participate in these hunger games and making them kill their own kind instead of the gov. doing it sounds awful. And the reason for the games is to remind them that they destroyed the 13th district and that they could do it again to any of the other districts if they don't obey. Therefore, they make these teenagers kill each other instead. And, that these districts are so poor that they have to enter their names just to get food and supplies, and in turn, the more you enter, the better your chances are you will be picked for the games.

    Does that kinda sound awful is it just me!?!!!!!

    As a movie, it was entertaining. And I will watch the others for sure. I just went into the theater not knowing much other than everyone loved them and it surprised me a little to see this was the overall storyline. Also, I did cheat hear what happens which makes me look forward to them more and I think I will enjoy the series as a whole!

  37. this post is awesome. i totally and completely understand where you are coming from. i am a "book fan" -- but i remeber thinking that i don't think the movie would be a success on it's own if there wasn't the book fan-base. so interesting to read this!

    i did a post about my opinions (http://wanderingsofmissdane.blogspot.com/2012/03/just-call-me-katniss.html) -- and like you mention the on-screen relationships between katniss and peeta AND katniss and gale (the "boy from her district") were not very well done. so you are right to be confused! they are far more complicated, but well explained, in the books.


  38. ha, well we could never hate you because obviously we just adore your blog. it's probably true though. i'm sure if you had read the books a lot more things would have made sense. as far as the relationship between katniss and peeta, i think it's better laid out in the second book. after i had read the first first i was a katniss + gale kind of girl, but with everything peeta and katniss went through together in the hunger games, they have this deeper understanding and connection.

    in all honesty, you MUST read the books.

    oh, and what is this with lenny kravitz being a past client!?!?!

    xo TJ

  39. The book is so good and that's what made the movie enjoyable for me. I didn't really have to think about what was happening in the movie because I did understand everything that was going on. But Katniss and Peeta's love is so much better in the book, especially as you read more into the next books. That's one big thing I don't think the movie did justice to. But you should definitely read them!

  40. Actually in the first book they are not really in love. THey are just pretending to get help from sponsors. they fall in love later on, and it's more on peeta's side. Katniss likes gale, the other dude from back home.

  41. I really loved this post. You gave your honest opinions without completely trashing the movie. I definitely agree with you that the movie was made for the fans of the books. I've read all three books, and I knew exactly what was going on, and didn't need any back story because I had read the books. But, a couple of my friends that went to the movie with me who had not read the books were totally confused.

  42. Great movie review! I haven't seen it yet and, honestly, after everything I've heard, my husband and I will probably wait to redbox it. Don't get me wrong, I loved the books, but have heard this movie was very disjointed. I think that alot of the explanations that were left out (ie: the mockingjay pin, which was a HUGE aspect in the books) will be included in the second and third movies. Do read the books, if you get the opportunity, but here are a few things to answer your questions.
    SPOILER ALERT: Peeta has always been in love with Katniss, but I don't think she really realizes she loves him until later on. Even then, I'm not 100% she is really in love with him. She never says she loves him. He asks her and she responds, but she also says that she knows that she can't survive without him and that's why she responds this way. She played up their relationship in the Hunger Games to get food and supplies sent to them, but they were only a fake couple (in her mind) after the games. The Capitol has so much control over the districts because there was a previous uprising and one district was completely destroyed, so now the remaining twelve comply because of fear. The war that included the destruction of the thirteenth district is what lead to the Capitol going to such insane measures too. They hold the Hunger Games to remind the districts of the consequences of the previous revolt. Also, the Capitol has been in control for 75 years, so these people have been raised to fear them. Last, the Capitol interferes in the games to make the games more entertaining for the viewers. They do want to see who can hold out, but they also want the viewers to "have a good show" so they have traps set up throughout the arena that go off whenever someone is in that particular section of the arena. Like I said, I think more will be explained in the later movies.
    Honestly, I didn't like the first book, so I'm not bummed about waiting for it to come out to rent. However, the second and third books are great! Thanks for your review and sorry for the LONG post :)

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Hi everyone, its my first comment here. I've been following this site for a couple of weeks now. And I become addicted, dana your posts are super funny, and when I get home everyday I go to your web to check out new stuff. Keep going just like this, you're doing great, loved all your post, diy, blog tips, .....
    Sorry for my english if it's not quiet good, I'm a bit rusty.
    I'm from Argentina, and I saw the movie on sunday, and when I read your post today it was like you were there with me when I saw it, I totally felt the same. I liked the movie, but I was expecting a bit more, I guess because of all the advertising of the last few weeks. Best part was when I literally jump in my sit when the beast came out of the dark. lol
    I have not read the book yet but I will in a few days because everyone keeps saying its better than the movie.
    Ok Its goodbye for now.
    xoxo (just like gossip girl, dont know why or when I stopped watching the show, maybe I'll start it again)

  45. I've read the first book, but not the other two. I watched the movie with two guys who had no clue what the story line was other than the whole fight to the death thing. They didn't understand the motivations of characters, etc. either. It felt like the movie was focusing on the blood and bang, but it really needed a lot more of the political/social back ground. Without the history, so many things that should have been important looked like nothing.

    I've heard there are going to be three more movies. I guess they're dividing the third book into two movies? Sigh.

  46. I'm a massive fan of the books and the movies just disappointed me :-( I totally feel how rushed it is like you said. They didn't really cut out anything or change anything major so I'm not worried about that but it was just a bad screen adaption and I can understand how confused someone would be watching it without reading the books! They should have had a voice over from Katniss to convey her thoughts similar to Twilight, I feel it adds more of a flow. Oh and the relationship between Katniss and Peeta was oddly portrayed. It's Peeta that is actually in love with Katniss but she is just acting in the books (at least in the first one). I didn't feel that in the movie! Overall I was very sad and disappointed :-(

  47. I saw the movie without any knowledge of the book or story, and was there with 2 friends who read the book. They had to explain A LOT to me. I did enjoy the movie, but I agree with your review! I had NO idea that Peeta actually had feelings for Katniss prior to going to the hunger games, and I was very confused as to if Katniss had some feelings for him too (although I think we're not supposed to be sure about her feelings) I didn't feel the love at all either. It really really bothered me that they didn't try to refuse to participate in the games in some way...the whole time I kept thinking WHY DON'T THEY TRY AND REBEL? It seemed silly to not at least try. I wish that was explained more, how they HAD to participate. Also, I had no idea that Cato (sp?) was trained since birth, that would have been helpful to know!

  48. I hate when people see movies based on books, and have not read the books. Clearly it was made for fans. Just like Twilight and harry potter.

  49. @The Wishful Lamb

    the difference with those though... is that you didn't HAVE to read the books to fully understand the movies. I never read either, and though i have never seen Harry Potter, I fully grasped everything Twilight was trying to convey and enjoyed the movies. the whole point of making a book into a movie is to translate it into "real life" and share the story with a broader audience. You shouldn't have to go back and reference the book if you didn't understand the movie.

  50. I loved the movie! But I totally respect your opinion :)

    The thing with Katniss and Peeta was that they weren't really in love. It was more of a thing to get them sponsors and fans, so they could get help to win. Peeta did actually like Katniss, but once it came to staying alive, he made sure he emphasized "how much he loved her".

    Also, the Capitol was killing off some tributes (such as Katniss), because they feel the need to, since they are the Capitol, and they have the power. They wanted the games to end quicker, and actually wanted to make people frustrated. That's kind of the way the Capitol works, was to do things the way that the Capitol wanted to.

    Hope this helped you with some questions!

  51. wow! some of the responses here are quite tense! lol I haven't seen the movie yet but have read the books and I think most people have commented telling you the basis behind the Katniss and Peata relationship. The books are written first person (in Katniss voice) so the death of the other tributes really isn't too involved in the book either as she doesn't whiteness most of them. As for the love story, like everyone said, it's supposed to look forced, especially for Katniss. She thought Peata was faking and you get that narrative in the book, she's super impressed with his dedication to the lie but confused by some of the things he says.
    And not to ruin the series, but that's kind of my thing lol, in the 2nd book the districts start to rebel and the third book is the war against the capital. Even in the books though, in regards to the love story, they don't go into much detail. One minute Katniss is confused about how she feels, the next they are in love and married. It's put together in about 2 paragraphs! lol
    There are going to be 4 movies in total I believe, they are splitting the last book into two movies, just like twilight.
    As for the story line being unrealistic or extreme I think the thing to remember there is that the books are intended for young readers/teens... lol, I think all those books are written with extreme/unrealistic scenarios!
    Thanks for you opinion on the movie! I'm assuming most of the hype is due to over crazed fans.

  52. Dana,

    I love the "May the Odds . . " print but when I click on your source it doesn't show up in Etsy. Do you remember where you got the image from? I'd love to get it!

  53. I read the book and did not think that the movie was amazing. It was good. But like you said, nothing spectacular. And I did not feel the love between Peeta and Katniss either. That disappointed me. They left out alot from the book.

  54. I don't think you have to read the book. It's a stand alone film and one of the best adaptations I've ever seen. The concept is not at all unbelievable, you know what humans are like, cruel and power hungry. If half the world was wiped out something like this is NOT far from realistic.
    The kids were killed off quickly to illustrate just how brutal the situation is!
    It was a great film from a non-book reader's POV, as my boyfriend would testify, you just had to concentrate harder!

  55. The people don't really go along with it. It was the punishment for an earlier rebellion, and if they did it again the punishment would be even worse (which is hard to imagine). And I agree, some things you really had to read the book to understand. But you should most definitely read the books! The are super great!

  56. I am a recent fan of the books, I read all three in a couple of days and then went to see the film, so the books were fresh in my mind and my thoughts on the film were that they didn't explain the reason for the hunger games, why the people were poor, and why the capitol were in charge in enough depth at all. They also missed out a very important character (Madge) or at least she's important in my mind anyway, and they changed some of the deaths which annoyed me. Also, they didn't bring the message across of what the books are all about. Which, to me, is how governments have all the power, and at the end of the day we are at their mercy - we have no idea of what goes on behind closed doors, and the idea in the film of the people fighting back is just like riots in our society or unpatriotic people being punished for having different views.

    However, I liked how they used a lot of lines from the books - I found myself sitting there reciting them (how sad am I haha) and I also think Josh Hutcherson portrayed Peeta perfectly!

    Anyhow, the books really did make me think about life and how screwed up our world is to put it bluntly, so I would advise for you to read the books as I promise it really will enlighten you and make you think differently about society - I know I did!

    Sorry if this is a bit lengthy!

  57. Hey Dana,

    I'm a huge Hunger Games fan but I must say I appreciated your honest opinion. I agree that a movie is meant to be straightforward and easy to grasp however when the book is transferred into a movie it's mainly for the fans that have read the books, right? I mean I'm guessing they're the target audience and also some people would watch the movie and then get curious and want to read it? I felt the same way with Harry Potter and Twilight. :)



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