Photoshop 101 for Beginners - Erasing Skin Imperfections

I mentioned a little while ago that I would throw together a quick little tutorial about how to get rid of blemishes in Photoshop. This technique is SO easy and can be used for tons of stuff... removing objects from photos, fixing imperfections, etc.

For this tutorial, I grabbed a photo online of Megan Fox with pimples. Her mouth really started to bother me half way through but I didn't feel like choosing someone else and redoing everything. We're going to help her out though, at least in one area. We're going to magically erase her zits and take her from this, to this:

1.  Open up Photoshop and select the photo you want to edit. Zoom in on the problem area with the zoom tool.

2. We're going to be using the "Patch Tool" for this. With small issues, you could just use the Clone tool, but I personally like this method better because the Clone tool doesn't tend to blend well. If you click and hold down the icon above the paint brush, you'll be able to select the Patch Tool.

3. After selecting the Patch Tool, look at the top menu under the navigation bar. This little radio button should be selected as Source.

With your Patch Tool ready, click and hold to draw a circle around the blemish or problem area. Let go when done. Now, click and drag the center of the area you just circled. You're going to want to drag it to a blemish free spot. As you do this, you can see that the image inside of your circled area changes to match the area you are dragging it to.

Press CTRL + D to deselect the area. You'll see that Photoshop automatically blends the area together. Here is our "after":

4.  Now let's fix the rest of her face!  Doing the same thing as above, we can turn this:

Into this!:

Pretty easy, right? Now I bet you feel like going back and fixing up some of your photos!  Hope you enjoyed this one. Next time, I'll teach you how to smooth out the skin entirely... and no, it doesn't happen with the "blur" tool.  (I see all of you blur tool culprits and will change your ways!)

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  1. Oh gosh, I hate the face she's making! hah I wouldn't have started over either though. I never use the patch tool for whatever reason, thanks for reminding me that it exists!

  2. Wow that expression she's making hmm not so great. I have photoshop and still learning how to use this thing! I worked for Adobe for awhile and would get these programs for a great deal but didnt know how use them hehe. Awesome tutorial.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, I LOVE photoshop tutorials!!

  4. Just tried it out. It is amazing! Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for this little tutorial! I use Photoshop from time to time, but I didn't know this before. :)

  6. It makes me feel better about my own skin problems to know she has pimples too! Ha.

    Along Abbey Road

  7. fabulous :) thanks for sharing girl!

  8. I need to get photoshop so badly :) Love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I don't understand photoshop at all, like how do you upload a photo? Lol. Thanks for sharing, I need to learn how to use photoshop so I can put all these tutorials to work. :)

  10. LOL, is it a little mean I found it funny that you used Megan Fox? I hate when people claim her to be "gorgeous" and I always respond saying, "but she has terrible skin!"


  11. Hahaha her mouth annoyed me as soon as I read what you put as well, argh! Thanks so much for this though xx

  12. You are so right... her mouth is making me a bit crazy... stop stop!

  13. This post was extremely helpful! I'm trying to reintegrate myself into the photoshop world, so this definitely gave me the push and motivation I needed! Thanks so much :)

  14. I actually laughed when I read "Were going to help her out though...". Haha. I love photoshop tutorials. I have been trying so hard to learn more about it, but it's an intimidating program. You should definitely have more of these!

  15. Thank you so much, I'm totally in need for as much PS help as I can get!
    And her mouth in this shot IS freakishly annoying!
    Sway xx

  16. I love when you do these! Thanks so much miss!!

  17. Photoshopping is pretty bad I think. It looks totally different. She is still extremely pretty, even with some pimpels.



  18. @Romy van K.

    Hmmm I disagee. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fixing something that distracts you from the whole of a photo. I say if it takes away from the photo, get rid of it. If we were photoshopping someone to be super skinny or something, then yeah I have a problem with that, but there's nothing wrong with making a better composition by eliminating or correcting distracting components.


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