self portrait saturday: eyes.

If you were reading my blog throughout the week, I mentioned that this weekend's Self Portrait Saturday theme would be EYES.

During all of my self picture taking, I've found that my own comfort in front of the camera comes from my eyes. When you're focusing on what your eyes are doing, they seem to overpower everything else and help the rest of your body convey your emotion. I hope I explained that right and made sense!

With my shots, I went a little heavier on the eye makeup and lighter on the rest of my face to draw attention to my eyes. Dark makeup just works in photos. Try swapping your brown eyeshadow with a black shade in photos and you'll see the difference!

Here are my shots:

Third one is kind of creepy to me but I'm happy with how the others turned out!  I used my same 50mm I use for everything, set up a floral backdrop, and set myself across from a window. I used a handmade reflector to bounce some of the light back on me thanks to Julie's tutorial!

Things I learned:
- Using a reflector is great and helps even out the lighting
- When I think about my eyes, I think less about other facial features, which can be a good thing because I tend to stiffen up when thinking about other parts.
- Photoshop is my BFF for blemishes. As I mentioned earlier this week, my face is at it's absolute worst right now in the hormonal breakout department, so obviously I had to fix that before frightening you all away. I'll probably do an easy tutorial on here soon about how to get rid of spots and blemishes, yes?  I always say, if something doesn't add anything to a photo, or even takes away from it's overall feel, get rid of it!

One of my favs from last week's linkup:

Lauren was so FIERCE in her photos! Seriously, the confidence was booming. That's what this is all about, people!

Time to grab your cameras and play along! Show me those gorgeous EYES! Don't forget to grab this button and add it to your post :) I want other people to see it and play along! Spread the self portrait love!

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  1. I've always loved eye pictures..and I have to say yours are the best pictures (: and that sweater looks COMFY!!

  2. Your make-up looks amazing!!! I almost went dark eyes too :)

    xo Ashley


  3. love this week's theme. Eyes are fascinating!

  4. I agree about the black eyeshadow :)

    Your photos are wonderful!


  5. I love these Self Portrait Saturdays! I need to make myself a floral backdrop...any tips?

  6. You have absolutely stunning eyes doll!

  7. speaking of eyes, I tried the Glam Eyes mascara that you recommended and I love it too! So thank you...:)

  8. You have absolutely gorgeous eyes! Great pictures!

  9. Your eyes are beautiful. Stunning photos.

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  10. your blog layout is gorj!! and so are you. Adding you to my blog roll. Loved how you had it set up. :) found you via casey btw...

  11. Oh my! Your photos are stunning! Lovely work.
    toni xo

  12. I absolutely love the first picture, your eyes are beautiful!

  13. Hello Dana.

    Your blog is so lovely and inspiring! Love it and i'm following already! *
    You pictures are so AWESOME!!! And the make-up is perfect! You have such a pretty eyes! *

    If you like, you may also visit my blog. Still is a baby but is growing sprinkled with lots of love and affection from those who blows there. If you like, you may become a follower too! ;)

    kisses from Portugal*

  14. nice topic n nice blog..

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    herry-tan.blogspot.com.. thanks

  15. Love your photos! Your eyes are beautiful!

  16. love ur photos... ur eyes really such a beautiful eyes :)



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