cats and creepy birds

Yesterday Dustin calls me into our front room... "You HAVE to see this!" Here I am thinking that he's going to show me something not-so-awesome like he usually does, when I look out the window and see this:

BIRDS. Bajillions of them.Ok maybe not bajillions, but there were SO MANY BIRDS all over our front lawn. This photo is only a small cluster of them. Our entire front lawn was actually completely full of birds. We looked at our neighbor's homes... no birds. Creepy right?!  My cats were definitely interested. Watching them fly away in unison and then return again, about three times in total, was definitely strange. I'm not going to die or something am I?!

Before I freak myself out, I needed to share some of my new favourite things with you. First is this weird but cute korean (?) "lovely cat" cat shirt. I kind of love the quirkiness of it and the style is perfect with leggings. It's lightweight, and really, who else has a shirt with a huge picture of a cat wearing a scarf on it's head?!

Second is this ADORABLE handbag which I think I will use as a camera bag after I craft some interior padding for it (hmm, tutorial time?). I am obsessed with the scallops and cuteness of it. The long handle is removable too which makes for greater versatility. It comes in a bunch of colours too and is a great price!

Definitely not my favourite photos, but what can you do... this is real life people!  Now I'm off to google what it means when swarms of birds flock to you, so I can be terrified and watch my back wherever I go.

Shirt, bag, and fox ring c/o OASAP.
Boots: American Eagle
Cuff: Forever 21

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  1. Yes! Tutorial for camera padding, that is seriously exactly what I need! I've been looking at Camera Coats for ages but just don't have the money, and I'd prefer to disguise my camera because I'm afraid of muggings. I'm that paranoid. So that tutorial would be fantastically appreciated.

    And also, those birds are very strange. I've heard of things like it but never seen it myself. Perhaps there were just simply lots of ants or worms in your garden in particular? It's not too far-fetched!

  2. And wow, free shipping worldwide on that bag, that's a rare sight!

  3. Creeeeepy! I hate birds. That sight would just terrify me. Um... not to scare you or anything. Seriously, let me know if your google search comes up with anything though.

    Your outfit is so fun. That would make an adorable camera bag! And I love that cuff... especially with your chevron nails.

  4. Eep! Birds totally freak me out.

    And so do cats. They jump! LOL

    But the tee is cute.

  5. whyyyy were there so many birds?! :P
    I looovee your cat shirt!! (:

  6. hahaha I hope you plan on updating us on the meaning of all those birds!!!


  7. Holy crow! (pun totally intended ;) ) Did you plant any grass seed or anything recently? Maybe? Keep us posted if you figure it out. I'm completely intrigued. And you couldn't possibly look all that mean in that cat shirt.....which pretty much rocks, btw! I officially give the shirt two thumbs up =)

  8. It's like you're living in a Hitchcock film! Crazy!!!

  9. I would probably be a little bit freaked out too if I saw so many birds!


  10. That is really scary- but kind of a brilliant shot. I don't know what I would have done if that had happened to me. I bet your cat was licking his lips! I am your newest reader by the way- well I have been reading your blog for ages but this is the first time I have commented! I am all the way over in the UK! ;)

  11. i just realized something that's even more creepy...

    They were all the same KIND of bird! Where do all those same birds come from?! We had ZERO birds here last year... it made me sad so i tried to coax them with a bird feeder in the backyard... but geez I didn't know that I'd become so popular after that! haha.

  12. You're right; it is creepy! Don't know if you've heard of the children's 'nursery rhyme'..."ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of poses"...but over here in London (UK), there is an area called Blackheath where a plague they named 'the black death' once hit however-many-hundred years ago. All of the bodies were supposedly buried under the heath of Blackheath. Now whenever I drive past there; there are hundreds of crows just always sitting there. Crows are supposedly attracted to death. Really, really creepy but a true story lol. The birds in your picture definitely are NOT crows though so! Sorry just thought I would share :) ...your blog looks absolutely gorgeous by the way! xx

  13. That is way creepy about the birds! Way cute outfit :) I especially love the bag so you'll have to definitely do the tutorial!

    Xo, Miranda

  14. Cuuute bag!! And dude, that is a LOT of birds. WOW.

  15. what the flock was that all about?! so weird and totally psycho-pants!!! so i guess your next endeavor is a wildlife reserve?! ; ) you're not called wonder forest for nothing, that's a real marvel to behold - awesome share Dana!

    love your new wears, cutest cat shirt ever is what. that bag is sensational too!! happy weekend wishes. ♥

  16. I am in LOVE with this bag! They have a sweet little mustard color...I carry so much crap though, seriously, I'm afraid all of my junk might not fit :)


  17. Basically in love with the cute cat t-shirt and the more adorable bag! The colour is perfect.x

  18. Basically in love with the cute cat t-shirt and the more adorable bag! The colour is perfect.x

  19. They're starlings, and travel in flocks called "murmuration", I certainly would never consider this sighting a bad omen :)

    Here's a link to an awesome video of a murmuration in action


  20. That purse is just too adorable!!!

    75 gallon aquarium


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