DIY Felt Cupcake Kits

Good morning friends! I've been getting a lot of stuff done lately and it feels great!  I've been working on my e-book in my "down-time" and it's been going so well. I just get started writing and can't stop! For those who have been curious about what the topic of it is, it's all about blogging! I am not claiming to be a blogging pro or anything like that, but I know what has worked for me and I know what helped this here little blog grow so quickly, so I thought it would be helpful to those of you who have blogs and are looking for great tips, or those that are thinking about blogging but don't know where to start. It will cover tons of stuff and will include a nifty section on design for your blog as well.

ANYWAYS that's not why I started to post this!  One of the other things I designed and created recently are these adorable little felt cupcake kits for our Fawn & Flora shop! 

There are two different varieties to choose from, a DIY Cupcake Keychain kit, or a DIY Cupcake Brooch kit!  I couldn't decide which I liked better so I ended up making both kits!  You can even turn the brooch into other things, like a hair clip or a magnet if you like!

They both come with all the materials needed to create them (minus a needle and basic thread that everybody already has), as well as a sweet little custom designed instruction booklet!  There are five different colours/flavours to choose from so head on over to our shop and check them out in detail!

These make amazing little gifts for creative and crafty people and are so easy to put together. Everything is pre-cut for you and packaged up all nicely :)

Also, we are started what we call "Pretty Pennies Popup Sales" that happen every Tues, Thurs, and Sat. We announce a flash sale over on our facebook page and blog that lasts for one day only. These sales are different every time and will be totally random based on current stock. Discounts on certain shop sections, free shipping, buy one get one free... you never know! So make sure you follow us on facebook or our blog for all the latest popup sales! We'll be listing one soon today!

That's all the shameless self promotion I have for today! I'd love to know what you think of these cupcake kits and my upcoming e-book!! 

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  1. Oh my goodnesss, can those be any cuter?!?!

  2. super super cute like the rest of your shop :)

  3. I love keychains and cupcakes, these seem the perfect combo for me ;)

  4. Adorable !


  5. Those are so adorable!

    PS I gave you a blog award today

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  6. LOVELY!!


  7. Hello sweetheart!
    The new blog of P is (open) IN now! :)
    The link: http://guesswholovesfahion.blogspot.pt/
    I hope that you like and follow my new project :)

  8. Super cute - I love the dotted felt! Excited about your e-book!


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