Green is good. A makeup look and tutorial.

By Dana Fox

This weekend I decided to experiment with a makeup tutorial I found on Pinterest. Of course it was pinned by someone from Tumblr, so the original source was pretty much lost. All I could find (after much searching) was this Arabic site as a source. It originally called for super vibrant greens, but I toned it down a bit with a mix of vibrant and subtle tones.




This look was really fun to create, though it did take a bit longer than usual. That cat eye took a couple of tries getting it even on both eyes and I actually ended up shortening it so I didn’t look so Egyptian. It’s a cool look anyways with gorgeous blending! I kept on checking out my work in the mirror all day long!

For those of you interested in the whole tutorial, I pieced this together from the images I was able to find in Arabic and added my own instructions:

Feel free to pin!

shop this look:


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  • blaueskleid

    Wow! I LOVE this look!!!!

    I'm gonna try it out for sure!


    xxx Janna xxx

  • Iny

    Amazing look!! I have green eyes too but was always afraid to use green eyeshadow, but this is stunning! Ixx

  • Kim Wedlock

    This is so up my street! Such a gorgeous woodland spriggan look ♥

  • Jackie

    lovely look and great tutorial! I would love to try this and maybe with different colors!

  • Jaclyn

    so so pretty!

  • Chelsea

    This is SO gorgeous! I never think to use green eyeshadow . . . but I totally should.

  • S.Lennyn82

    This look is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you..think i will be trying this on date night with my fiance this weekend.
    sara xx

  • his little Lady

    love the silent tones that you added. sometimes fun colors like this are a great little mix for the week. adore 😉
    xo TJ

  • Traci

    I actually like this look. Maybe I'll try it. Although, it may not come across very well on me and my blue hair 😉

  • Jessica Rowe {The Aestate}

    Gorgeous! I'm saving this for later!

  • Daneilia @ Anchors Away

    Super gorgeous! I love the eye make-up.

  • Emma

    You look amazing! :-)

  • Louisa Cindy

    adore this look <3

    you've a really nice blog :)) mind to visit mine and follow each other ? it will be great


  • Amie

    The way you do the winged swoop is perfect! love this.

  • Sandra

    It looks really cool!
    P.S. Your blog design is amazing!

  • SoVeryPretty

    This looks absolutely amazing! Definately giving it a go soon xx

  • neena

    How pretty!!! I looooove how pixie-like it looks while not being over the top. Wonderful!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  • neena

    How pretty!!! I looooove how pixie-like it looks while not being over the top. Wonderful!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  • alpa

    love it! curious, what eyeshadows you used?

  • Mom

    I love the colors. What brands did you use?

  • Ana Leote

    So gorgeous!

  • Ana Leote

    So gorgeous!