my life, lately.

My life lately seems pretty busy. In fact I think I've become quite comfortable with being busy that I get fidgety and bored if I have nothing to work on. I found myself like that this weekend so I started cleaning everything.  My house, my unfinished basement, my clothes. My mom would be proud.

I try to stay off my computer until Sunday nights when I usually pack up weekend orders and stuff, so breaking my routine of heading for my office chair in the morning is strange sometimes. I'm pretty sure I almost always break my own rule though when I grab my iPad... yet somehow sitting in a different room with access to the internet seems less like I'm not working at all.

I've been working on a list full of blog designs... which has pretty much become my full time job and taken over my other design company projects, but I am happy about that because I love doing them.

Fawn & Flora just hit 100 individual orders since we launched on valentine's day, so I'm pretty stoked about that. I've been ordering stock, fulfilling orders, and getting out whenever I can to hunt for unique treasures. Oh and making some cute printables like these cupcake wrappers:

My eBook has been moving along nicely and I am excited to release it at the end of the month! The pre-orders have been better than expected so thank you so much to everyone who purchased one and cares what I have to say!!

Our backyard is undergoing some plans at the moment, which I guess is kind of adding to the bit of stress that's starting to happen. We're trying to get our deck extended, and have plans for a cute patio.

Don't you love my mockup? haha.

All of this being completed of course will be the deciding factor of having our wedding in the backyard or not. Which, by the way, is already starting to stress me out and we haven't even made any definite plans.

That's probably the problem... the date we wanted is only 3 months away and we need to let people know.  However, we can't let them know for sure until this backyard stuff is taken care of, and the home builders decide to come back and redo our lawn. Oh yes, that is another thing. They graded and seeded our lawn improperly 2 years ago and it needs to be redone. My backyard is pretty much nothing but dirt and weeds. The side of our house still isn't graded/seeded either and there has been a big pile of topsoil sitting there for ohhhh... a year? Don't let me get into it because it is the #1 thing that makes me angry to think about. If anybody has any advice on getting these stupid builders to get their butts in gear I'm all ears.

So the wedding? Not even sure if it will happen this year which makes me sad. Is it possible to plan something in 3 months? I think it can be done... as I said it would be nothing traditional or elaborate. I just wish I could fast forward and have everything prepared and ready for me to just walk out, kiss my new hubby, and be married. Wouldn't that be nice.

Can time just slow down a little bit?

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  1. So stoked to be working with you :)
    Can't wait to see my new design!

    You're awesome!

  2. Well you def have a full plate! I think its great that your business is doing so well! Also Good luck with the wedding plans!

  3. Just grab a photographer, put on something you like wearing, go somewhere you like being, and elope.


  4. Gosh girl, I have to say that you have me ashamed so often. I really admire your work ethic and I always get the feeling like you are able to get 3 days worth of stuff done in only 3 hours while still having an increadible amount of time to spend with your beloved and then you STILL get your creative ideas done. It's amazing. (yeah, I know it's not all like that ^^ but you know what I mean)

    I'm sitting here complaining about my daily picture editing that in honestly could be done so fast if I would just concentrate better....Well...like I said

    I think it's awesome what you accomplish and I really admire your work ethic. Wish I had just a tad of all that awesomeness!

  5. Wow, three months - that is ambitious! Then again, I would say you are too, so I'm sure if you want it to happen, it will happen! That is a tough dilemma since people like advance notice for weddings. Can you send a maybe save the date card? Hehe. Good luck!

    Also, I do like your backyard mockup! It reminds me of one my boss at my former job prepared... she used excel as a kind of electronic graph paper and colored in the squares green for grass, made shapes for stepping stones and plant barrels, and wrote a key for which plants were going where. It was elaborate!

  6. Lovely that youre working on Sprinkleofglitter's design! Also like the cupcakes wrappers, supercute!!

  7. I am loving your blog designs (Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter) !!!

    I'm SO tempted to put an order in for one myself..

    Sounds like you're getting loads accomplished - good luck with the wedding plans!

    Kerry xx

  8. It is sooo possible to plan a wedding in 3 months -you just can't plan to do it all on your own:) We did mine in 2 months -and I know I owe a ton of that to my mom. Her and her friends are the reason I know I didn't stress out too horribly. Just list out what needs to be done (in order of deadlines) and start doing them one at a time. It helps take away from the overwhelming factor:) Good luck with everything!!!

  9. do you have any kind of legal ground with your builders? My parents just built their place and it was in the paper work that their lawn and everything would be delt with within 2 years of completion of the build... I'm assuming you've already looked into that, but it would be nice if you could threaten legal action... lol, might get them to pick up their feet.

  10. Guess I'm wondering why the wedding has to be in 3 months if it's going to be done this year at all, is that just the time of year you are wanting to get married? Sounds like it's really stressing you out!!

    I had a teeny tiny casual wedding and it was the least stressful thing ever.

  11. @Jenn

    It doesn't HAVE to be, but we wanted to be married on our anniversary which is august 1st. Oh believe me, ours will be tiny and casual too... which is mainly why we wanted it to be in our backyard. I think the backyard plans are stressing me more than the actual 'wedding' hahaha.

  12. I like the quick sketch of the backyard. The green garden adds a great splash of color.

  13. Your life sounds like I think I work more hours than a normal person at a fill time job with designing. My fingers hurt :p

    About the builders you need to get crazy mad and tell them you are waiting on them so you can have your wedding. If that person does not listen ask for their boss and keep asking until someone listens. They will never take you serious until you get crazy.

    Threaten to call the local papers, news, BBB or anyone who will listen.

  14. Very pretty! =)


  15. I think it is entirely possible to plan a wedding in three months. Since your wedding isn't going to be some elaborately fancy get-together with 500 people and a seven-tiered cake and a horse drawn carriage, I fully believe you can pull it together. I'm sure people would be able to come, because, in reality, people "plan" getaways and get-togethers, visits and trips in a matter of days. I've also talked to other people about how they planned their weddings (as Aaron and I are doing our talks, too), and they said that what takes up most of the time is finding a location. Locations (country clubs, etc.) usually are booked in advance, which is why there is so much time to plan everything else. According to everyone I've talked to, it really only takes two months to put everything together! So...I know you can do it!

  16. Your blog is so gorgeous! Do you do blog designs?? I was looking for somebody with good taste to remake mine! How can I contact you?



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