Slacker Sunday: Would you rather...

would you rather...

fall in love multiple times in your life with multiple people but only live until you're 50?


fall in love with only one person in your lifetime but have them taken away from you when you turn 40?

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  1. Totally tough, but since I am totally attached to my girlfriend, I can live with the whole 40 thing, and I'd still not 'replace' her even if I still had quite some time to live.

    Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

  2. geez! this made me sad thinking about it.. I'm so torn between me wanting to be able to just love my husband or me not loving him at all so that he can live a long life lol...

    I would have to say loving just one because I can't imagine feeling the way I do about him with anyone else!

  3. Be in love with one person (my husband) until the age of 40. I can't imagine my life without him.

  4. Fall in love with only one person in my lifetime but have it taken away when I turned 40.
    Good question!

  5. Depends, are we talking romantic love? Or any love. I think in both cases I would choose the first option. I have fallen in love so many times....my husband, my son, friends, etc. I would rather die young than never miss out on all these different loves to only be able to ever experience one. If its romantic love (my husband) and by "taken away from you" you mean death than I would rather my husband have the chance to experience a long life so again I'd choose the first option. BUT, if we are just discussing romantic love and by "taken away" did not refer to death persay than I'd choose number two....ok, I'm done now ;)

    1. Sorry for spelling errors and screwy sentences, btw. Posting from my phone!

  6. I think once...morbid as it sounds :(

  7. 40 - Finding your soul mate is enough. To find that love is worth just the one love even if it's short.

  8. Hmmm I think I would pick the 2nd option, simply because I think 50 is way too young to die! There's way too many things I want to do in my life. But that would be pretty gutting for someone you love to die when you turn 40, but I'd rather they die then than when I am 80 and known them for so much longer.

    Good question!

  9. Well I would say fall in love with one person, if that love is 'the real deal' lasts untill 40 AND if the love starts when you are 20 something haha :)


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