Blog lovers – How to support a blog 101!

By Dana Fox

Sometimes when you become so accustomed to doing certain things that seem so common to do, you totally don’t realize that there are other people who might not know the same. I didn’t even think of this blog post topic until it was brought to my attention that some of you amazing readers might not know the ways in which you can stay updated with your favourite blogs and support the authors at the same time… for FREE!

So, I suppose this post is a super basic run-through about that.  The first thing that I should mention is Google Friend Connect. See that little widget over there –> with all the little icons and a “join this site” button? That is Google Friend Connect.

You probably see this same widget on a ton of other blogs you read. “Joining” or “Following” the blog is basically a way of both supporting the blogger by saying “hey, I like your blog!” as well as a way to stay updated on their latest posts (if you like).  Clicking that button will allow you to “connect” to their blog by using one of many preexisting services such as your Google account, Twitter, Yahoo, and more (and yes, it is FREE of course!)!  Making your connection “public” will display your little profile icon on that widget and help add to the blogger’s GFC count so they know you care!

By connecting to a blog this way, you are also subscribing to their blog feed via Google Reader. You can jump on that site any time to see all of the latest feeds from all of the blogs you have joined! Pretty neat-o huh?!

You can also “subscribe” to a blog by visiting their RSS feed. A lot of blogs have a link somewhere on their page that says “subscribe” or “RSS”. If you’ve ever wondered what that is, clicking this will bring up their feed (for example mine is here). From there, you can choose to add their feed to a feed reader, which basically is a place where you can read through all of your fav blogs at once.

*Update* I wanted to include a little something about Bloglovin’ and Hello Cotton as well, but thought that the post might start to get confusing for some people new to the blogging world… information overload maybe? However, I’ve had it mentioned to me a couple times now by some of you, so I decided to include this info:

Bloglovin‘ is another blog network that you can use to follow your fav blogs. A lot of blog visitors prefer this reader over others for various reasons. If a blog author is signed up for Bloglovin, you can usually find a “follow me on Bloglovin'” link on their blog. Clicking this will add that blog’s feed to your Bloglovin’ list of favs and you can once again easily keep track of the latest posts!

Hellocotton is similar, and a bit newer than Bloglovin’. A lot of bloggers have jumped on this train so be sure to check out their Hellocotton profiles and follow them there as well if you like! Both Bloglovin and Hellocotton are also great places to discover new blogs!

(bloglovin’ example)

Lastly, you can subscribe to a blog via email. Look for the “follow/subscribe by email” box on your fav blogs if you want to receive all of their latest posts right to your inbox. It looks like a newsletter subscription box usually.

So there you have it, a few super quick and easy ways to help support your fav blogs!

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Dana Fox
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  • Katie

    I'm glad you posted this, there are a lot of people who don't know what to do! Good work :))

    Belle De Jour

  • Samantha

    Great tutorial! GFC is always the first thing I look for when I visit a blog I really like!! When I was new to blogging though, I didn't know any of that stuff. It's good to know!

  • skye @ neathering our fest

    GFC and RSS feeds are great ways to follow blog and I follow a lot that way. But I also use my blog's facebook page to keep up with a TON of blogs as well. I try to keep my reader to the ones that I know I will read and comment on daily and when I'm looking for something fresh and fun I pop over to my facebook for all my "extra blogs" that I love! :)

  • Jay

    Yay – this is a great post. I'm linking it up to my post going up tomorrow for me new readers! Thank you :)

  • JanM ♥

    Great post! :)


  • Sophie

    nice! bloglovin in my favorite just because i find it the easiest to navigate and i like the interface a lot.

  • Becky

    I tend to follow a majority of blogs by GFC but since that was taken away from non blogger blogs I find either bloglovin' or Hello Cotton do the same trick! Plus I find a twitter follow button is good too as I can then follow favourite bloggers and most of the time they will tweet about a post so I never miss one!


    Beckys Makeup

  • Emma McIntyre

    Thank you for this. I've noticed a lot of people looking for follow buttons on comments on other blogs and I'm like "no it's not like that…"

  • Shannon

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • L-Diggitty

    This is really good info! I've never heard of Hellocotton before, I will look into it!

  • tara polly

    such a smart post! xo.

  • Emily

    thanks for this!

  • Hannah Monroe

    I have thought about adding google friend connect to my own blog but isn't it being discontinued soon? :(

    • dana @ wonder forest

      It was already discontinued for non-Blogger blogs only.

  • Nicole Marie

    Thanks for sharing. These are some awesome tips. If you haven't you should seriously link this post to the little ladies link up below.

  • His Little Lady

    oh gosh, right there with you! people need to support bloggers 😉
    xo TJ

  • The Green Raybans

    your blog is so lovely, just found it! I love your style of writing! am a new follower and would appreciate if you could do the same to us because i would love for us to follow each other! :) great tips!


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    New follower! Would you like to follow each other on Blogger? xoxo Angelica from Italy

  • Katie

    Hi doll! I wanted to let you know that I have listed you under my "daily reads" at the the top of my blog! Basically I have "favorited" your blog because I think it's great! Hope that's okay :))

    Belle De Jour

  • Terri Betz

    Thanks so much for this article! I'm now following you more!

  • Michelle Bowers

    Great post Dana, so helpful.

  • Jessika Garcia

    Your post (as well as your e-book) is slowly but surely clearing up some clouds about RSS Feeds. Thank you for sharing your blogging tips with new bloggers like me :)

    Thank you,

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    Thank you for writing this amazing post – it's REALLY useful – and i'm gonna link from my blog to yours.

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