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By Dana Fox
 Lately I’ve been getting bored with my walls. I have a slight obsession with picture frames. I can spot them from a mile away at yard sales. I am not afraid to pick them out of people’s garbage bins. My whole house is covered in them. Our living room, however, was lacking somehow. I had my picture frames hanging in there for quite a while, but was never fully satisfied with how they looked. The area was too large. I needed to fill up that huge space somehow, so after a little digital sketching (so I could work out where each frame would be positioned before punching a bunch of holes in the wall) I decided to spread them out more, higher up, and here is my result:

Below is what it looked like before (sorry about the crappy photo, I forgot to take a “before” shot and had to find this one on my computer):

I changed out some of the artwork and added a few embroidery hoops fitted with fabric for a little extra pop of colour. I am loving this arrangement so much better! I feel like it just brightens up the space so much. What do you think?

I’ve been collecting some inspiration for some of my other walls, such as this:


Plates! I love this setup! I am always afraid of putting plates in my wall though in case they happen to fall off and smash! If I had a beautiful colourful collection such as this though, I’d probably get over that fear!



I love the randomness of this setup. Vintage finds all placed inside of old crates and wooden shelving. The chalkboard wall behind it is so fun too!



Loving this idea, and how easy would it be to just make some quick art out of twigs!? I’d probably paint the frame, though.


This would definitely be too bold for my place, but I love the idea. You could even do it in chalkboard paint and change out the message whenever you please!  Cute!!!

Similar to what I have going on in my house right now, but I love the addition of the deer antlers and larger pieces of art to completely fill up the wall!

Branches!! Loving this so much! I wish I could have found a better photo.  This would be an instant way to draw attention to a feature wall.

Sometimes a little rearranging is all you need to improve a space!

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Dana Fox
Dana Fox
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