Building a Business Part 5: Dream Jobs.

By Dana Fox

Part 1: The Beginning
Part 2: Sugardevil
Part 3: Groupie
Part 4: “Jacob”

The phone rang. I answered. It was one of my best friends telling me that there was a job opening at the record label she was working at. She told me to come in for an interview, and without even knowing the job description I jumped at the opportunity.

My interview went well, but I honestly wasn’t even sure that I could offer this company anything, considering my past experience consisted of retail/service and fast food. It seemed easy enough though. I was going to be their phone bitch and soon found myself thrown into an office environment. I still had my Subway job at the time, being the wuss that I am and feeling too guilty quitting on them, especially now that the owners felt like family. I would wake up far too early in the morning, drive myself an hour (in rush hour traffic) to the record company, leave at 5pm (in rush hour once again), and had just enough time to change and head on over to my second job until 10pm. Oh, and don’t forget about the web designer boyfriend who I was still somehow managing to see regularly. Let’s just say that it was not the ideal situation.

Eventually, somewhere in between the busyness of attempting to do both jobs, I got the courage to quit the sandwich making.

Working at a small record label was something I had always wanted to do. I can’t say that I was impressed with the job at all though. My boss was a pig-headed dick and the only thing I had to look forward to was getting to work alongside my friend… and the shenanigans we got into when the office was empty were pretty hilarious. (I still remember the time I walked into her office and she was sitting inside of a box… for some reason… very seriously… and we couldn’t help but break out into a loud laughing fit.)  I was terrible at answering phone calls, I sucked at taking meeting minutes, and the only thing I enjoyed was the task of updating the company’s website. I decided then that I hated office jobs and would never return to one. There was little room to be creative at that job, which eventually led to me quitting.

Was it supposed to be like that? Were all of my childhood dreams of working at a record label and getting to see how things work behind the scenes just a mirage? I quickly learned that there was absolutely nothing appealing about this industry and set myself back on track.

Christmas was coming and I needed a job, so I applied at another retail outlet and got the gig… this time doing something totally different and selling lingerie. With these new hours, I was able to refocus on my designing and pick up clients on my off days.

My record label friend eventually quit the company as well, and we both started to brainstorm business ideas that we might be able to try. With our artist contacts from that job, and band loving personalities, we decided to dust off my old Sugardevil branding and turn the business into something totally different: Sugardevil Artist Promotions.  We added another friend to the team and the three of us set out to create a hip new promotions company for musicians.

We planned out everything in great detail. We made packages for clients that included everything from promo design work (CD design, posters, websites) to booking shows and spreading the word. Our very first client was our old friend Karl Wolf. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

We booked tons shows and held our own concerts at venues all over Toronto. It was the most fun I’d had at a job at that point. Really, I don’t even know if I can call it a job. We didn’t really make an income because what we would get in ticket sales we would just have to put back into the venue and other costs.  But it was fun and it didn’t matter. We threw amazing parties. We had late nights and slumber parties. We missed our other jobs because we were exhausted. We had the absolute best times. We were in charge. There was nobody there to tell us what to do or guide us, and I think that was the greatest learning experience of all. Figuring stuff out for yourself has always been one of my #1 pieces of advice to anyone starting a business.  Whether it turns out good or bad, at least you learn something from the steps you take.  Somewhere along the way, Jacob and I broke up, which ended up being for the best and probably what I needed to pursue my future.

In those days, Myspace was huge. It was our top location for promoting shows and creating viral events. We had special “Myspace” nights at one of our favourite joints that always brought a good crowd. We made contacts through the social networking site and took advantage of it to our best ability. Little did I know at that time though that Myspace would open doors for me and my future as an entrepreneur….

Stay tuned for part SIX!

Did you ever have a mean boss, or a job that you thought you wanted which ended up being totally wrong for you?

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Dana Fox
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  • Sophierosehearts

    I love these posts, they're SO interesting, luckily i haven't had a horrible boss (yet aha) !

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  • Shannon

    I have been waiting to take the leap and do my own thing. I want to open up a cafe or bar…but right now I'm stuck working for The Man at a real estate corporate headquarters. Not what I had in mind for myself. I love reading these posts…it gives me hope! I feel like I'm slowly growing a set and I've been doing a lot more research to prepare myself. I’m the type of person that needs a plan…I think that’s why I haven’t done anything yet. I’m only 27 though, I still have time!

  • JanM ♥

    Ack! I'm terrified of having a mean boss I've been lucky with having a great boss! :) I've only had one job and having a pretty good boss definitely contributed in my 5 year stay with this company.


  • Jacy

    Love these. So inspiring! My bosses were good but pretty much any job I had was wrong for me…restaurant worker, bank teller…awful. I'm a freelance artist/designer/writer full time now and won't go back :)


  • EMMA

    I love your blog! Very creative blog title. I hope you stop by mine: Living Fully by Faith .

  • Leanne

    Absolutely love these posts! I've been quite lucky so far and haven't had a horrible boss. I'm a teaching assistant at the moment, but working in media is something i'd love to do one day! x


  • Mindy Harris

    i have never had a nice boss until now. i work just a little bit at a boutique and we are kindof the same person.
    working for horrible bosses helped me see how badly i wanted to run my own business, and how if i ever was a boss one day, i would be encouraging and sweet.

  • irene wibowo

    i like these post. yes, to get your future you must walking in many way. sometimes you will get what you really need. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  • ElleSee

    I quickly learned after finishing university that I didn't want a desk job. Less than a year after I graduated, I ended up working at a preschool, and I never left.

    Loving this series!

  • Kim Wedlock

    Books. I want to be a professional writer so badly. I've been writing since I was 12, non-stop, and I think (if I do say so myself) I've actually become very good at it – not best seller quality, but publishable by far, so I've started sending out to agencies.

    When I was younger, though, I thought that I needed some experience in the book world, and was told I could get some good contacts just by working in a book shop. I ended up applying as a Christmas Temp in Waterstones – a huge book store chain in the UK – and got the job.

    It. Was. Awful. Perhaps it was because of Christmas and everyone was stressed, but some people (I was about 19 at the time, the youngest employee, so everyone else SHOULD have been more mature) would pick on me. I saw one girl looking directly at me, with her boyfriend, laughing and making hand gestures at me directed towards my figure. It really hurt and I have to say I quit right after. Fortunately it was almost my last contracted day anyway.
    The employers were also really mean and expected me to know precisely what I was doing and how to work the system (how to find out our stock and stuff) on the very first day, and it was just generally awful. I never want to go back to working in a shop like that again.

    The only other job I had was dog walking, which is probably the best job in the world. You get kisses every single day, and they're ALWAYS so happy to see you. Best job ever, even though the pay wasn't great. My boss was a star, though. I used to leave school early and bunk off of lessons just so I could go to work. I even skipped school on my birthday so I could work. When my boss found that out she doubled that day's pay and gave me a box of chocolates she had left over from Christmas (my birthday is January 9th).

    I have to say though, Peaches and Pebbles doesn't bring me much money, and I'm working on setting up a tribal Monster plushy shop, set to open September 10th, right now, but being self employed (if I can really call it that) is the second best thing I've done. First being the afore mentioned dog walking.

  • Sara

    Working with a small record label company sounds amazing. Aside from your boss, of course. But a low-key, "everybody knows each other" atmosphere is exactly what I'm looking for. Staying tuned for the next part!

  • Nichola

    Your life sounds so interesting :) I love these posts!

    I worked at a cafe for a while it was perfect location basically on my doorstep, great hours great pay great people (at first) it beyond got me by paid all my bills + some. Until we realised how horrible the boss was and it was psychological torture until I walked out. The job was right for me but the boss was so horrible it wasn't worth it. I reported him to the head office of the company and reported all the goings on along with others and they got investigated and he was officially warned so might have his franchise under new management unless he changes

  • kisha duhaney

    I have… I had always wanted to be a Visual Merchandiser, when I finally got the opportunity I realised that it wasn't for me. I know now that if I hadn't of done that I never would have realised my worth!!