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Before I started all of this digital design stuff, I would sketch. I always had a drawing on the go, and from the time I was twelve until my early 20's I worked on developing my portrait skills. Sketchbooks were an absolute must in my household. I had a whole art room in my basement... walls covered with drawings I did from the time I was 8 until my late teens.

The high school I attended was a school for the arts, with dance, music, drama, and art being special audition-required curriculums that lasted your entire high school stay. My "Art" class was like a more advanced class that was supposed to prepare us for actual art college. We learned everything from techniques to history... although I found the art history segments the most boring thing in the universe.

The point is, I used to draw every single day... and I miss it. I couldn't even tell you where half of my art supplies went, and that makes me sad. Life got in the way, actual paid jobs and time got in the way, and my pencils and pens took a back seat. In the back of my mind I always tell myself that "once I finish such and such", or "once I free some time," I will put the ink back on the paper, but I realized something. We have to make time for the things we love. I think it's healthy to put all that other stuff on hold and do something for yourself once in a while. When was the last time you accomplished something totally for your own desire? Whether it's drawing, baking, singing, or anything you never make enough time for, make that time and screw everything else. Doing something that makes you happy is the best way to stay inspired, and all of that other stuff that needs to get done can wait.

a recent quick sketch
circa 2002? black ballpoint pen.
another recent quirky sketch.
another recent unfinished sketch.
circa 1999. apparently went unfinished, and there is tons i would fix now!

What is something that you love to do but never make time to do it?

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  1. Wow! I love to see pencil portraits, I accidentally throw away a sketchbook with my finished portraits and fashion illustrations in them, I was so upset about it!

    Keep them safe :) They are stunning.

    Emma xx

  2. I am guilty of that too!! I think we all are...but you make a good point, that we have to make time for it!

    P.S. You are an amazing artist!! Love the one from 2002!!

  3. Wow, these are amazing! I love drawing too, and writing. I always seem to get distracted though! x


  4. THANK YOU for this post. I just want to make my blog post send people to read this. Because I am seriously struggling with this right now.I am drowning in school and work, and I just want to cry because I feel so drained and I just want time to do things that inspire me!

    I am going to make time. Starting tonight I am going to get things prioritized and in order so I can make time to do things that inspire me.

    Thank you! <3

  5. The fourth one is my favorite. You're so talented

  6. Your sketches are very nice! And I know exactly what you mean... I used to sketch and paint all the time. I have so many old drawings that were meant to become paintings and I just never found the time. I really do need to find time for it, as I enjoy it immensely... but there's always something more important that I just can't get down to it :)


  7. Your an amazing artist! And I totally agree with you :) xxx


  8. Wow, the sketches are brilliant. You have an amazing talent! I hope you find more time to do what you love, I know I need to!
    Daniella x


  9. Wow Dana! You are sooo talented! I use to also draw and paint and absolutely love art. Nowadays, I just never actually set "me" time where I can really just sit down and draw and do crafts of all sorts. This really has taught me that I do need to make that time and REAL soon!

    Cristina Marie
    C'est Une Belle Vie

  10. Oh wow, your sketches are amazing! It's true...making time for things I love to do (like baking or crafting) makes me happy. Sometimes I think "Oh, I will leave it for tomorrow." but then I regret it. hehe
    Love this post! & I hope you keep doing what you love - you have a beautiful talent. :)

  11. Your sketches are awesome! I just made time last night to bake! After more than a year of not baking anything from scratch, I'm back! Sometimes, my time alone at home really pays my sanity well! :)


  12. Wow Dana!!! Your sketches are incredible x

  13. Holy moly Dana, these are incredible! Truly incredible!!

  14. Designing, I have a good dedicated to my basic line drawing fashion designs, and I seriously need to do some more, but I'm also lacking inspiration at the minute =/
    Dreams In A Poppy Field...

  15. I just love your sketches girl!! Very talented. :) I feel the same way about scrapbooking and writing poetry. It used to be I couldn't sleep without writing a poem, but now that I'm married I have someone in the bed next to me to talk everything out with, so I don't write as much.

  16. These look fab :) Keep it up! xx


  17. These sketches are absolutely incredible! And I definitely need to be better at continuing to do all the things that I really love. Perfect reminder, girl!
    xo TJ

  18. gourgeous sketches! And we all have things that we forget to make time for. I think I'd like to write and read more often. - I partly started a blog to froce myself to keep up with some sort of writing.

    - tianna :)

  19. I used to draw too, but as time goes by and life changes I never got back to it.

    Your drawings are lovely though - really beautiful.

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  20. Um, uber-talented much?!

    Seriously, girl, you're amazing! As you say, make that time and keep at it! Talent like this should not go to waste.

    Also, the second drawing looks like Billie Piper!


  21. Damn, girl! You are really good!

    For me? Art for fun, until I recently started art journaling with Jenny & Aaron. =)

    And reading. Definitely reading.

  22. These are beautiful, i love them. Keep on making time for them.

    Reading, I love to read but after being forced to read texts at uni, i stopped making time to read for fun. I've just started a book club though and I can't wait!

    Lizz xx

  23. beautiful drawings. i feel the same way about art.
    You just HAVE to take time for the things you love :)

  24. i completely agree with you! and wow you definitely have the talent xxxx
    i study art and its such a shame i dont try to make daily sketches as a habit

  25. So many bloggers I love are talented! Happy to see your creativity =D

  26. Wow, these are all absolutely incredible. You are so talented. I appreciate you sharing this with your readers.

    <3 Melissa

  27. I also love to draw, read novels, paint, make some cute stuffs.. and so many other things I love to do, but I never make time to do that. I'm a high school student and get a lot of homework and tests everyday so it's very hard to make time for doing those lovely things {even for sleep and eat!} Well, I think I should try more to make time to do it. And I know I can if I want it. Thank you Dana, for sharing this! You inspire me so much.


  28. my gosh girl, you've got mad skills! those droorings are incredible, i wish i had a speck of your talent and attention to detail. wow, thanks for sharing these!!! if you're noticing yourself being pulled in a direction like this, pay attention. life does get in the way of creative spirit sometimes but this is your soft spoken cue to re-establish another artistic pattern into your weave. xo ♥

  29. I really love sketching. But mostly buildings and skylines and stuff like that. Sketching a face like you did would be somewhat impossible for me haha. You are so talented!


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