animalistic (hello, snow)

cat sweater: c/o romwe
arctic fox hood: c/o spirithoods

We got our first real winter snowfall this weekend. By "real" I mean that it actually stayed on the ground this time and dumped about 3 inches on us. I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate the cold, but I love cozy sweaters and outdoor wear. I hate having to actually prepare myself just to take Bear for a walk, but I love the look of snow covered land and sliding around on the ice. I hate that he gets all wet and dirty from a 5 minute trek outside, but I love watching him bounce around like a happy dog in the powdery mess.  Also, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without snow.

Do you like my hood? I've been obsessed with Spirithoods since they first launched and was pretty excited about this new "arctic fox" addition. I thought it would be perfect for the cold weather, since it's built for the snow! It even has fleece lining, pockets, and a goggle clip for snowboarding.

What do you love/hate most about winter?

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  1. Beautiful PHOTOS!!!! So lovely!!

  2. You are so gorgeous girl!! I'm so jealous you have snow! Send some to us in WI :) I know we'll be getting plenty soon enough. I LOVE the cold and snow!!

  3. Well, since I got the same snow fall as you, I totally don't like driving in the snow, specially when it's unexpected!
    Talk about not being able to see! Sheeesh.

    But I love the calm after the snow. How quiet and blissful the surroundings are as the snow slowly falls.

    As much as I pretend I would leave Canada in a heartbeat for a beach home, I'd miss snow.

  4. The seconde picture is amazing!

  5. Oh my, love that cat sweater it's so cute! x

  6. I love the way the air is cold and wakes you up, but I hate how early it gets dark here in England!



    p.s I really love the first picture!

  7. So pretty! I wish we actually had Winter in Houston!
    My favorite thing about winter is the slightly cooler temperatures.

  8. That snowy background compliments your gorgeous complexion! Awesome photos!

  9. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous YOU!

    You're right that Christmas isn't the same without snow -- big time. Learnt THAT the hard way when we immigrated to Australia 18yrs ago...waaaaahhhh. Bwahahah.

    I'm sure that intellectually I knew that snow didn't fall in the major cities but I must've subconsciously blocked it out given the stress of moving to the ends of the earth because SNOW = LOVE AND WINTERY AWESOMENESS.


    Heh heh.

    Note to self: must visit Canada and Russia during winter. (Former Yugoslav winters were quite harsh so, you know, I'm "built" for it!)


  10. I love your cat sweater!

    I also have a complicated relationship with winter. The dark really gets to me! I hate it when the hours of sunshine are cut down.

    1. Ohh I hate that too! It's SO dark by like 5pm now, I can't stand it!

  11. Rawrr!! Great pics!
    You are so lucky to have snow too!

    > milna89.blogspot.com <

  12. Wow I love your hood very much! I want to have it!
    You look so pretty to wear them and the snow is beautiful. My country is tropical weather so there's no snow at here. sometimes I wish to touch them.


  13. I've been dying to get a spirit hood! Love them, but it just doesn't get that cold here. Maybe when I go to NYC in February... x

  14. I am loving your blog! I am so glad to see fellow Canadian bloggers! ;) Love this post!! Where are you from in Canada?

    I hate the winter bc it just chills my bones but then I love the snow! :/

    It would mean a lot if you could check out my blog and leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think!

    P.s. I’m your newest follower!



  15. Beautiful photos! It never snows where I live and it's such a shame...

  16. Gorgeous photos! I hope we get snow here in NH soon. Love the cat sweater, Romwe always has the cutest things.

  17. I have a love/hate relationship with both winter & summer. But since snow hasn't hit us yet, and who knows if it will, I am definitely excited!

  18. BeaUtiful pics...It's soo winteryyyyy

  19. Adorable sweater :)


  20. Beautiful pics !
    I lové cat sweater ��


  21. Amazing photos! I wished it snowed in Texas! Also I love the cat sweater!

  22. You look so pretty!
    Nice shots!


  23. So lovely...I miss Canada for this kind of reason!!

  24. Snow can definitely be a love/hate relationship sometimes. I typically always love it, but I don't like that I can never drive in it.
    xo TJ

  25. I love snuggling up in layers, fluffy socks, christmas movies, and winter food (soups, stews and chilli con carnes are the best!) but I hate rain and getting cold on my commute to and from work!

    This jumper is beautiful, I'm totally in love!
    <3 Hannah

  26. I love your furry hat. I'm usually not a fan of them but yours looks so cuddly and perfect for the snow.

  27. I love winter snuggles, the hot beverages and being a hermit with my lil family. I am not such a fan of driving in the winter, but we have winter for about 8 months out of the year so I am getting use to it.

    I love your spirithood you look so charming, everyone always gives me grief when I wear mine but I continue to sport it anyway.


  28. love ur jumper, so cool
    Nice blog ! U can check out mine too,and ,If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

  29. Love the outfit. Great photos :) xxx


  30. LOVE these pictures! I just love where you live, it's so dreamy looking.


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