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There is a lot of this going on around here lately. We have been tackling the daunting (but exciting) task of finishing our basement.  Our basement is enormous, so we decided to attempt just one room first to see how that goes before deciding if we're going to do the rest of it or not.

Neither of us has done this before, so we pretty much have no idea what we're doing. Thankfully this little thing called YouTube exists and is full of framing tutorials and tips.

The builders already framed the top half of the basement walls and insulated everything, but the bottom half consists of insulation on top of concrete. Meaning that we need to build NEW walls in front of all of it instead of just being able to stick drywall to the existing ones. This is kind of annoying, but needs to be done.

The room we chose to work on is also probably the toughest because it has some weird octagonal angles. You seriously should have seen me trying to do math and calculate angles of cuts... I swear one angle took an hour. This is why I stick to design instead of mathematical work. There are also vents in the way so we're working on framing them out too. We have one wall done, and it's not too shabby, really! I'm most excited about decorating this new room, and you can bet I'll be blogging about it!

I also had some time to read some of this book this weekend. I'll be giving a copy away as well soon, so stay tuned!

My mom visited yesterday and brought Dustin some birthday gifts for his big day on Wednesday. No, that's not a real guitar... it's a bank! It's mini and cute and even has a little stand.

I also made up a bunch of new stamps using my Stampmaker. I'll be doing a Christmas project with them shortly for you guys!

Finally, I couldn't help myself and started getting into the Christmas spirit. I hung a wreath, decorated the railing in our entryway, and set up some of my favourite little decorations. Still so much to do, but I couldn't wait to start!

How did you spend your weekend? Have you ever done a major home renovation with your own two hands before?

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  1. what stamp maker do you have?? I want one!

  2. Wow Good luck on the basement renovation!! HGTV is great for videos too & Home Depot's website. Love that couch!!! Aww love the lil deer, I have to definitely start getting into the X-mas spirit too!! =)


  3. I love that you are building your basement and learning as you go! My husband and I want to build our own little hobbit home and have much to learn but really believe we can do it. :)

    That book does sound interesting! I'm constantly reading books to try and improve my blogging and branding.

    Project Lovegood

  4. That's a bank? whoa!
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  5. I spent my weekend in bed recovering from being ill! It was needed.

    <3 Melissa

  6. I love that you have a stamp maker. That is so awesome. Good luck with your big home project!

  7. Wow, goodluck, that is a big undertaking!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Awesome! I look forward to seeing your progress! xx

  9. So much progress! That's an awesome project to take on all on your own, I'd be running for the hills!

  10. Wow, those stamps are awesome, I didn't even know you could make stamps!!
    Frankie xx

  11. Looks like a busy month for you! I don't think the BF and I are going to be so great with home improvement projects that big!

  12. Good luck with the renovations! Sounds like lots of work!
    Side note: Those Christmas stamps are adorable!!

  13. Wow! Looks like you have some awesome (and labor intensive) projects on the horizon! I can't wait to see how it turns out - beautiful I'm sure!


  14. That's so exciting! Japan doesn't believe in garages so we're going to have to build some sort of storage shed in the future. Glad to know someone else will be building via tutorials:)

  15. I'm obsessed with all your cute Christmas stuff, especially the stamps and little reindeer.

  16. Cuuuuuttteee


  17. thats cool!


  18. Where did you get your stamp maker? I've always wanted to learn how to make stamps!

  19. congrats! on the remodeling:) it looks great!

  20. Framing is hard but fun! You'll figure it out just fine I'm sure. And that couch is really cool looking!!

  21. I literally would buy a tree right now, if I thought it would survive through new years! But, I suppose that will have to wait. In the meantime I'm having fun thinking up, and looking up, fun family christmas diy projects!

  22. I am such a book nerd so when I saw pinterest power I decided to get it lol. Not only that but im always pinning random pins on pinterest that I don't think does anything for me :) soooo I am hoping this book helps me out!
    Love your posts!

    Nina from http://www.j-adorebellefete.com/

  23. Good luck :) xxx


  24. I havent, but my dad took down all the walls in the family house, and redid them all by himeself room by room! It took a little bit but its lovely! You guys can do it!


  25. Love the little stamps, i love deer!


  26. See, if I were doing that to my basement, I would have put, like, 12,000 nails into my leg or something. Hit myself with a board. In other words, I would find ways to injure myself. :) Can't wait to see when it's finished! I agree--one room at a time is probably good. You won't be as overwhelmed, then. The stamps are cool, and the deer are really cute! I think my mom decoated her house for Christmas, too. I have mine sitting in a box (which, like everything else, I have to unpack after moving).


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