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How to track link referral clicks + an ad sale!

By Dana Fox

I originally wrote this post for the Passionfruit Ads blog because they are currently undergoing a complete stats system rebuild from the ground up.  This post is not only for Passionfruit users who are looking for a way to track their clicks in the meantime, but also for website/blog owners who just want a simple method to check on referring sites!


If you advertise on other blogs, one question you always want to know is this: how many clicks has the site provided you with?  If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, I’ll show you a super easy way to track your clicks that requires very little setup.

We’re going to use I’m sure you’ve seen URLs in the past as they have been used to automatically shorten Twitter links and many others. But did you know that shortened links also provide you with valuable information? Here’s how we can track incoming traffic from

First, you’ll want to sign up for a account. It’s super simple to do if you have a Facebook or Twitter account (seriously, you just click a button!). Once in your dashboard, you’ll see a text box that allows you to paste a URL to shorten:

If you want to track your own blog clicks, enter your blog URL in the “Paste a link here” box and hit Enter. You will be alerted that your link was saved and shortened. The copy/paste link is shown for you and this link is saved in your dashboard for future use.

To keep track of my shortened links, I like to customize the shortened URL. This will help you keep track of which blog you’re using a particular shortened URL on. If you roll your mouse over the copy/paste link that has just been given to you, you will see a “Customize” link appear below. Click this. 

Here is where you can enter the name of the blog you’re using this URL on, or a unique identifier that will easily tell you what that particular link, or “bitmark” is for.

Save this and it will update your shortened URL. Now, when you advertise your shop/blog on another blog or website, be sure to use this URL as your site URL. Create a different custom URL for each blog you advertise on. For example, if I were to advertise on a blog named “CANDY SHOPPE”, I would enter CANDYSHOPPE as the custom short name shown above. Using Passionfruit’s signup form, here is how it would look when I submit my ad:

Using these customized links is a great way to see exactly where your traffic is coming from. From the dashboard, you can now visit your Stats page to view the number of clicks each link has generated.

That was easy, wasn’t it!? You didn’t have to install any special codes and you can clearly see your traffic accurately.

I hope this little tutorial helps some of you who have been concerned about stat tracking!

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Dana Fox
Dana Fox
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