The Perfect Line: Mineral Eyeliner

By Dana Fox

I’ve used mineral makeup for years and have always favoured it over others. However, I had never attempted to use mineral eyeliner before because… well, I just didn’t grasp the concept. I thought that being a powder, it would be no different than trying to line your eyes with eyeshadow and create a dusty mess. I was so wrong.

I got this Smokey Eyeliner as a free promotional item when I ordered my usual Everyday Minerals foundation… and let me tell you, it’s quickly become one of my new favourite things. When used with a dab of water, this stuff glides on so smoothly in one swipe. Here’s how I apply it as per the photos above:

1. Take your mineral eyeliner and tap out just a little bit.
2. Grab a thin brush. The thinner your brush the better!
3. Drip a couple drops of water into the lid of the container. Mix some of the eyeliner powder with the water. You don’t want it too wet, just enough to make sort of a paste consistency.
4. I usually roll the tip of the brush around in the mixture to thin it out and make sure I have a good amount on it. Then, just apply as you normally would! The water makes it flow and fill in perfectly!

I actually like this more than liquid liner because I find that with liquid liner, I always get it on my lashes and it creates a huge mess!  You can also use it on your waterline… which actually surprised me because I didn’t think it would stay.  I think this eyeliner is going to be a staple in my makeup routine… and considering how much of it comes in the container, it will last forever!!

Have you used mineral eyeliner? What do you think of it?

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Dana Fox
Dana Fox
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I am a country loving Canadian with a mind that never sleeps. When I'm not running the Wonder Forest blog ship, you can find me creating artwork for phone cases and home decor, whilst managing the daily tasks of Dana Fox Creative. Visit me at the links below if you wanna be friends!


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  • Abelia

    These photos are absolutely stunning. What beautiful eyes! I've never used mineral liner before, but seeing those results is making me consider it! xx

  • Issy Nelder

    This looks amazing! I've never even heard of this before but it looks like it's quite easy!!

  • Sandra

    Wow Dana! Thanks for this information. I actually have one of these and have not been using it correctly. I'm excited to try the wet brush technique!

  • Emi

    ahh i love mineral makeup too…so much more natural! you are flawless!
    come check out our giveaway! XO

  • Coco

    You look so beautiful! I just found out about your blog at Always Maylee and I'm following you now. You are a great artist. Come and say hello whenever you like, it would make me happy! kisses Coco

  • hevzibev

    your eyebrows are perfection! such great infomation, thanks! i brought one of these once when i was younger, thinking it was eyeshadow and then i didnt really know how to apply it!

  • ★steph

    Ooh, I've never heard of this before but it looks fantastic!

  • Eeny

    i am totally with you on that. it is the easiest way to apply the perfect line. and it really lasts forever. i have mine for so long now.

    it also works with most regular eyeshadows and a wet brush. i sometimes use a colerful eyeshadow when i want to do a different colored eyeliner and not buy a separat eyeliner because i know i would hardly use it anyway.

  • NIKA

    WOW it looks sooo nice on your eyes:) I'll definitely try it out!!!! NIKA

  • DianaLuv

    This looks beautiful and so dark for a shadow wow!

  • Samantha Michelle

    This post is so helpful. my biggest problem with liquid liner is after a few hours, it tends to flake right off… I don't know if its my oily skin or my choice of liner.. have you noticed any flaking with this mineral liner over the course of a full workday?

    • dana @ wonder forest

      None at all! It stays put :)

  • Jazz

    Oooo it looks so lovely, still looks like the usual liquid liner as well!
    You do the 'flicks' so perfectly, I take forever getting them right and they still don't end up great!

  • Julia

    Oh this is great! I have a container of eyebrow color by BareMinerals that is just WAY too dark for me (even though it's for "brunettes"). I think I will use it this way! I've used the wet brush technique for compact eyeshadows but never mineral shadows. I will definitely be giving it a try!

  • Amalie Sofie
  • abbie ferguson

    Your eye makeup is perfect! I always use liquid eyeliner but I'm tempted to try this out. X

  • Noor

    It looks nice how is the wear does it stay on for along time?

    • dana @ wonder forest

      All day:)

  • Always Maylee

    First of all, your polka dot nails are just too cute. The liner looks amazing on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • taylahjoyce

    I've always struggled with liquid eyeliner, something about the gooey consistency just didn't sit well. This, however, looks extremely easy to use and sits really well.

  • Jen Hsieh

    I'm loving this tip! I have trouble using my pencil liner from time to time so I might try this out tomorrow morning. :)


  • Ashley Elliott Photography

    beautiful, I want to try this now!

  • Melissa

    Wow this looks great! So soft. Maybe I'll have to try this. I rely on my liquid eyeliner.

    <3 Melissa

  • Sarah

    Looks good! Maybe i'll be able to make this work better than with regular liner lol.

  • Grace Lynne Fleming

    that looks fantastic!


  • Fabulously Thrifty

    This looks so stunning! Now I just have to hunt down one of those tiny brushes.

  • Chloe Moon

    I can't remember the last time I left the house without eyeliner. If I forget to put make-up on, I still have my eyes lined up! I have never used mineral eyeliner but I love the swoosh at the end of yours enough to try! I've been using the Revlon color stay eyeliner for years but I can never get the swoosh consistent or right. You said it was a promotional item but I would love to know the brand! =)


  • luzmaría Alam

    Elegant and pretty!! I love to use black eyeliner all the time

  • scenique route

    I've never used mineral eyeliner but your very convincing!
    My gel liner is really flaky and overall a pain so doing something different sounds nice!

    XO Amy

  • Sugar & Spikes and My Design Life

    Dana! Great tip! I have one for you in return. Whenever I do makeup professionally there is only one product I tell clients to grab. It's this stuff called transformer. It's a liquid that turns any eyeshadow, (including mineral—even though I know the water works great!) in waterproof eyeliner! It's so nice especially when you don't necessarily wanter black liner or maybe want to work with a wilder shade like a metallic.
    I went on tour for Lise Watier so I use theirs which is called Metamorphix. You can get it anywhere Lise Watier is sold and it runs you about $14—but lasts about a year, and I use it almost everyday! Other companies have their own transformer too I believe, I'm just not as knowledgable about those. SO WORTH IT! I'm totally going to have to do a blog post promoting my love of this liquid tool! Great makeup too by the way xo

  • yazminejenni

    this looks so pretty, and easier than messing around with felt tip eyeliners! 😀

  • Bridal Buy

    Looks shining and want to have a try.
    evening dress

  • Charlie

    i didnt even know you could get mineral eyeliner! gorgeous photos xx

  • Heiress

    Beautiful winged eye ! Must get one of those eyeliners :)

    Much Love
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    The Heiress Blog

  • Emmy

    What do you use on your eyebrows? A powder? they look really natural and well shaped! Mine sometimes go a bit heavy and intense :/ x

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I use eyeshadow 😉
      I'll have to do a brow tutorial in the future!

  • hannah maggs

    this sounds gorgeous, i would never have thought to go mineral for eyeliner of all things! you got your eyes so perfect too, im in awe! x

  • Rose Mode

    I love your make up.

  • Jemma x

    It looks amazing! :) xxx

  • Nicola

    your blog is beautiful! *-*
    I really like your header! :)

  • Jane

    Thanks for the tutorial ! For once in my life I was able to draw a correct line on my eyes ;-))

  • confessionsofagnes

    this seems so good :O

  • Sarah M

    Definitely love how soft it looks. I'm a liquid-line type of gal but sometimes it can seem a bit to harsh and start flaking. And the price is amazing! For sure buying this ASAP:)

  • Leah Jasmine

    Wow, that looks amazing. I have been lining my eyes with eyeshadow lately for a softer look and now I really want to try a mineral liner!

  • Fash Boulevard

    seriously need this. Fabulous post. I hope you've been well, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest outfit post. xo

  • Kelly Ann

    Absolutely stunning and I love your nails!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Frankie Spry

    This looks like such a good product, the line isn't too hard but it still creates the desired effect! I may be investing in some myself :)
    Frankie xx

  • pretty minded

    your blog has probably one of the cutest layouts i have seen! you are very talented, i love it