Best Of... Helping Hand Edition

Welcome to the last of my "Best Of" posts! I can't believe it's the end of 2012 already. I can't wait to say hello to 2013!! As my last post of the year, and because I think it's great to try new things (and what a better time!?) I thought I'd pull up some of those posts that can help teach you something or are geared towards helping bloggers and businesses. Here we go!

Happy end of 2012!! What have you learned this year?

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  1. I love your posts! I am going to read all the ones you have just linked to! You have really inspired and motivated me to start trying more and my new years resolutions are all about learning and trying new things! xx

  2. Your layout looks so pretty!!
    What program do you work with or website?

    Happy New Year!

    Love, Lisette
    24/7 STYLISH

    1. Thank you :)
      I don't use a program to build blog designs. I use photoshop for graphics and this little old brain to code.
      xo Dana

  3. I'm bookmarking alll of these!! Thanks for the blog inspiration for the new year!

  4. Post on all the awesome things!! PS I love this new layout, it's awesome!!

  5. Yay! That is one good set of useful articles. Thank you

  6. Great posts :) xxx


  7. Hi! I have just started on my beauty blog, can you kindly recommend me some good cameras that are best for taking photos of makeups/swatches/and the like... I hope you can help a clueless blogger out :)



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