Endings and beginnings!

Well, it's all over! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and loved ones. After tearing open our presents for one another, Dustin and I (and Bear!) spent the day up at my mom's place with my family. As usual, she sent us home with buckets full of food so I'm sure the next few days will be full of turkey sandwiches and leftovers.

I'm super excited to show you one of the gifts Dustin gave me... soon ;). It's something that I have wanted for a long time and will make things so much easier around here!

To top off the holiday joy, my Blog Wonderful eBook is now available on Amazon for digital download and will soon be available in all other digital eBook stores!  I'm pretty excited about this! I converted the entire thing into downloadable format for your kindle app or e-reader, and you can now grab it right here!

This version has been edited and is in a nice book format for easy reading anywhere. I would love it if you would leave a nice review if you've read the interactive blog version or picked up a digital copy for yourself! This is just the beginning of new things coming in the new year!!

Lastly, I've had some ad spaces open up so if you are interested in scooping one up, head on over to my advertise page.

How did you spend Christmas?! p.s. isn't my nephew the cutest!?

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  1. We spent Christmas at home, opened a bunch of cool presents, & ate pizza & mozzarella sticks for lunch/supper. Christmas Eve/Day was great for us. :D

    P.S. Your nephew is adorable! I really love his hat!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful, happy Christmas! Your nephew had to enjoy it! Did he want to play in the paper more than with his new gifts? :) The fiance and I managed to drive back to Iowa and surprise my family, which was amazing! Too short a visit, as always, but very much worth it. We're enjoying an adult snow day now!

  3. oh yes your nephew is a bundle of cuteness! ^_^

  4. Awww your nephew is so cute!! I had a great lil Christmas and had so much fun that when it was over I slept for like 12 hours last night! hehe =)

    Merry Christmas!!

    Ergo - Blog

  5. So cute Glad you had a good christmas :) xxx


  6. Lovely post :)
    You have a new follower,hope you follow back...kisses:*

  7. Ahh! Your e-book is amazing! I've been blogging forever (would you even consider livejournal and xanga pre-2001 blogging?!) but I never took it to the next level. I've set goals so often and just never pushed forward. Slowly but surely, I'm determined to get there. You have been a huge inspiration to me for a while now and I'm so excited and thankful you put this e-book out there. Yay! Kudos to you girl, and many, many thanks.

    xo, Katie
    little bones & lace

  8. That's so awesome that your ebook is now offered on Amazon! Congratulations Dana, you are killing it!

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  10. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Dana!
    Your creativity and roar talent astounds me, it really does & now I'm wishing I had a Kindle.. :)

  11. I've been away from the blogosphere over the holidays but just wanted to stop by and say that I absolutely love the little changes you have made to your site! Happy New Year! :)
    xo TJ


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