Holiday Hollywood Makeup Tutorial

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This look is so "Hollywood" that I thought it would be great for the holiday season, when everybody wants to feel a little glam! It's a silvery look that anybody can do, and is also a fabulous way to make your eyes appear bigger. It's actually a bit more silver in person, though it looks like it has a pink tone in the photos. Also, for those of you that don't have much of a crease, this technique adds a "false crease" that really helps give you some dimension.

I used the Lorac night palette from my Lorac limited edition jewelry box collection, which I don't think you can get anymore, so the colours I used are shown above so you can try this with something similar from your own makeup collection!

1. Fill entire area with base. This can be a primer or a white cream base. Highlight brow bone with shimmery white as shown in the image above

2. Fill lid with silver (colour #2 above). Pack it on  heavily.

3. With a thin brush and a matte black shadow (#3), carefully draw a line directly above your eye crease, starting at the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner. Use your brows as a guide for where to start and stop. You can start light and trace over it a couple times if you need to.

4. With a blending brush and a medium grey shadow (#4), blend out the line while filling your crease with this softer shade.

5. When both eyes are blended, it should look something like this.

6. Starting in the center of your eyelid, line with eyeliner and bring the wing out to touch where you began your line in step 3.

7. Curl lashes, add mascara on top and bottom. Clean up your under eyes/cheekbones with concealer or foundation to get rid of the eyeshadow particles that fell.

Products used:
Lorac Day/Night Jewelry Box Palettes
Mascara: Rimmel Extra WOW Lash in Extra Black
Eyeliner: Everyday Minerals Smokey Eye Liner (tutorial here)
White cream base: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

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  2. Absolutely beautiful, Dana! This is the look I go to when I choose to wear eyeshadow. Perfect! Oh, and I tagged you in one of my posts, see it here: http://vegetarianabroad4.blogspot.com/2012/12/winterlicious-tag.html

  3. Very nice make-up :)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~ www.mlncrd.com

  4. I am usually way too lazy for doing my eyes in the morning, but you make this look a little easier :) Love the look Dana!


  5. Looks amazing! Wish i could do this, practice makes perfect!


  6. This is gorgeous! I have just fallen in love with proper eyeshadow looks - I'll have to give this a whirl! x

  7. Useful! I need to try this some day (:


  8. so pretty!

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  10. I love it! I'll try this makeup for sure!

  11. Great look :) xxx



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