Mustard Special.

A new downloadable Blogger template has been added to my design shop! This one is definitely one my my favs, and the first of a new collection of designs. You can get it right here.

As I move closer to my long-awaited Christmas break, I'd love to hear what you guys would like to see in the design shop. As I mentioned before, I'll be spending a lot of time during this break amping up my products and refining everything. So leave a comment and feel free to let me know! Do you have a fav colour you'd like to see? Or a different style? What are the key things you think about when putting your blog together?

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  1. Your designs are definitely my favorite on the web. I've been eying one of them for so long it's sad. The only thing is i wish some of them would come in different colours... i'm absolutely in love with your beauty bloggers downloadable template and likely would have already bought it during the black Friday sale, it's just I've sensitive eyes and don't think my eye could stand all that pink in one place for very long...especially with the frequency i myself view my blog, checking and re checking things...i so wish it came in a tan! Or at least other colours to choose from.. That baby would be all mine by now :D!

    That's just my two sense though...

  2. a template og something that was a mix between Dolly Bow Bow and Zoella.xx

  3. Ouuu... I do like this one. It's hard I have your summer hues template and simply love love LOVE it! but I love the background texture of this one...xxx can't wait to see what else you come up with! xxx rebecca

  4. I love your blogger design's and this is added to the long list of my favorite's! Emma x

  5. Absolutely love this design! you are so talented Dana (:

  6. I love this! Wish I had your talent :)


  7. This is flipping adorable!! Love it, lady!

  8. Very very nice Dana :) I have one of your blogger templates and I love it but I know I will be tempted by the new ones you put up in your shop!


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