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When I stumbled upon this blog, I was smitten. The whole simple-yet-charming self illustrated design pulled me right in.  When I read that Monica was only 14 years old, my mouth dropped open. For reals? She puts so much thought into her posts and how they are displayed, and is one creative little cookie... so of course I adore her! Visit her!

Breanne is a fellow Canadian and can probably pull off any outfit you throw at her. There's something I find refreshing about discovering Canadian bloggers... I'm not sure why. Maybe I feel like our blogging "club" is much smaller than elsewhere and that we should all be BFFs, haha.  I love checking out her outfits and always secretly commend her for braving the cold and snow in tights (because I'm such a wimp myself). Seriously girl, I don't know how you do it! Visit her!

I'm such a sucker for well designed posts, and Maddie definitely falls into this category. If sewing is your thing, this is definitely a blogger you need to know. She makes patterns and clothes and even though some of that stuff is over my head, she makes it seem so easy. Visit her!

Carli Bybel is pretty well known on YouTube but I've only just recently discovered her. First of all, she is absolutely stunning. Secondly, she does some of the best makeup and hair tutorials... and let's be serious, how can you look away from her with those eyes! *girl crush alert*. She looks like a celebrity and I kind of want to be her... okay, I'll stop there hahaha. Visit her!

What blogs do you like to visit often? Leave me some links to check out in the comments!

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  1. I love Maddie! She always has such instructive posts, and her delivery is fantastic. I'm a frequent reader of her site. I have visited The First Lime before, but that was a long time ago ... back when she was first starting to blog, I believe. The ones I typically check out are analog photography blogs (Curating Cuteness, For the easily distracted, etc.). I'm also a fan of Oh, Mishka and (of course) Julie Ann. However, my favorites are the hosts/authors of smaller blogs. I've met a few in real life already, and have plans to meet more. :)

  2. Ive never read these blogs before! So thats my first job.!!
    Thankyou :)

    Http://througchelseaseyes.com/ xxxx

  3. I also get excited when I discover other Canadian bloggers!

  4. I'm Canadian and always feel a certain something about finding other Canuck bloggers too haha!

    Lesley bytheporchlight.com

  5. Hi Dana! :)

    First off, I am a Canadian blogger myself!!! :) http://jemaroons.blogspot.ca/
    My blog is just a baby right now but I have such big dreams for it, one of which is to someday be able to have YOU design a super incredible blog layout! It is quite expensive to do that so for now I am enjoying my blog's childhood and simply writing about what I want to write about. Thanks for the recommendations! :) Will definitely be checking them out.

  6. I'm following Breanne already but I didn't know the other ones. The ones I like are Gaby's Beauty Blog, Makeup Savvy and Miss Lucy Loves. Oh and I also loves Gemsmaquillage!

  7. I've been reading Camie's blog since I was 13! She deleted her old ones but the new one is still great :) You should definitely check her site out :) http://wild-spirit.net/

  8. Haha - tights in the snow makes me laugh because I was watching How I Met Your Mother the other day, and there was a scene where everyone's bundled up to go outside to ice skate, and Robin (the Canadian character) comes running out in shorts and a tank top. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and even though I've lived in Missouri half my life, I'd still rather be warm!

    I'm just launching my own blog, and I've read SO MANY blogs lately in the name of research and advertising that they all blend together - but I always read recommendations from my favorites. I'll check them out!

  9. *jumps on the canadian boat* i get excited too when i meet other canadian bloggers!! im in the monteregie. ;)

  10. I'm really loving these blogs! First time I have heard of them. Thank you for sharing! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing these Dana! I love hearing about new blogs to read - gotta keep things fresh ya know? And I'll also plug myself by saying I'm a Canadian blogger and I know what you mean about the BFF thing - I always feel like I instantly love a blogger once I find out they're a homie from the north!

  12. I hadn't heard of any of these blogs but I've just started every single one because they're all lovely!


  13. Brilliant, I love posts like this because there's always at least one new blog for me to follow that I haven't heard of before! Thanks for doing this!

  14. Oh gosh, thank you for the shout out. I am honored. I don't think people realize how much time I spend on my blog but it's what I love to do. I only hope everyone continues to follow me and Madalynne.

  15. Thanks for sharing, I love discovering new blogs. I know what you mean about feeling an alliance with those based in Canada. I'm the same with those in Australia. I've just started a series highlighting my favourite Aussie Blogs. Two in and many more to come.


  16. I love these blogs you've recommended! I've just started a blog myself and i was hoping to get some people to look at it and give me feedback.
    I'd love to become a great blogger such as yourself and these people you've recommended!


  17. Canadian bloggers represent! haha

  18. Thank you so much for introducing me to new blogs.

    Miri xx

  19. We run a pretty popular health and fitness blog - www.heandsheeatclean.com

  20. Such a good blog post. I love Carli Bybel. She's so pretty and I learn so much from her!

    Come visit my blog soon and say hi:



  21. Thank you for sharing, I find it so interesting seeing other people's favourite blogs! xx


  22. Flattery is great! :)
    My blog: www.kissbookbymia.blogspot.com
    ...averige design, but I love my space:)
    and yours! :* xoxo, Mia

  23. Great post! I adored 'The first lime'! thanks for sharing.. i don't have a blogs list that i usually check,, cause i'm trying to find different things everyday..but if i'll find a great one, i surely will tell you (:
    xx Zoe

  24. I will check them out! I already follow Flattery and I love her style too :)

    jen xo

  25. Thanks for introducing me to a few new blogs!

  26. Thanks for recommending these, I'm always looking for new blogs to read! It is so common now to have a blog, there are so many great quality blogs!

    In fact I am a new followe of yours as well and I love your posts and style looking forward to more

  27. That's an amazing list. I loved Monica's blog and am surprised to know that she is just 14!

    From my list, I love reading

    1. http://thecarolinejohansson.com/blog/
    2. www.kellimurray.com/news/

    amongst the 100s of blogs that I follow.

  28. I've never heard of any of these blogs so thanks for the introduction.

    I get what you mean about Canadian bloggers. I'm not Canadian but I think a lot of Scottish bloggers feel the same about clicking together and being best pals.

  29. Some great blogs :) xxx


  30. Flattery is one of my favorite bloggers atm, will definitely check out these other ladies!
    The Introverted Brunette

  31. http://eagletouchphotography.blogspot.co.uk

    hope you like it

  32. I love Maddy! I read her blog daily!



  33. I love The First Lime! I discovered her blog when she first started out and it inspired some pretty fun diy projects for me. I find a lot of cool blogs by women through hello cotton by doing searches!

  34. Thanks for the great suggestions! I will check all of them out! Always looking for new blogs to read!


  35. Thanks for recommending these nice blogs! I` ve checked most of them! It`s a great way to find new and interesting bloggers!

  36. HI!
    I just came across your blog from Twitter recommending that I follow you. I blog over at www.missteacups.com and am also a fellow Canadian blogger. I was happy to read that! I totally get what you mean about our blogger world being so much smaller than the states. Anyway, now I am following you on Twitter and Bloglovin! I've been playing catch up and reading through your old archives, I enjoy it here!



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