China Glaze Tranzitions Polish. Mind blown.

By Dana Fox

I’m about to blow your mind with this post. Just warning you now. That is, if you are like me and awesome little things amuse you.

Have you seen the new China Glaze Tranzitions polishes? They are colours that react when you apply a top coat…. meaning they change shades. Um… what!? Now you can use fewer bottles of polish to create some cute nail art. French tips, half moons, polka dots… wherever your imagination takes you! I did a quick little demonstration with some super easy nail art (dots and chevron tips) using the colour Duplicityy (yes, it has two y’s):

You start by simply painting your nails with the colour of your choice. Then, with a China Glaze top coat, you just apply it wherever you want the darker shade to appear.

This new line comes in six different colours including Duplicityy (shown above), Metallic Metamorphosis (shown above – Silvery grey shifts to bluish-charcoal grey), Split Perso-NAIL-ity (Dusty pink shifts to fuchsia), Modify Me (Periwinkle blue shifts to indigo blue), Altered Reality (Teal blue shifts to turquoise), and Shape Shifter (Smokey violet shifts to dark purple).

This polish is available in salons this month. Is this something you would use regularly? What colour would you try?

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Dana Fox
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  • Olivia Sophie

    gorgeous nails. The colour is beautiful, very nice :-)

  • Jennakj

    So cool! I would definitely try it!

  • cindspectus

    Ooh, I really like those. I'm one of those people whose "fancy nails" are my regular nailpolish, but with a few contrasting dots on a nail or two. I like that these are made to coordinate so closely, and look really easy!

  • Zoe Loves Beauty.

    I'd love this, so versatile:)xx And CG are great value for moolah:P.

  • Noor

    Super cool.

  • Leanne Helmer

    That's so cool! I definitely need some of these! I love your blog design by the way Dana :) xx


  • Ilona

    Oh I love these! Need to get some for myself soon!

  • Hanna

    So cute!!!! I'd try the dusty rose color!!!

  • Lauren

    This is such a cool idea! I would definitely try it in the rose color!


  • Niki

    This is so cool! I have one, but have not used it yet.

  • Christina L

    This is so cool! I LOVE China Glaze polishes and this is a cool concept! I will definitely have to be getting me some of these!

    Christina x

  • Sarah Von Spook

    These look so amazing, I can't wait to try them out!! :D!


  • Miss Emily K.

    I like the first one (purple) i would DEFINITELY use those a lot! do you know if it will be sold by CVS/Rite-Aid/Walmart and such stores?

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I don't believe so as it's a salon polish. Sally's Beauty or Ulta would have it in the US.

  • carelessly cut

    That's seriously cool!

    Rosie x

  • Sandra

    What an amazing concept!

  • Chiara

    Love it ! :)


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  • JennyScribbles

    looks awesome! can't wait to test it out!


  • Chelsea

    This is amazing….i want.

  • Emily Finta

    That is so awesome! I wonder how long until we see drugstore versions of it.

  • Stephanie

    so unique!

  • caroline

    i cannot wait to try those! xx

  • Callie Peterson

    Amazing! Definitely going to try those out (: x

  • Melissa

    This is so cool! I would love to try Modify Me.

    <3 Melissa

  • Sarah

    That is pretty awesome! I just might have to actually do my nails for once.=)


  • Jemma x

    They look amazing! :) xxx