My friend Julie Ann is pretty awesome…

By Dana Fox

Julie Ann has been my blogging home girl pretty much ever since I started blogging. She lives in California and owns the best card shop ever, under the name of Julie Ann Art. If you’ve seen her hand-designed cards around the web already, that just goes to show how awesome she is. If not, you’d best be on your way over there right now for some assured chuckles.

Her valentines this year are perfectly cheeky… just take a look at these ones she sent me recently and tell me you don’t know somebody who’d get a kick out of them:

Because Julie loves me so much (and because I know you know somebody deserving of a valentine), she offered a 10% discount to you guys and gals with code THEWONDER (valid until Feb. 14, 2013). Pop on over to the Julie Ann Art shop now and let me know which one is your favourite!

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October 25, 2013
March 01, 2013
  • Fatzee

    Omg…it's so cute!! Simple yet charming…

  • Dawn

    Pretty happy to see these here. :) I've ordered cards from Julie a few times, and I'm always so excited to receive them. I was thinking about getting another one for my fiance for V-Day, so I think this will definitely motivate me to do so. I know you've mentioned her before, but I'm very happy that you featured her in another post!

  • Sarah Maclean

    Love these.. so cute! Just went and ordered my V-Day card. x

  • Charlotte F

    Lovely cards! Really cute!

  • Lucy

    awesome! so cute xx

  • Stephanie Thurow

    Looooooove this!

  • Chloe Moon

    Her cards are adorable!! I gave her a shout-out for her Valentine's day line too last week because they are just too cute! I love the blanket stealer one!!

    Ergo – Blog

  • Carlee, Almost Endearing

    I love Julie Ann! her cards are so cute.
    Almost Endearing

  • Leanne Rachel

    Aw those cards are so cute! I'll definitely take a look :) xx


  • Olivia

    They're lovely! :) x

  • M

    I love this! It's so cute :)

  • sarah welsch

    love em! If i werent single right now I would snatch some up! I just might anyways!


  • Julie Ann

    Thanks for the feature Dana! Happy to have you as a blog friend. :]

  • Hanna

    Already bought some:)

  • Bekka

    Her cards are so quirky and cute, thanks for making me aware of them :)

  • Care

    Haha! These are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the info!

  • Rose Sergent

    These are so cool. Quirky cards are the best!

  • Natalie

    ohmygosh, the "weird/poop" one basically sums up my friends and i. i may have to borrow this idea for future use!! (:

  • Sarah

    Hey guys!
    I'm a new blogger, I basically give advice about life, study tips and all things girly!

    check me out!
    Sarah xx

  • Yania – Mi vida en sueños

    Hi! Lovely blog and great Post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? 😉 I follow you!

  • kirstyb

    love these

  • TheVagabondStudio

    Aw, it says coupon invalid when I try to use it. :(

    Her stuff is super SUPER cute!!

    • dana @ wonder forest

      Eek sorry about that! It wasn't set up properly. The code is now THEWONDER

  • Jemma x

    They are so cute! :) xxx

  • sillimi

    Oh my gosh I love all of those cards and can't wait to get me some :) Thank you for introducing them to all of us!