How I Get My Boho Messy Braid. Hair Do Extensions.

I'm sure that other fine-haired girls know how frustrating it is to try to do pretty much anything to their hair. My pony tails and braids are a little sad and probably measure less than an inch in diameter when I'm done. Not exactly a look I like to go for.

When the Hair Do (by Jessica Simpson) clip in extensions popped up on Hautelook last year, I had to try one out. I sat at my computer with a mirror trying to figure out which shade to get, and was shocked and amazed that it turned out to match my hair perfectly when it arrived.  My friends... the days of my thin and pathetic side braid were over.

They are super easy to use, you just clip them in and go. The piece I got is like a half-wig... meant to add volume and length. There are seven clips that hold it in place at the back of your head. Here's the process and my beloved final big messy side braid.

1. Grab your hair piece
2. Section off your hair at the sides and around your crown
3. Pin sectioned hair to head
4-5. Starting with the back center clip, secure to the back of your head on the part you made.
6-7. Clip the sides, and then continue clipping all of the remaining clips
8. Free your pinned hair
9. Tease your real hair a little to hide any "seams" that might be showing.
10. You are now ready to braid it and style it how you wish!

I don't wear these every day, only when I feel like I need a little boost of fullness. You should wash them after every few wears.  There are all kinds of styles and colours you can get and I highly recommend them if you have limp hair like me!

You can get them at Zappos online and many other hair/beauty supply stores. They also pop up on Hautelook every so often so keep an eye out!

Now you know one of my secret hair tricks, what's one of yours?

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  1. Very nice ;)

  2. Looks lovely, will definitely try it! x


  3. AMAZING. looks so full!! I have SO MUCH hair that I thin it and its still everywhere...

  4. I've always wondered how people get such lovely thick plaits... call me naiive!

  5. It looks gorgeous and so effortless :)


  6. Your hair looks amazing :) xxx


  7. Love!! Its so pretty !! xx


  8. Very clever : D
    I like you very much, youre sooo pretty !!!
    Please check out my blog :http://one-dollar-milkshake.blogspot.com/
    XOXO Abby ♥

  9. i have extensions too, but don't wear them much, since my hair is already long and thick. What a cute idea to do with them!

  10. So pretty! xx


  11. OH WOW!!! I love this! thanks for the tutorial! I will have to try this when my hair is longer! Its just at collarbone length and I dont think I could get it long enough with extensions to look right! YIKES! But I'm saving this for later!!!
    xoxo ashley


  12. OH! PS> you are so pretty!!! :)

  13. I love this look, have to try it))))

  14. Loveeee!!!

  15. I always try the side braid, but I think the majority of my hair is too long so I don't have the cute messy pieces falling out on their own and framing my face. ps, your headboard looks quite lovely!

  16. I have always wanted to try them, but I am always afraid I will pick the wrong hair color!




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