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Hey girls! With summer (slowly) creeping up on us here, I did another sweep of my closet and added a bunch of stuff to my closet sale site for you! There is a ton of new stuff and I have also discounted a bunch too. Be sure to visit the site for everything! (I ship worldwide and have a variety of sizes).

Also if you are participating in my design shop coupon deal, be sure to email me after you leave your rating!  I've just sent out the last of the coupons so if you haven't received yours yet and have emailed me already, please send again as I didn't receive it! You can still participate in this as well! Just go here for the details.

Have a lovely hump day!

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  1. Shorts are lovely!

    Beauty/Fashion blog

  2. I wouldn't know where to put all the clothes that I would buy! The fiance and I already have to share a closet (NOT a fan) ... and he has more items of clothing than I do!

  3. Love the shorts :) xxx


  4. Love the shorts, I will be checking the site out!


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