Custom Design Winners and Their Boards!

First of all I wanted to thank each and every one of you for entering my big Custom Design Giveaway! There were over 250 entries and I totally enjoyed going through all of your boards and picking my favourites. I was fooling myself when I thought up this giveaway because I was sure that I would know who the winner was as soon as I saw their Pinterest board. Yup, turns out that was a huge mistake. There were honestly so many good ones and I've spent countless hours sitting at my computer, staring at the screen while deciding what to do.

As I went along I decided that I would need to start picking them apart a little more and not only decide which boards looked the best, but also who put thought into them, gave a clear understanding of a specific look they were after, and was also a style that I thought I could bring my personal touch to.

After much deliberation with myself, I decided that Kristeli Lalas was the winner! Here are a few things from her board:

I chose this one because I totally understood the look she was going for, and it seemed like she did as well. It gave me a clear direction. It's also a style that is super fun for me to create in blog form... but that wasn't the only reason I chose this particular board. I popped on over to her blog URL in her Pinterest profile, fittingly called Pink Confessions, and knew right then that she needed this makeover. I felt as though her current design didn't suit this style she loved at all and that it was time to make Pink Confessions into what it should be... Pink and gorgeous! So, congratulations Kristeli! I am excited to work with you!

Originally I was just going to pick two runner ups... but that proved more difficult than I imagined. I think my heart got the best of me and I felt terrible at the thought of leaving a handful of these boards out of the running, so I decided that instead of just giving away two vouchers for pre-made Blogger designs from my shop, I would give out a stack of them.

The Runner Ups:
Kimmie Ess
Sitara Long
Jess Appleton
Gerry Leanne

If you're on this list, please email me to claim your voucher (dana at thewonderforest dot com)! I chose these ones because once again, they all gave a really clear idea of a look they wanted and their images just flowed together so well. I could tell that they put in a lot of effort towards conveying their ideas, and simply just loved the ideas they had! I would have chosen them all to win a custom design if I had the time. There were SO many amazing boards and so much time put into creating each one. It was hard enough choosing a winner, and once I had it down to 36 favourite boards it only got tougher. Here are some of the honorable mentions that I also really enjoyed...

Honorable Mentions:
Chelsea Dawn
Yorkshire Pud
Charlotte Hollinger

Thank you so much for entering and I hope that you're not disappointed if you weren't mentioned! Like I said, this entire process was hard and if I could have picked 100 of you to win, I would have. Your boards have also given me inspiration for some new premade blog design ideas so maybe you'll see something pop up in my shop that suits your blog dreams. Hopefully you learned a little something about your future blog or shop design through this process as well! Putting together inspiration boards is such a fun and creative way to get you thinking about your whole design process, so I hope that you can still use your gathered inspiration as a guide!

This was fun! I also wanted to let you know that if you didn't win, I am giving away a premade Blogger template of your choice over at Kyla Is Inspired today! I've also opened up the Envye Affiliate Program so if that interests you, check out the details here.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Great promotional idea and I love that board you picked!!
    Little Sloth

  2. Congrats to the winners! It was a fun contest!

  3. I am unbelievably jealous of Kristeli and all the runners up but well done to you all! You should be very proud to recieve such an amazing prize!
    Sarah xx

  4. Congratulations!! cannot wait to see the end result for this one!! xxx

  5. Congrats!
    I had a feeling my board wouldn't be winner material (kind of new agey) but it was great to do. I have a pretty clear idea of what to do for my next design, so thanks for the push!

  6. Aww grats guys! I was looking through most of them as I did my own and most of them were stunning! I wasn't mentioned, but found this was a fab exercise for working out where I wanted my blog to be :D

  7. Congrats yall! I thought mine was a fantastic board, but oh well.

  8. What a beautiful board! Congratulations! Congratulations to the runners up as well!! :)

  9. I love this idea for a contest! the winner's mood board is gorgeous! Congrats to all the winners, I am going to have a look around for some inspiration.

  10. Congratulations to the winners, I really look forward to seeing the new customised blog designs.

  11. Congrats to the winners- love those beautiful pictures!

  12. congrats to the winners.
    such a great blog! i'm your new follower!

    <3, getcarriedaway

  13. Thank you so, so much Dana!
    I absolutely adore your work and feel so lucky to be one of the runners up! I've been meaning to buy one of your templates for ages now but I can never decide on one because I love them all! As soon I settle you bring another I love even more, It's going to be so hard to choose!

    Well done to the winner, the other runners up and everybody else too! :D Am I the only person who's going to be continuing their board on after the competition? It's really made me pay attention to design and has taught me quite a bit my style that I never really realised before! I think everybody got something out of entering whether they won or not :)

    Thanks again, Dana! I've sent you my email :) xo

    Floral and Freckled
    Beauty, Lifestyle, Creativity xo

  14. Thank you so much Dana, I still can't believe I am a runner-up. This announcement made my day!



  15. Love the preview of the board you put here, I can see what you mean about her images going together so well. Good luck with the design, and congratulations to the winners!!!


  16. She really did have the best board, it's amazing! Thanks for this chance, even though I didn't win, I had so much fun! Such a unique idea for a giveaway!

  17. Congrats to all the winners. So sweet of you Dana to pick more runner ups! I can't wait to see the final result of the winner's blog.

  18. Congrats everyone. I love looking at all these boards. It's giving me way too many ideas for designs and projects. Pretty overload!!

    xx Lorelai
    Seams Unbiased

  19. congrats ❤



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