Giant Knitting: Absurd or Awesome?

By Dana Fox


As the weather gets colder, I’ve been diving into my yarn stash and starting to crochet a few things. While browsing the web for some patterns I’ve come across some awesome projects and techniques that are totally new to me…. like giant knitting. At first look, you might think that the women in these photos look a bit crazy, but I’ve totally fallen in love with the end results of their blankets and rugs.

Amalia Chimera (top) completed this Giganto Supercable Blanket and tracked her progress on Raverly (a site for knitters/crocheters if you’re unfamiliar!). Christien Meinderstma (bottom) is known for her giant knitting techniques as well and created her masterpiece using organic wool from a flock of sheep raised in Idaho.

The entire process looks so daunting, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for totally unique finished products, right?! From what I’ve read, the knitting starts to get super heavy, and it looks like it takes forever working those awkwardly large needles.  For those reasons, I give mega props to anyone who does this regularly.

Basically you need to use a super thick unspun wool roving, or you can use a cotton rope. How much you will need I haven’t the slightest idea but I assume a LOT. You also need to get your hands on some super giant knitting needles like these ones, or you can make your own with PVC pipes!

If you’re interested in attempting this yourself, check out this video to see how it’s done, or if you’d rather leave the labor to someone else, you can always browse Etsy for some completed giant blankets!

What do you think, is this absurd or awesome??


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Dana Fox
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February 17, 2014
  • Christine Barcellona

    Definitely awesome! I wonder if knitting with such huge needles gives you an arm workout too?

  • Hanna Lei

    Wow. These are so cool. –Hanna Lei

  • Kyleigh Castronaro

    This are amazing! I would totally love to try this, but I've sucked at every attempt at knitting. Instead I went out and bought a loom which is such a cheaters way of doing it… but I've made three hats and am totally excited for myself.

    Maybe having it be so big and gigantic I would actually be able to do it? It's the small needles that get me every time…

    Thanks for the share!


      I love loom knitting! It's so easy and fast!

  • Annie

    My whole family is into knitting and last year tried their hands at the gigantic blankets. It looks daunting but after preparing the roving you can make a blanket in just a day because the roving is so large you only need 10's of stitches per row instead of 100's. It is a bit of an arm workout but we found that if you prop the needles and knit using your hands instead of trying to awkwardly move the needles it goes really smoothly. They are really fun to make and you get a really chic blanket in the end.

  • missvaleriaheart

    Wow thats so cool! they look cozy.


  • Breanna Pair

    Woah! That's totally awesome. I don't think I cold do it, but they look amazing!

  • Talisa Tossell
  • Paint Those Piggies!

    I think it's awesome, what a comfy looking throw!


    Wow! Knitting with those giant needles looks intense!


  • SJay

    Well, for Me to attempt to make them. No. Not that brave, really!
    But to buy them? YEAH A HOUSE FULL!
    So cozy looking You could drown in one!!!!! Love love love!

  • Joie Fatale

    Holy wooly needles, Batman! That is insanely cool! I am learning crocheting, but I plan on tackling knitting next. This is has just made my to-do list!!!

  • Jennakj

    This is so cool! I kind of really want to try it now!

  • Hannah Cox

    This looks bizarre but awesome!!!! :-) I think I will need to go to the gym first before attempting those giant needles!!! xxxx


  • Cody Doll

    That is awesome. I don't know how to knit anyways but if I ever learn you bet I will attempt this.

  • Melissa

    I love this!! I think it looks so cool.


  • ElleSee

    Hahahaha! That's insane! Those photos make them look like Thumbelina. I can't imagine what size of cat would want to play with that yarn :)

  • Angie Bailey

    Awesome! They look so, so snuggly!

  • Emma Lock

    I LOVE knitting checking out the video now..

  • Minh Nguyen

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog it's so awesome! Keep up the great work ♡

    PS: May I invite you to my giveaway?

    Win a SUITSUIT luggage set (value €407) on my blog:

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    I love it! I am really into knits this year. Just this morning I covered a canvas in fabric from an XL knit sweater and set it on my mantle.

  • Ziyyah Bizzelle

    I think it's awesome! I haven't picked up any knitting needles in years, but I'd do it again to try making a giant blanket.

  • Stacey Keeley

    Awesome! More awesome than I even have words for…

  • Heather

    Oh gosh! It looks a bit insane but the end result is gorgeous x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  • Icaria

    Love! I don't think I'd be able to pull it off but I love the final results! Cuddling up in one of those must make you feel like a tiny doll! :)

  • Ashley

    Awesome!!! Dont know where I'd store all that though…

  • christine donee

    totally amazing unbelievably awesome!

  • eleonora

    Haha, this is so cool! I never heard about it, but I love it! :)

    xx, eleonora

    eleonoras blog

  • Molly

    It is absurdly awesome! Definitely strange looking in process, but the end technique is so cozy!


  • Kara @ Petals to Picots Crochet

    Love this!