Eyebrow Tutorial: How I Fill My Brows

Naturally, I have really thin, awkward eyebrows. They stop about where the arch is, so to complete any makeup look, I always have to fill them in. I have tried tons of products from pencils to eyeshadow (my second fav choice), but for the past few months I've been using something a little unconventional and it's been my go-to product. Scroll down to learn about it and follow the steps!

1. I first use my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to draw a sort of guide line underneath my brow. This also helps with highlighting later on. Draw it on, and then blend it in with your finger.

2. My unconventional eyebrow product: Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes. It's actually a cream eyeliner but I love the shade and how smooth it glides on, for that perfect crisp line. The colour I use is called Demolition. It comes in a little case with an angled brush. You can also use any matte eyeshadow or cream liner in a pot to complete this look, but the angled brush is key!

3. Start by creating a line underneath your brow up to the beginning of your natural arch. By starting underneath, we can make the brow look a little higher when we add some bulk to the top.

4. Draw another line from the top of your arch to the end. If you're familiar with the brush ruler trick, if you hold a brush from the outer corner of your eye to the side of your nostril, this is where the line should end.

5. This step looks a little funny, but is where the bulk of your brow comes from. I like to make mine a little thicker than they naturally are. Draw a line above your brow and connect to your arch.

6. Fill in the blanks! Once you're done, you can take a Q-tip and carefully blend out any harsh lines. Another trick is to take some concealer on a brush and go around the top of your brow to make it a little sharper.

7. Finish by brushing on a white shadow for highlight, directly underneath the brow.

8. Voila!

p.s. I'm featured on Makeup.com today!

Some products in this tutorial:


Random Bits.

Just some random art playing done over the weekend. I ordered some watercolour supplies last night because I really want to dive into that.

Dustin is at a job interview right now. Crossing my fingers for him because this could mean good things for us.

I am on Vine and having fun with it so far. Have you joined? It's Twitter's new competition for Instagram... instead of photos you make 6 second videos. Excited about this because you can get pretty creative. Find me: wonderforest.

My app is done. Starting beta testing. If you are interested in trying it out before it's released, leave your email address below. I'll only choose a few select people as it's still pretty much under wraps, so don't hate me if you don't get an invite please! You must have a Blogger blog and would be required to send me your input within a few days of testing it for yourself.

I started the 30 Day Shred. I'm sticking with my new year's goals and getting fit. Today is day three. Hasn't been too bad so far. But my legs are pretty sore. Took my "before" pictures and am excited to compare at the end of February to see how far I've come.

Have a fabulous Monday!


three things on thursday

Chin workout - I didn't even realize this was a "thing" before I found these easy daily chin exercises. This isn't just for double-chin bearers, but also for simply toning and defining your jaw line and neck! Think about it, when was the last time you toned your jawline?! I've actually been trying these and will let you know if it makes a difference in a few weeks. via: Livestrong.

Patterned paint roller - Genius. Why waste your time with wallpaper or stencils when you can just roll a pattern onto your wall and forget about it?! Clare Bosanquet developed this unique paint roller contraption so you can easily "pattern" your decor, make your own fabric, and so much more. She even has an Etsy shop that you can browse if you like.

KBEL iPhone/iPad Cords - The people over at 98 Lives developed these cool iPhone/iPad USB cords, which is basically your standard USB cord with STYLE!  They are wrapped in a playfully designed textile which adds to the durability AND keeps your technology looking chic. They come in aqua, black, and pink and they also have the new Lightning connector for newer devices.


Blogs you should know...

When I stumbled upon this blog, I was smitten. The whole simple-yet-charming self illustrated design pulled me right in.  When I read that Monica was only 14 years old, my mouth dropped open. For reals? She puts so much thought into her posts and how they are displayed, and is one creative little cookie... so of course I adore her! Visit her!

Breanne is a fellow Canadian and can probably pull off any outfit you throw at her. There's something I find refreshing about discovering Canadian bloggers... I'm not sure why. Maybe I feel like our blogging "club" is much smaller than elsewhere and that we should all be BFFs, haha.  I love checking out her outfits and always secretly commend her for braving the cold and snow in tights (because I'm such a wimp myself). Seriously girl, I don't know how you do it! Visit her!

I'm such a sucker for well designed posts, and Maddie definitely falls into this category. If sewing is your thing, this is definitely a blogger you need to know. She makes patterns and clothes and even though some of that stuff is over my head, she makes it seem so easy. Visit her!

Carli Bybel is pretty well known on YouTube but I've only just recently discovered her. First of all, she is absolutely stunning. Secondly, she does some of the best makeup and hair tutorials... and let's be serious, how can you look away from her with those eyes! *girl crush alert*. She looks like a celebrity and I kind of want to be her... okay, I'll stop there hahaha. Visit her!

What blogs do you like to visit often? Leave me some links to check out in the comments!


Oh winter, you crazy beast.

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. It's crazy cold here right now, and tomorrow is supposed to have a low of -24°C (that's about -11° for you backwards Americans!).  Some of you have asked what happened to my outdoor, nature type outfit posts... well, that should explain it! I refuse to battle the weather to make the trek back into the forest, and my supply of eskimo gear is hardly worthy of photos. Until mother nature decides to be nice, I've been enjoying taking a new style of photo (such as the ones below) from my little in-home studio. I hope you like these ones. Let me know what you think! I am in love with this jacket and can't wait to actually be able to wear it in the spring!

Winter Leggings: American Apparel
Hat: Forever 21 Mens


Instalife Lately.

1. Curly hair, photoshoot prep.
2. New card design now up in my shop and on etsy
3. I made a legit meal for D and I. Including my fav food ever (yorkshire puddings)
4. Finally scored a sweater I've been lusting after for months
5. Puppy face. With a cute new haircut.
6. About 50 orders from our Fawn & Flora blowout sale!
7. New toy!
8. Benny helping me pack
9. Organizing orders for packing
10. How can you not love that face!?

Happy Sunday, Friends! Follow me on Instagram. Username: wonderforest.


My Skincare Routine. Battling Hormonal Acne Breakouts.

Up until a few months ago, the past year and a half had been a headache for my skin. My face was greeted with a lovely dose of hormonal acne and it was the absolute worst it's ever been in my entire life. I'm sure if you look back on my photos you would think that I am making this up. The power of Photoshop, my friends!

This all happened a couple of months after I went off my birth control pill. Horrible skin was not something I was expecting to happen, and definitely not something that I was warned about. I almost wished that I had never gone on the pill at all... That's honestly how frustrated I was with what was happening to my face. A quick Google search for "acne after birth control" immediately confirmed that I wasn't alone and that this was actually a huge issue! Who knew? The worst part was, I couldn't find a damn thing about how to cure it.

I never had what I would consider "acne" even before the pill. Sure, I had random spot breakouts occasionally, but never anything like this. I tried everything from different face cleansers, treatments, and moisturizers to changing up my diet and introducing vitamins and omegas. I even skipped on makeup for a while.  I felt ugly and gross.  I tried expensive products and ones that had great reviews. NOTHING WORKED.  Until now.

The past few months or so I've been continuing the same skin routine and have noticed a huge difference. I'm no longer having a lovely stay in breakout city, thank you very much. My skin has been clear and I'd even say (knock on wood) that my issues have ended completely... Besides the occasional random spot.

The products I am now using continuously were not new products to me. I found that they didn't work for me while I was on the pill... In fact they had adverse effects. Which is why it took me so long to try them out again. I didn't realize at the time that what used to cause me problems could have totally different effects due to that change in my hormones.

Here's what I've been using:

Clarisonic Mia - even before these issues, this thing has been my saviour!  In case you haven't heard of this, it's a sonic frequency device that vibrates (like a tooth brush) to clean our your pores. Whenever I don't use it my skin just doesn't feel as clean. Seriously, if you don't have one of these, regardless of it you have acne or not, you are missing out.

Aveno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser - What?! A drug store product?!  I decided to try this out again after my regular (i.e. no longer working) cleanser ran out. I had a spare bottle in my cupboard and it had proved to be just the ticket I needed. While on this not-so-fun journey, I discovered that oils in my products were causing more harm than good. I eliminated all oils, and this product is oil free. It's a Salicylic Acid based product, as opposed to a Benzoyl Peroxide one, as I found those too harsh and drying.

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel Exfoliant - Also something that was sitting in my cupboard. I tried it a long time ago and absolutely hated it. I think I even left a bad review on the store's website (oops!). Since my body is different now, however, I'm in love and I do think it has been helping to keep me clear.  You apply this product to your skin after it's cleaned and it helps to really get in there and get rid of excess dirt and prevent blackheads. I specifically use this on my cheeks, where the majority of my breakouts were happening. It's another Salicylic Acid product, which I believe to be the main "cure" for my problems.

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture - For sensitive skin, this is great. Has SPFs too. I use this very sparingly only on the areas of my face that tend to dry out. A lot of moisturizers tend to cause me to flare up but this one has been gentle and decent.

Bedtime For Breakouts by Dermatologica -  A spot treatment that I decided to try out after reading tons of good reviews about it. I wouldn't call it a miracle product, but I do think it helps clear up those random spots quickly.

I wash my face in the morning and at night and use the products in this order. I don't change anything or add different products, as I know is a popular way of doing things for some.

The Bedtime spot treatment only gets used at night if I need it, which hasn't been very often, thank goodness!

I have no idea if this information will help somebody else, and I understand that I am not a professional in this area, and that everybody has different skin which requires different needs, but I am happy to have finally found a routine that actually works for me.  Just look at these photos, no Photoshop needed ;)

In case you wanted to see the disgusting makeup-free before photos, this is what my skin looked like at one point about a year ago. This was the worst it's ever been in my entire lifetime, and this was while I was using the same products I had used for probably about six years (thanks, ever-changing girl body! ugh):

Gross, right? I can't believe that was even me. Sayonara ugly skin!

xo, Dana

sweater: c/o romwe


Basement Reno Inspiration

I have big plans for this extra space of ours. I want to mix textures and give it a bit of a rustic feel, while staying classy and chic. I'm also pretty sure that I will want to live down there when we're done. Unfortunately, right now it just looks like this:

We've been framing whenever we get the chance, which is basically whenever Dustin has a day off and we feel like doing it. Thanks to YouTube and other reading material, we managed to get this part of it complete. I've been pulling inspiration for colours, floors, walls, and more in hopes of the outcome being something like these wonderful spaces:

My basic wants:
Painted concrete floors
A wood pallet feature wall
Painted white ceilings
Sliding door
A claw foot tub
Doing it all affordably

I'm sure I'll add to this list as we go along. Have you ever tackled a complete basement reno?

photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


My friend Julie Ann is pretty awesome...

Julie Ann has been my blogging home girl pretty much ever since I started blogging. She lives in California and owns the best card shop ever, under the name of Julie Ann Art. If you've seen her hand-designed cards around the web already, that just goes to show how awesome she is. If not, you'd best be on your way over there right now for some assured chuckles.

Her valentines this year are perfectly cheeky... just take a look at these ones she sent me recently and tell me you don't know somebody who'd get a kick out of them:

Because Julie loves me so much (and because I know you know somebody deserving of a valentine), she offered a 10% discount to you guys and gals with code THEWONDER (valid until Feb. 14, 2013). Pop on over to the Julie Ann Art shop now and let me know which one is your favourite!



Bonjour les filles! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent mine working on our little basement reno, which is coming along nicely. For beginners, I think we're doing pretty good. We're only just at the framing stage and I'm already picking out bathroom features and paint colours... yikes! I can't help myself!

I took these photos on Friday and am kind of obsessed with this style. This outfit is definitely something I could wear often... comfortable, simple, but a little boho at the same time. I did a dark green smokey eye and curled my hair with a three-barrel iron. I hope you like the pics. Scroll down for details and let me know what you think!

Multi-strand magnetic wrap bracelet c/o August Wrinkle 
You can take 15% off your order at Lulu*s with code WONDERFOREST (case sensitive) until 01/18/2013. Valid in the US and Canada. One use per customer.
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