leather, lace, and a little motivation.

top and collar: c/o chicwish
skirt: c/o choies
socks: american apparel

First of all, thank you for helping make the launch of BlogGo super exciting for me! About an hour after it made its way into the App Store, I realized that eight years ago, on that very same day, I launched my first legit design company. It was at that time that I decided to really take control of my own career path. I had quit all of those "filler" jobs and decided that I would make something of myself, with my own rules. Tuesday was like a reminder for me that hard work and determination can allow you accomplish anything you want. It reminded me of where I was eight years ago and how far I've come since then. I feel like this is the start of another chapter and bigger ideas. So truly, thank you for all of your awesome messages, comments, tweets, shares, shout outs, and support.

I also wanted to encourage you to follow your dreams. I know, that sounds super cheesy and cliche but seriously... if you want something, go after it. Speak up, and just do it. There will always be people who don't fully understand or who think you're silly, that's just something you have to learn to get over. Anybody who has done anything remotely successful in their lives will encourage you, not discourage you... so remember that.

Madonna once said... “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.” Say what you want, believe in what you want, and go get'em, tiger ;)

xo Dana


BlogGo is RELEASED!!!

Time for a super-exciting-smiles-for-days post! My app has officially been posted in the App Store and is ready for you to download! If you remember me posting about it before, it's an app called BlogGo, and it is an alternative Blogger app for posting on the go! You can view all of the details here or head right on over to the App Store and search for it now!

I really hope you guys like this and get some use out of it! Or maybe you know someone or have a friend that could benefit from this! Basically, I need your help getting the word out there!!!

Of course if you enjoy it I would love your ratings too, because we all know how super important those are in the app store world! (if you have any issues/questions with it please contact me first). Now onto drumming up some more ideas....

xo Dana


I've Been Shredded - My 30 Day Shred Results

This is probably going to be the most revealing post I've ever made, but since I started this journey with you, I figured it was only fair that I end it with you too!

If you've been following me here or via social media, you might know that I started the 30 Day Shred last month. I initially wanted to do this to prep myself for the more intense P90X workouts... because let's face it, I have been out of shape for so long and needed something a little less intense my first time around. The 30 Day Shred is just under half an hour of non stop cardio, strength, and abs... whereas the P90X workouts are like an hour long... I definitely wasn't up for that just yet.

I finished my 30 days yesterday and I have to say that this has been the one workout that I've actually looked forward to doing.... ever. I've tried other workout videos and series in the past but have always become super bored with them. The 30 Day Shred changes things up every 10 days, and there's just something I like about Jillian Michaels. She's like a friend I would hang out with, and motivating at the same time.

So before I get into my before and after pics, I wanted to explain my goals for this. I didn't go into this wanting to lose weight. I simply wanted to tone up and get rid of all of those "extra fatty" bits, especially around my mid section. My big hips have always been a problem for me and getting rid of those "love handles" consistently proved to be an ongoing, no-hope-in-sight task. So, that was my main issue I wanted to tackle. I also just wanted to become a little stronger all around, and let me tell you... I feel a hundred times better than before I started. I may not have bulging biceps or much muscle definition just yet, but it's crazy how I can actually flex my leg now and feel that it's rock hard.

 photo readmore.jpg


Inspiration for your weekend

1. lovely lighting idea 2. interestingly easy headboard art 3. photos of adorableness 4.self-watering plants from wine bottles 5. messy pretty braid 6. quirky fun prints 7. minimalist cozy rooms 8. perfect spring palette

I just know at least one of these photos had to have sparked a little inspiration inside of you. These are just some random things I've "liked" on Pinterest. I've had recent thoughts of painting rooms in my house white, just so I can fill it up with colourful findings, which is why I love the two decor pics above. Then again, all of that time spent picking out wall colours would be washed away. Someone needs to invent LED walls that can change colour at the push of a button. That's actually pretty genius... trademarked/copyrighted/stamped it!

Have a good one friends!
xo Dana



Confession time. I've got a huge case of blogger's block. I think that lately I've been so up to my ears in projects and other things that I just can't seem to find that bit of extra inspiration or time for clever blog posts. Maybe writing about the fact that I have nothing to write about will unclog whatever compartments of my brain aren't working properly? It's worth a shot...

If you've noticed, I've started posting on less of a schedule. Daily before-noon ramblings just don't really work for me anymore and I figured I would rather pump my blog full of content that I actually want on here than fill it up with nonsense and stuff I don't really care too much about. That's the whole point of this little place, isn't it? I want things to look nice and I want to inspire (says the girl writing a nonsense post about not writing, har har).

The truth is, sometimes it's incredibly hard to come up with original content every single day. I've switched to posting every other day (sometimes more) and it feels good. It feels like less of a task that has to be done. It's silly really... thinking that maybe if you don't post for a few days suddenly nobody will care about your blog or you will turn people off. 

I get tired of things quickly. My own content, the way I shoot my photos... so I am constantly trying to improve and do things that feel right... things that portray me at different points in my life. Sometimes I just don't know the directions I want to go... and sometimes my mind is just too jam packed full of ideas for other people that my brain gets a little scrambled and I have to center myself.

So I guess that's all I wanted to say. My shoddy attempt at explaining where my mind has been and why there have been less posts lately. Still want to be friends?

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she's always buzzing just like neon

John Mayer - Neon:

dress: c/o sugarlips 
kryptonite cardigan: free people
booties: minnetonka

I've been letting myself get a little more flexible with my clothing choices. Picking out things that I normally wouldn't think are my style but then having them turn out to be some of my favourite pieces. Statement pieces I supposed. Like hats, and this dress. I love the neon design and it's totally not something I would have normally been drawn towards, but I love it! It's true what they say... that you shouldn't judge an item of clothing until you try it on. A dress like this just works. On it's own or with other pieces.

By the way, this Free People cardigan is one I had wanted since it came out and I had such a hard time getting my hands on it. I was lucky one day browsing the sale page... I just happened to refresh and one magically popped back up. "Only one left in stock" it told me. ZINGA! Mine! I love that feeling.

Do you ever venture outside of your style comfort zone or have you found something that you thought would look terrible on you but ended up looking amazing!?


News about my app!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a good long weekend. I took the entire thing off hence the lack of blogging and my inbox overflowing. Something pretty exciting happened though... I wrapped up the creation and testing of my app and it is being submitted to the App Store now!  Thanks to those that helped me test it and improve it. I can't wait to share the entire thing with you all. For now, I can give you the basics. 

I am actually using it right now! Blogging from my bed. It is an app for Blogger with an easy to use interface that allows you to post on the go. Yes, I realize that there is an "official" Blogger app, but lets face it, it sucks and doesn't let you do a lot of things you would expect in a blogging app. So I made a better one. With all of the features a blogger needs. It's called BlogGo and I will let you know when you're able to download it!

It's been months in the making and it's so good to see it completed. To see this little idea I had transformed into something that actually works and that others can benefit from. I couldn't have done it without the help of my iOS developer, who has been amazing to work alongside with and I'm so thrilled with our combined efforts. 

So there you have it. The cat's out of the bag! Would you use this?


Meet me in the parlor...

Walk the Moon - Blue Dress:

Chain-ge It Up Floppy Black Hat c/o Lulus.com
Thigh High Socks: American Apparel
Ring: Wildfox

I hope everybody had a sweet Valentine's Day yesterday! Dustin had to work all day until later into the night so we didn't do much but get ourselves a heart-shaped pizza.  How can you not get a heart shaped pizza on the only night of the year they offer it?! Good thing I start Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred today! I've really been enjoying these workouts. I've never skipped a day or had a day that I just didn't feel like doing it. That is kind of pretty rare for me! Although I'm a little bit scared about what today's more intense level will feel like... eek!

This dress above is so fun, I love it. It's so breezy and such a pretty blue. Can springtime please come quickly?

How did you spend Valentine's day?

xo Dana


Your Valentine's Day Just Got a Little Better...

I am about to burst with excitement today because am a part of one of the BEST giveaways EVER! All of us ladies below have teamed up to bring you something SUPER FREAKING AMAZING! Are you ready for it? I don't think you're ready... Are you!? Okay, here it goes....

We are giving away a $1,500 Visa Gift Card! Um what?!

This is insane, I know! We've all contributed to this ah-mazing prize and are giving it to one lucky winner! What would you do with $1,500?!  Check out all of these lovely girls and scroll down to enter! Thank you to Erin from Living in Yellow for putting this whole thing together!

This giveaway will be posted on all of our blogs for Valentine's Day, so make sure to do all of the steps to increase your chances of winning! (and also because, well, everybody involved has been pretty generous with their hard earned cash and it's the nice thing to do! *wink*).

♥ ♥ ♥
Happy Valentine's Day! Good luck!!!
♥ ♥ ♥ 

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Floral Nail Art - China Glaze Avant Garden Collection

Happy Tuesday friends! I normally wouldn't do two nail posts in a row, but I couldn't help myself. I am in love with my nails right now! This upcoming collection from China Glaze, cleverly called Avant Garden, is just too irresistible! It contains two different hue choices... one being bright, cheery and vivid, while the other plays with pastels and soft dreamy tones. I got my hands on some of the pastel shades, and one vibrant coral shade. I thought it was only fitting that I do a little floral nail art with some of them!

From left to right: Tart-y For The Party, Keep Calm Paint On, Pink-ie Promise, Mimosas Before Manis, and Dandy Lyin' Around. View the other shades here.

For this nail art, I used Keep Calm Paint On (mint), Mimosas Before Manis (coral), Dandy Lyin' Around (vanilla white) and Running in Circles (green) from their previous Cirque du Soleil collection. I didn't take shots while doing this look, but made you a little graphic so you can see how easily it is done. All you need is a nail art brush, or a thin paintbrush.

If you love this collection of colours, you'll have to wait until March to grab some from your beauty supply store or salon. In the meantime, try this look out with some of your own polishes, and you can still enter the OPI giveaway here!

xo Dana


OPI Euro Centrale Collection Giveaway!

I'm teaming up with a few ladies today to bring you this amazing giveaway! Heather, Tricia, Courtney, the other Heather and myself want your fingertips to look fabulous and ready for spring! You can win all twelve polishes pictured above, which just happen to be from the brand new Spring/Summer 2013 Euro Centrale collection by OPI! I'm really digging that pale blue ("Can't Find My Czechbook") and the bronzy tan ("Hands Off My Kielbasa!"). Contest is open worldwide!

To enter, complete the steps below, and if you're feeling like showing off your current mani, link up a nail post or instagram pic below! Use hashtag #maniparty on twitter or instagram to join in on the Mani Monday fun!

"Like" me on Facebook for a bonus entry:

Which colour is your favourite?

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Snow day.

In case you didn't notice, it snowed. A lot. I'm pretty sure 90% of this town stayed home today. Excluding my other half. I feel like tobogganing and wearing snow pants right about now.

(take 25% off all ad spots with code SNOWDAY).

xo Dana

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