Giffysnap : Create Animated GIF Images For Your Blog

By Dana Fox

Today I’m excited to share a little project I’ve been working on as a part of my growing web business! It is the first product of what I hope to be collection of handy web and blogging tools. Friends, I’d like to introduce you to Giffysnap!

Giffysnap is a totally free online animated GIF maker. You may have noticed me using animated images here and there in my posts, and many of you questioned how I create them. Originally, I was going to make a tutorial for my Blog Beautician channel showing you how to make your own in Photoshop, but I wanted there to be an easier way. Not everyone has Photoshop, and figuring out how to make an animation or slideshow of images for your website or blog can be a little daunting for first-timers. That’s when the idea came to just create a tool that allows you to simply upload your photos, rearrange them, and make a GIF. In pretty much no time at all. Easy peasy!

What can you do with a GIF? Anything you want! Personally, I love using them for my nail tutorials because they allow me to condense multiple steps into one single image (like the last image in this post). It helps to give more of a visual representation of what you’re trying to show, or how to do something.

They can also just be used to add a little uniqueness to your blog posts, such as displaying products in a fun way like this:

You can create simple slideshows, or take a series of photos and upload them in sequence for a bit of an old school stop motion effect like so:

Giffysnap lets you upload multiple photos, drag and drop to rearrange them, and set your final GIF size and animation speed. You can make it any size you like and match the dimensions of your original photos for a seamless look. When you’re done creating it, you can either save the image to your computer or grab a custom generated code that will allow you to simply copy and paste your image into the HTML of a post. (Hint: in Blogger, remove the “s” from “https://” in the Preview window URL to preview your post nicely).  You can also create a GIF on your phone by visiting the site in your browser, for a nice mobile view.

The site is still pretty much in “beta” mode while tweaks and small adjustments are made, but is fully useable and I’d love for you to try it out for yourself, help spread the word, and add a little interest to your blog photos! What will you create with it?!

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