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things i’m loving this friday

photography by Julie de Waroquier

 pomsky pups! pomeranian + husky!!!

cutest laundromat ever!

 this photo <3

this entire outfit!

this cute tutorial!

this hair!

new photo apps <3 (follow me on instagram!)

+ Bruno Walpoth makes some of the most amazing, intricate human wood carvings I’ve ever seen!
+ I made these free printables into wall art
+ I…

choosing not to be bitter

I’m sure that we’ve all had our own experiences with people in the past who have hurt us, people we have been angry with, or people we have looked at with daggers in our eyes. The very sight of them or mention of their name gets under our skin…

My favourite posts of 2011

Yesterday I listed my seven “Best of 2011” posts. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my all time favourite posts.  I went through my entire blog and picked these ones out for different reasons.  Some were fun, some were helpful, some bring back memories, and some…

You asked…

A little while ago, I asked if anyone had a question for me to leave a comment and I would answer it here!  I wanted to do this in vlog form, but until I can figure out how to get my oldschool webcam to work on Windows 7, we’re…


Well, friends, I conquered my fear. I forced myself to that dentist appointment and am still alive to talk about it!

In all actuality though, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it went better than expected. I don’t have a cavity like I thought I did, I just have…


I’m so nervous. I know I probably shouldn’t be, and it’s so silly that I am… but I am. I’m heading to the dentist today. I’ve been dreading this for way too long. I must sound like a child… I’m crazy for sure!  I know I have a cavity….